La Isla Bonita

La Isla Bonita (2)1

Today Evion is on her own beutiful private island, bikinis and bows abound in this fabulous mesh Ariara Bkini from Boom! This Little Bones Baptism hair is wonderfully curly and comes with a hud for the pearl and ribbons. I am off for a bit, have a great day and I will certainly see you soonish ūüôā



Hair: Little Bones ~ Baptism in Ombre New ‚̧ Avail@The Secret Affair
Head: SLink ~ Mesh Visage Becky Head 
Body: SLink ~ Mesh Physique Body V1 New ‚̧
Head Applier: AE Adam n Eve ~ Taliya Genesis Tone Visage Applier
Physique Appliers: AE Adam n¬†Eve ~ SLink Physique Tone B Applier New ‚̧
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Flat Hands
Bikini: Boom ~ Mesh Ariara Bikini in Marshmallow New ‚̧
Pose: Ploom ~ Naughty II

A Face Without Freckles Is Like A Sky Without The Stars

A Face Without Freckles Is Like A Sky Without The Stars (1)

A Face Without Freckles Is Like A Sky Without The Stars (2)

 I used to care so much about what others think about
Almost didn’t have a thought of my own
The slightest remark would make me embark
On the journey of self doubt
But that was a while ago
This girl has got stronger
If I knew then what I know now
I would have told myself don’t worry any longer it’s OK

I wondered if I could trade my body with somebody else in magazines
Would the whole world fall at my feet?
I felt unworthy and would blame my failures on the ugliness I could see
When the mirror looked at me
Sometimes I still feel like the little girl who doesn’t belong in her own world
But I’m getting better
And I’m reminding myself

’cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are!

Freckles ~ Natasha Bedingfield


Totally love this song, I absolutely love freckles, but not when I was younger……..I wanted them gone asap! But I have learned to love them, so much so that I crave them in second life as well. Most of you know I am a beauty mark and freckle fanatic, so if any of you out there share my love and have purchased the new SLink Physique Mesh Body, you are so going to want to run over to Adam n Eve Skins and pick up Sachis’ newest edition of the most realistic Body Freckle Applier made for the Physique. This includes fabulous Freckles for your SLink Mesh AvEnhanced Mesh Hands and Feet, oh but please remember to turn on¬†the¬†tattoo layers on your mesh attachments, or you wont see them lol.

I am really having the most fun with the new Physique, yes there are a few¬†limitations……but we live we learn and you surely cannot change Rome in a day lol. As the grid will get used to the idea and work with it. I want to give a huge shout out to Siddean, Sasy, Sachi,¬† SLink Resident and all the mods and helpers in the group chat, they are working very hard to answer all the questions and get everyone up and running as efficiently as possible. You can read the SLink Physique Customer Documentation here, and that should answer most of what you need to know ūüôā

If you are a designer and want the developer kit for use with commercial skins, clothing, nails and shoes, you need to apply here just like with the mesh hands and feet. But if you are just looking for a personal kit run over to the SLink Mainstore and grab a Personal Hud.

Bela from *TuttiFrutti* is participating in The Summer Fashion Festival and has the most fabulous Play Mesh Shorts out with this amazing Daisy Mesh Top, she also has the cutest mesh tank top out as a freebie and you are going to want it lol, in fact all the stores have a free gift out, just buy the ice cream cones in each ūüôā

I still haven’t slept yet, the kidlet is out at a sleep over as it was his last day of school today, and the hubs is off to work and I’m still up drinking coffee! I’m crazy I know, but¬†I will try to post again before I hit the pillow, if that doesn’t work out…..

I will definitely see you soonish ūüôā

Head: SLink ~ Visage Becky Mesh Head
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Figure V1¬†¬†New ‚̧
Head/Skin Appliers: AE Skins (Adam ‘n Eve) ~ Amy Genesis Skin Duo w/SLink Head Hud New ‚̧
Body Applier:¬†AE Skins (Adam ‘n Eve) ~ Genesis Skin Appliers for SLink Physique Body¬†¬†New ‚̧
Body Freckles: ¬†AE Skins (Adam ‘n Eve) ~ Body Freckles Appliers for SLink Physique Mesh Body New ‚̧
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Flat/Elegant Hands
Nails: Flair ~ Set 116 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink AvEnhance Mesh Hands/Feet
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer ~ Giselle Opal Short in Black
Ring:¬†(Yummy) ~ Garden Cocktail in¬†Green New ‚̧ Avail@The Arcade
Top: *TuttiFrutti* ~ Daisy Mesh Top in White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@Avail@The Summer Fashion Festival
Shorts:¬†*TuttiFrutti* ~ Play Mesh Shorts in Poppies New ‚̧ Avail@The Summer Fashion Festival
Leg Chain: Noodles ~ Summer Thigh Chain in Rose Gold New ‚̧ Avail@Summerfest’14
Poses: *PosESioN* Element 5 & Adore 7

SLink Physique; I’m Never Going To Let You Go

SLink Physique; I'm Never Going To Let You Go (1)

SLink Physique; I'm Never Going To Let You Go (2)

SLink Physique; I'm Never Going To Let You Go (3)

SLink Physique; I'm Never Going To Let You Go (4)

Hallelujah (cute Shrek take) Thank you Siddean!! I am so seriously excited that SLink has finally released the long awaited Physique Mesh Body. Yes it is a banner week in Second Life, as all woman avatars are in ecstatic SLinkdom yes!!! Now I know most of us were worried that we were going to have to forgo our individuality in way of losing our face, but guess what we were all wrong! Siddean Munro from SLink has not only produced a mesh body that works with your Visage Mesh Heads and your very own favorite sliders, it also works with your own shape! There is an alpha to cover your body with but you keep your head lol. haha sounds a bit macabre, I always wonder what one must think when they have no idea what SL is all about and they land on one of our blogs.

So here is the gist……….The mesh one size fit’s all Physique Body is simply fabulous to work with, no more hours upon hours of liquidation in photo shop and that is something that will cut back a huge amount of time for us that do use PS.

So you go buy SLinks’ Physique and what do you get?¬†Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1 – this is the actual mesh body. Wear that and the Physique Physics Layer…..for that extra added bounce ūüėČ Then you put on one of two body alpha layers, one is for use with the Visage Head and the other is used for your sl default (your own) head.

Then there are six (Anise, Barley, Caroway, Cinnamon, Harissa & Saffron) bags to unpack – these are¬†skins and shapes with a brow shape and mesh lashes in each tone. Yes that means you get a wonderful skin that is amazing all on its own, Then you need to¬†attach or add the base skin applier hud and choose the tone you want to wear…….then the magic happens click a tone and your whole body, even your SLink Hands and Feet change.

Now you are ready for the SLink Physique Alpha & Clothing Hud, this is a replacement for all alphas for any mesh clothing, you can click on all the zones¬†or just the individual parts you need to disappear when wearing mesh clothing. You will notice you are wearing a pretty little bra and underwear set, you can take that off by clicking on the Underwear part of the hud. Or attach the Underwear Hud and you can change the colors ūüôā

You still need to wear your SLink Mesh AvEnhance Hands and Feet in XS (you can change the size by sliders, but for them to line up correctly you must wear the xs hands & feet), but you wont have to wear your individual appliers for those as they change when you use the full body applier.

If you have any problems please visit the SLink Page Here¬†and that should answer many of the issues if you happen to miss a step or two. However if that doesn’t help join in on the fun in the VIP SLink Group, remember there aren’t any ¬†dumb questions and the group is fabulous at helping out.

Now onto what I am wearing. As soon as I put on my Physique I ran over to AE¬†Skins. I happened to bump into Sachi Vixen, owner of AE and co-creator of the Physique Base Skins and oh my goodness………she is just beautiful! We got to talking while I was trying on her demos, in photo shop and reading the SLink webpage (I love meeting people who are so understanding about being afk like me lol)¬†and nabbing her all new Physique Body Appliers, and she is amazing to chat with as well. She has one of the most drop dead gorgeous avatars I have seen in world to date!

So when you are comfortable with your brand new SLink Physique Mesh body, stop by AE Skins and try on the fabulous Genesis Line,¬†Sachi has out for the Visage Heads, there are now SLink Physique Appliers for the Genisis Line and nab the Physique Appliers for all the Skin lines as well. Oh but do not forget to grab some phenomenal Rose Popcorn Lingerie, these are available in regular appliers AND Physique versions as well. She also has¬†some¬†terribly cute PJ Physique Appliers out for free gift. I adore AE’s Stockings and Gloves as well. It’s almost a one stop shop as you can walk across to One Bad Pixel and grab some beautiful clothing too!

All my photos in this post are not processed, with the exception of the last one and that is just a few filters for effect. Besides Physique being every bit as beautiful as any SLink product, it is amazing not to have to spend hours on liquidation and clone brush and smudge and……..need I go on? lol I know I am only waiting on two more of my favorite skin creators to come out with the Full Body Physique Appliers and I am set! I wont ever go back,¬†once you go SLink there is no other way!

I think I remembered everything but ………………the most fantastic Mesh Red Dress,¬†but I will leave that up to you to find when you buy the fabulous¬†SLink Physique Mesh Body Package hehe

Again if you have any problems, you can go to the SLink Physique¬†Customer Documentation¬†or join the inworld group, as a member you receive a 10% discount on all items bought at SLink while wearing your group tag, and you can also ask all of your questions in group chat. I can foresee a future with every skin store having these appliers up on their walls lol! ¬†AE Skins, Izzie’s, DeeTaLeZ and Glam Affair already have their Physique Appliers available!

¬†Ok I am off for a bit for rl, but I have more coming up, until then I will certainly see you soonish! But remember SLinkdom is waiting for you ūüėČ


Hair:  pr!tty ~ Mesh Rain V1 & LeLutka ~ Lorella in Praline w/Crown
Skin:¬†AE Skins (Adam ‘n¬†Eve) ~ Isabella T3 Peaches w/ Siobhan Cateye Bonus T3 & Siobhan Mocha T3 ¬†w/SLink Physique Appliers New ‚̧
Heads: SLink ~ Mesh Visage Becky & Emma Head w/AE ~¬†Simone & Taliya Genisis Skin/SLink Visage Head Appliers & Physique Appliers New ‚̧
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Industrial
Body: SLink ~¬†Physique Mesh Figure V1 w/Included Physique Physics New ‚̧
Choker: Zaara ~ Nizam Pearl Choker White
Lingerie: AE Skins (Adam & Eve)¬†~ Rose Lingerie Popcorn Appliers for SLink Physique New ‚̧
Nails: Flair ~ Set 89 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink AvEnhance Hands/Feet
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Flat/Elegant Hands & Mid Female Feet
Hand Jewel: League ~ Vintage Lace Hand Bracelet
Poses: !bang ~ Stands 351, 394, 399 & Ploom ~ Pinup 2-1, 2-2, 2-3
Chair: Diesel Works ~ Vanity Chaise in Brown

The Elegance Continues

SLink Visage Becky

SLink Visage Emma

Ola! I hope everyone has had the chance to run over to SLink and grab the very elegant and beautiful mesh Visage Becky and Emma Heads. I was so excited to play with these for the last couple of days. They both come with a wonderful skin/makeup hud as well as an amazing expression hud. Since I have been playing away and learning the ropes I thought I should finally get a post out and share these wonderful creations. I know we have the mesh eyelid from Siddean, then came the hands and feet that I usually do not go without, now we have beautiful heads to work with. These come with the afore-mentioned huds but also with five different modifiable shapes. I am wearing one now, also with three different skin tones that change your whole body including your SLink hands and feet at a simple one touch……there is also a very helpful notecard detailing what your sliders should be at to accommodate the eyes and shape of the head if you decide to use your own shape. Oh and I also forgot the Alpha’s included. If you are wearing SLink Hands, Feet and the new Visage Head in either version, your alpha now can include all three amazing products in one layer! Yay for more layer abilities!

While I was away SLink West opened up, where you can go and shop for all the fantastic SLink Applied Nails, Cosmetics, Shoes and Accessories, over 60 of your favorite stores are there……I could just go and plunk myself in a cafe chair and shop my fool head off for days! We also have some really wonderful stores already creating Visage Head Appliers for the newest Becky and Emma Heads. I nabbed Izzie’s Macy Applier in Pale and oh my goodness she is just gorgeous! You can either just buy the Head Applier Macy Base which includes the top hud I am showing, includes two skins one with and without cleavage and a modifiable shape. This hud has eyebrow and hairbase colors, you can wear without the hairbase but I am happy to see it included as I usually wear one. You also have the option of picking your eyebrow color for the closed eye version with of the heads main hud, and four sumptuous lip options. Then there is a separate Makeup hud which has many luscious lip stick and glosses as well as many eyeliner and eye shadow options (the lower hud shown) Macy is just cute as a button! <–see what I did there ūüėČ

Izzie's Applier & Makeup Hud for SLink Visage Mesh Head (Becky)I was so happy to see that Curio also has a beautiful SLink Emma Head Applier, I was just over to Curio last week grabbing up some of Galas’ newest skins. Wearing a Curio skin to me is like seeing an old friend you have not talked to in years or donning one of your most favorite comfortable sweaters. As I slipped on the SLink Visage Emma Head and hit the Applier hud from Curio that is the exact feeling I had, pure beauty and oh so fabulous. You must try her out! I am wearing her in the Cloud tone, and as you can see by the hud she includes your four eyebrow colors with the base skin, different eye makeups in each as well as six different cheek choices and yes there are freckles. Of course finishing her off with six different to die for Lipsticks. She is just so yummy I could eat her up.

Curio Applier for SLink Visage Emma Head

I have chosen to go with Ikon’s most wonderful mesh Promise Eyes in Hazel, which include the most wonderful hud to change sizes or highlight these knock out eyes. I love that Ikon has also included eye positions as well……saves me from wearing another hud hehe. There are more SLink Visage Head Appliers to follow, I nabbed Adam & Eve’s Demo a few days ago and I will definitely be going back for that one. Ploom and DeeTaleZ also have Appliers as well…….with even more to follow I am sure. The SLink Visage Mesh Emma and Becky Head’s are such amazing creations that can be shared with all skin makers, as I have a few more favorites I am excitingly¬†watching and waiting for!

I hope I have enticed you for this evening and will be back very soon with more beautiful items, there is the Skin Fair 2014 I still have to sneak into and The Liaison Collaborative is also coming up in just a few short days…….so I will be busy working away on all the wonderful newness there is to come!

Have a wonderful evening (or day) and I will certainly………………………………….. See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Exile ~ Mesh Dream of Paradise in Naturals
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Promise Eyes in Hazel w/Hud
Mesh Head: SLink Visage Mesh Head Becky & Emma w/Makeup & Expression Hud New ‚̧
Skin Appliers: Izzie’s SLink Visage Macy Mesh Head Applier & Makeup Applier Hud in Pale New ‚̧
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Curio SLink Visage Nadia Mesh Head Emma Applier Hud in Cloud NEW ‚̧
Earrings:¬†LaGyo ~ Mackenzie earring Silver New ‚̧ Avail@C88