Monday Night Football?

Hai again 🙂
Sometimes I have no idea where an outfit is going to take me,
It starts out with one item(in this case the Gaia AMD Skin from Fashion Garret)
and it just all comes together into something I adore!
Do I play football in rl? Oh hell no! Not since my nose was broken twice when
I was younger, same football, same boy, and one year apart from each other lol
Luckily he was my boyfriend or I woulda beat him up at that time 😉 hey I was 10! lol

So this kewt little outfit & skin serves up some great, albeit painful memories hehe
See you soon 🙂
Hair: Action – Kimmy Dirty Blonde
Skin: AMD – Gaia Peachy Native Available@The Fashion Garret
Jersey: Varsity Cardi (older seasons hunt item)
Shorts: Cynful – Modest Jeans Short Brown New!
Socks: Sn@tch – Rollergirl Socks Powder WooHoo sale going on right now!
Shoes: UBU – Drunks
Choker: Blitzed – Legacy Choker Brown

So I was walking along on this fine Sunday………….

……… sl land, and went shopping at Bukka, there was a poncho there I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Worked out pretty good, because I won the mittens to go with it in the lucky chair.

Oh I was looking snazzy alright, but then it happened! I tripped over another avi, she was dancing and stuck her foot out, and yep, down I went on my butt, so I cried a little 😦
I finally got up and brushed myself off………and o m g I had smeared my makeup
Well that just wont do! I must replace it quickly! What if somebody saw me like this! As I was whining to my friend in im, she told me about this new place Kozmetika, and it only sells makeup layers! Woo hoo!
And of course I had to pick up Boom’s new freeb, cause it’s pink, and if anybody knows me, I cannot do without anything pink! But I had to hurry, was time to go work out.
All better now, my fall forgotton. Off I went. See ya soon 😀
1st pick
Hair: Ploom – Like a Pony – Almond
Skin: Glam Affair – Eva – Winter makeup
Poncho: Bukka – Wool Beige
Shirt: Rezlpsa Loc – I ❤ Fall Long Sleeve
Mittens: Bukka – Wool Beige
Belt: Baiastice – Grooving Belt – Black
Jeans: Poison – Old CHTC hunt item – Minina Jeans
Boots: Sey – Layers Boots A
Mascara running make up layer: From Prues’ som, not available anymore
2nd Pic
Hair: Amacci – Nettie – Brown Sugar
Skin: Al Vulo – Troy – Fairy Natural
Make up Layers: Kozmetika – Boom Hard Candy Pink Sugar(free ltd time), cHeLLe Moles 1 & 2
Earrings: Older gift from Carlucci Designs
Choker: Mariposa – SOL Peace out necklace
Jersey: Bukka – Long Dot Tshirt – Pink/White lucky chair
Shorts: Sweet Leonard – Poor Deer Shorts – Spring
Socks: Sn@tch – Dirty Pop Socks – pink
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) – PornStar xtra high-tops multicolor v2

I’m still here!

Hiya, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been a bit under the weather, hope to be back to full speed soon though. I have been around but the mostly spacey feeling is almost gone. So I have hermitzed myself to my little studio in the sky…………checking out a few new shapes. Now I don’t know how you feel about your shape, but I kinda stick to the same one or two I have had forever, I just keep tweaking here and there. But change is good, or so they tell me. lol

Luckily I have a few friends that are into making shapes and have passed a few along for me to try out.

My first shape to show you is called “Cookie” and she is as beautiful as they come, Tall Drink of Water my grandmother would have called her lol

Now if you are interested Annie has her shape and demo up on Marketplace. Just simply an amazing shape, try it for yourself!
My second shape, is more funky, fun and sporty, and her name is “Evion” hehe, Thanks Mikayla!
The Evion is also being sold on Marketplace and she is a huge bargain!
Both shapes have demos available as well, try them out, I am very glad I did, now 2 more shapes to add to the ever growing invy collection hehe.
See ya soon 😀
1st pic
Shape: BodyshotZ – Cookie
Hair: [69] Jessica 01 – Chesnut
Skin: Glam Affair – Sofia light Winter
Shirt: Zaara – Deesha crop tops – (FLF)
Shorts: Zaara – Tara Lycra Shorts, Neutrals
Bellyring: {Dead Carrot} I dont wear tops – old hunt item
Tat: ::Para Designs:: Summers End
Ankle Bracelet: [MAGIC NOOK] Shimmy Shimmy Anklet(silver)
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 barefeet low(an sl must have)
2nd Pic
Shape: mi pop – Evion
Hair: Magika – Ki
Skin: Curio – Acorn  [Frex]light Yum – Pumpkin Mousse
Sweater: [] – Varsity Cardi (seasons hunt)
Shorts: Emjay – Closed
Leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* – Swan Lake leggings
Socks: *Boom* – Cuffed socks white
Shoes:  Urban Bomb Unit(UBU) – Drunks