These Are the Days That Will Last Forever

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (4)

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (3) - Copy

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (2) - Copy

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (1) - Copy

Ola! I am off for the evening but I wanted to get one more post out before I leave. A collaboration of a whole bunch of goodies from The Liaison Collaborative and My Attic at the Deck, The Dressing Room Fusion and of course a little of Collabor88, and to top it all off a fantastic Pelee Island mesh Chair from Hanaya!

I feel the island magic and so wish I had a pretty little spot like this in rl to go to right now! I am off with just a few words as I am tres tired, but I shall return……..until then enjoy the island magic and I will certainly……………………..

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair:¬†Mina Hair ~¬†Mesh¬†Eva in¬†Ombres 1.0 New ‚̧ Avail@TDR Fusion
Glasses:¬†PIDIDDLE ~¬†Retro Love Shades in¬†Clear Maroon New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Skin: Glam Affair ~
Coral in¬†America 02 F¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Watch:¬†:::LP::: ~ Leather Kiti Watch C¬†in¬†Floral¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Necklace: *MishMish* ~ Summer Buoy Necklace in Red
Bracelet: :: Howl :: ~ Anchor Rope in Red 
Bikini Top: Baiastice ~ Chain Bikini Flowers Print Upper
Shorts:¬†Wimey ~ Sainte-Helene Shorts in Light Blue¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands/Mid Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 213 Nail Appliers Huds for SLink AVEnhance Mesh Hands/Feet New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Chair:¬†-Hanaya- ~ Pelee Island Beach Chair New ‚̧
Cooler:¬†Plethora ~¬†Pixel Cooler in¬†Beachside Gacha Prize New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Lemonade: [ keke ] ~¬†Lemonade Open in Lemon¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Cottage:¬†Alouette ~¬†Amelie Beach House¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Lanterns:¬†*MishMish* ~ Candle Lantern in¬†Aqua &¬†Silver¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Bed:¬†Kuro – Guests bed (Adult)¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Nightstands: Kuro ~¬†Guest Sidetable¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Lamp: Kuro ~¬†Double Lamp¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Boats:¬†-Hanaya- ~ Mesh Sail Away¬†Twin Boats New ‚̧
Vase: :Kastle Rock Couture: ~ Tall Pottery in Teal
Prints: {what next} ~ Home is Where Collage Prints in Blue
Rug: Pilot ~ Tiffany Rug
Prints: Lisp ~ Coco Picture Frames Small
Candles:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Riviera Candles¬†in¬†lt Blue¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Clock:¬†Second Spaces – Riviera Deco Clock in White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Books:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Riviera Allons-y in¬†Orange¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Pillows:¬†Second Spaces – Riviera Pillows in Mix¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Boxes:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Riviera Boxes in Blues¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Table:¬†Second Spaces – Riviera Console Table in White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Boat:¬†Boat:¬†*~*HopScotch*~* ~ Sail away w/Poses¬†New ‚̧ Avail@Poser Pavilion, The¬†Liaison¬†Collaborative

Got a Strange Magic

Got a Strange Magic (1)Ola! The past two weeks have just been a complete blur in rl, so I haven’t had much time to sneak into sl. I had a few hours yesterday to grab some photos before my internet went down for over 12 hours due to maintenance………….grrrrr Shaw………so I got to work immediately.

The Liaison Collaborative has opened its newest round and boy are there some magnificent items to be had! The fabulous TuscanyGot a Strange Magic (2) set from 22769 [bauwerk] has many options to pick from. I am using the Rust Set but there is also a Black Metal Set as well, you can buy these with or without the fabulous cushions. You get the gorgeous Terracotta Mosaic Table, a Garden Bench, a Garden Chair, a Terracotta Cube with Plant and a Garden Amphore. This set also includes a Folding Screen and a Terracotta Pot with Boxwood Tree that are not shown. These pieces are all available separately too, so you can mix and match!

The Tuscan Heritage Garden Walls are new from Collage, there are two different textures and they include the wall and post so you can design your own space…..I love these! Over at the Boutique you can find this very cute¬†Poppy Seed hair from Milk, I simply love the texture of this new do. Haste has this fabulous little mesh Fringe Halter in different colors, I matched this beauty up with a pair of Metallic Glitter Shorts from Tres Blah that I hadn’t worn yet.

I managed to get a little Easter into this shot, What Next sent out this very sweet Easter Cake with Chocolate Frosting to the VIP group, there is also a in-store version you can pick up as well.

Flair has some very perfectly pretty new Nails out for the Spring Cosmetics Fair. I just cannot ever get enough of Sasys’ designs. I wish I had all of her nail designs in rl, and of course the included ease of a one touch hud to change them up whenever I wanted yes?! hehe

Ok I shall return! Until then enjoy the hump-day and I will definitely…………………………. see you soonish ūüôā


Hair: *Milk* Hair ~ Poppy Seed in Browns New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Brandi in America 05 G w/Nose 2 New ‚̧ Avail@Cutie Moon Fair
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Perspective Eyes  in Industrial 

Top:¬†[Haste] ~ Mesh Fringe Halter in¬†Creme¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative
Shorts: -tb- ~ Metallic Glitter Shorts in Floral
Cuff: Noodles ~ Tuscany Vine Cuff in Silver
Anklet: Earthstones ~ Peace Symbolic Anklet
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual/Flat Hands & Female Mid Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 207 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink AvEnhance Hands/Feet New ‚̧ Avail@Spring Cosmetics Fair
Table Set: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tuscany Set in Rust; Terracotta Mosaic Table, Garden Bench w/Cushions, Garden Chair w/Cushions,Terracotta Cube w/Plant & Garden Amphore *Also incl Fence Folding Screen & Terracotta Post w/Boxwood Tree *Available in Black metal as well as without cushions New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Garden Walls: Collage ~ Tuscan Heritage Garden Wall 1 New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Puzzle:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Gettin’ Jiggy Puzzle¬†In The Box¬†New ‚̧
Cake:¬†{what next} ~ Easter Cake w/Chocolate Frosting VIP Gift New ‚̧
Bird Bath:¬†Sway’s¬†~¬†Heart Birds Bird Bath

Another Friday Afternoon Quickie

Another Friday Afternoon Quickie

Yes, it’s Friday so that means another wonderful round of FLF! Today along with a few of my favorite things I am wearing the drop dead gorgeous Mokatana¬†The Diva skin from Glam Affair and of course this amazing mesh Belted Pencil Dress in Teal from Girl Thursday, both available until midnight tonight for Fifty Linden Friday, so hurry and get there before these beautiful deals are gone!

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Dura ~ Girl 51 in Coffee¬†New ‚̧¬†
Skin: Glam Affair ~¬†Mokatana The Diva G in America New ‚̧ FLF Item
Necklace: Izzie’s ~¬†50’s Pearl Necklace¬†in Teal
Dress: Girl Thursday ~ Mesh Belted Pencil Dress in Teal¬†New ‚̧ FLF Item
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands
Nails: Flair ~ Set 203 New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck ¬† ¬†¬†
Bangles: Glow Studio ~ Bangle Shining Metal & Flowers New ‚̧
Pose: The Muse Poses ~ April 09 New ‚̧
Bag:¬†*BOOM* ~ Squeaches Bag¬†in Coal¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Art:¬†Second Spaces – Minouveau Art Cutouts in¬†Dk Blue New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Sideboard:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Minouveau Sideboard in¬†White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Planters:¬†Breno ~ Shoe Planter Green¬†& Rosy¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative

When The Lights Go Down In The City

When The Lights Go Down In The City (1)Ola! I am back again with the fabulous offering from Apple Fall, The Copper Tub, Nouveau Screen and the Huge Fan Palm are all available at The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative. I added a few of my favorite things and jumped in the bath and turned on the water and relaxed. I just love these bathroom additions and will be using them for a long time hehe.

Now here is my favorite part, Mina has made a new gorgeous mesh¬†Mientje style that is available with and without materials. This soft sexy style will be¬†available tonight at midnight when My Attic at the Deck opens the newest round. All color packs will be on for only 95L a piece……….and yes you all need the beautiful Mientje!

I kind of went a little bare in the next photo, so I have a cut so it wont throw itself all over my amazing and lovely feeds! So have a look if you like. The Towel pose I am using is an oldie from Ampersand and is probably n/a, but I needed to pull it out for this occasion hehe.

Have a wonderful afternoon and I will see you soonish………as I head into sl and lose myself for hours again!

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Light My Way Home

Light My Way Home (1)

Light My Way Home (2)

Light My Way Home (3)

Ola! Back with more from The Liaison Collaborative. Trompe Loeil has this fabulous mesh Neoteric house out for this round and oh do I love this! The running water from the roof to the front porch is amazing, there are also built-in shelves to place all your favorite accessories on and working lanterns. I chose a night setting to show off this amazing build and added a few of my favorite new Pharos Garden Lanterns from Hanaya to illuminate as well. The windows and skylights are just as fabulous for those shadowed moments!

Second Spaces has wonderful items out for the minimalist in everyone and so pretty! The¬†Minouveau Art Cutout’s, Sideboard and Low Coffee Table come in four different shades for you to play around with and the Corner Shelves can be used in every room. Alouette has the¬†Biblioteca Chair out and is fantastic for curling up and reading a great book, while having your coffee at the same time.¬†Half-Deer has a few different items out for this round, I am showing off this adorable Swallows In Flight Shadowbox, however this comes without the shadowbox as well. I have added the¬†Aria Martina Glass Candle Holders, and of course my absolute favorite pair of shoes, the Rosy and Green Shoe Planters from Breno, for an added touch without going overboard, as we all know I can ūüėČ

Ok I am going on a posting run here, so I will return in two shakes with more awesome sauce looks.
Have a good afternoon and I will………………………………. see you soonish ūüôā

House:¬†Trompe Loeil – Neoteric New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Adirondack Chairs: LISP ~ Mesh Adirondack Chair Untreated w/Cushion & Without
Lanterns:¬†Hanaya ~ Pharos Stone Garden Lantern Tall & Short New ‚̧
Lounger:¬†Trompe Loeil ~ Valiano Lounger with Blanket Black F1¬†New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed
Table:¬†Trompe Loeil –¬†Valiano Bistro Table BlackTop B New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed
Chairs:¬†Trompe Loeil – Valiano Bistro Chair Black texture change¬†New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed
Latte’s:¬†*Art Dummy! Pumpkin Spice Coffee &¬†Atelier Kreslo Coffee Tasting! ~ Caramel Apple Latte
Inside Sitting Room:
Shelves:¬†Second Spaces ~ Minouveau Corner Shelves¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Art:¬†Second Spaces ~ Minouveau Art Cutouts in Dk Blue¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Sideboard:¬†Second Spaces ~ Minouveau Sideboard in White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Shoe Planters:¬†Breno ~ Shoe Planter Rosy & Green¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Shadow Box: +Half-Deer+ ~ Swallows In Flight Shadow Box¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Candles:¬†[ARIA] Martina Glass Candle Holders¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Coffee Table:¬†Second Spaces ~ Minouveau Low Coffee Table in Dk Blue¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Chair:¬†Alouette – Biblioteca Chair¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†
Rug: Atelier Visconti ~¬†Vincent Carpet w/Hud¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative¬†

….And Then I Don’t Feel So Bad

....And Then I Don't Feel So Bad (1)s

....And Then I Don't Feel So Bad (2)

....And Then I Don't Feel So Bad (3)s

Ola! Omg what a day I’ve had already it involves a small flood in my basement, a plumber, a vac truck and of course a brand spanking new sump pump…..ah if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all! So I am now posting the blog I thought I’d have out this am when things started to go bad in the wee hour of 6:30 am lol

I feel really good to get back to some wonderful clothing from *TuttiFrutti* The beautiful Bela has an assortment of really sweet deals out at My Attic at the Deck…….. The Mesh Ana Shirt and Monika Mesh Jeans are some of my favorite things this round. There are an amazing assortment of designs to choose from, and when having a bad day these can only make you smile and really wish you could have this outfit in real life!!!Flair Nail Add-ons Set 194 & 201

I’ve paired them with the gorgeous¬†Priscilla Plateau Heels from SLink, these must be worn with the new Mesh Avatar Advanced Mesh¬†High Feet. I was surprised to hear in group yesterday that some didn’t even know these were available, so I am reminding you…..go grab these wonderful High Feet as there are shoes coming out everywhere from different designers using the Add-on Kits for them. I knew it wouldn’t be long before there were a multitude of Shoe Add-ons for these beautiful high feet and I am excited for each addition! If you are a designer and looking for the kit check out Siddeans’ Page over at SLink Style and apply¬†there. I love Love LOVE the addition of SLink Add-ons. Which brings me to Flair, Sasy has some amazing new Nail Add-ons for SLink (av) Hands and Feet at this round of My Attic and I love them all……I am addicted to all her wonderful Nail designs and these are available for only 95L for two packs……twice the fun yes?

I will be back after dinner to take some more photos……and now that I do not have to babysit my sump pump things will be a whole hell of a lot easier on my end lol.

Have a wonderful evening and I will……………………….See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Mila Mesh Hair in Gingerbread
Skin: Belleza ~ Ria in Med 5 Br w/Med Moles & SLink Hand/Foot Appliers New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Eyes: Ikon ~ Promise Eyes in Denim¬†New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed

Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Casual Hands & Mesh (av) High Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 194 & 201 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink (av) Hands/Feet New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
TurtleNeck: ~ Basic Turtleneck in Grey
Jewels: Cae ~ Murano Necklace, Bracelet & Ring Color Change
Ring: Swallow ~ Handmade Ring in Gold w/Color Change Hud

Top:¬†*TuttiFrutti* ~ Ana Mesh LS Shirt in Ivory New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Jeans:¬†*TuttiFrutti* ~ Monika Mesh Jeans in Power Flower¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Bag: =Zenith= ~ Call Me Bag in Cream Gacha Prize
Shoes: SLink ~ Mesh Priscilla Plateau Heels in White (Must be worn with (av) High Feet)
Pose: an lar [Poses] ~ Top Top
Desk: Second Spaces ~ Writers Block Desk & Acc.
Chair: The Loft ~ Parson Chair Floral Teal
Prints: LISP ~ Mesh Coco Picture Frames Small

Taking a Few Days Off

I'm Taking a Few Day's Off.sOla! I am terribly sick, the kidlet and I have the worst flu so we are staying indoors and have taken over our large sectional and made it our home for the upcoming days. So I’ve decided to take a few days off to sleep, play some Jenga and veg in front of the TV with him.

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Mina Hair ~¬†Noor NB with Materials New ‚̧ Avail@The Dressing Room Fusion
Skin: Glam Affair ~¬†Kaelyn America A Cold Day G¬†New ‚̧ FLF Item
Eyes:¬†IKON ~ Promise Eyes Grey¬†New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed
Top:¬†[KoKoLoReS] ~ Lace Trim Shirt Neutrals Gray¬†New ‚̧
Vest: DCNY ~¬†Knit & Suede Vest Blue¬†New ‚̧ FLF Item
Tights: Izzie’s¬†~ Tights Grey¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Dressing Room Fusion
Socks:¬†Maitreya ~ Mesh Dahlia Socks Flat in Dark Grey¬†New ‚̧
Couch: MudHoney ~ Eva Ottoman in Leather¬†New ‚̧
Sick Stuffs:¬†Second Spaces ~ ¬†Sick Day Tissues, Thermometer, Cough Drops, Sick Day Pills, Cough Syrup, ¬†Sick Day Mags, Soup, and Remote¬†New ‚̧
Loft w/Snow:¬†Barnesworth Anubis¬†[ba] ~ Industrial Loft¬†New ‚̧

I Don’t Want to Fade Away

I Don't Want to Fade Away (1)

I Don't Want to Fade Away (2)

Ola! Back again with wonderful Baiastice Boots! Sissy has done an amazing job on these gorgeous Ellen Ankle Boots, They come in a range Soles4Soulsof beautiful textures and the studded heel is absolutely phenomenal! The Leather Coffee Ellen Ankle Boots are out for Donation and 100% of the proceeds go towards Soles4Souls.

Shoetopia 2013 is such a wonderful event to be part of, the two sims are an amazing build. You really do feel as if you are walking in the clouds. Soles4Souls is asking for immediate help to provide relief for the Philippines as well as Southeast Asia. I have linked to the website so you can read more information.

Ok I am gone for a few hours…….crazy thing is it’s my rl birthday today……my hubs brought me home a wonderfully wrapped pink present but I am not allowed to open it until the kidlet gets home from school…….ugh! haha I will be back after dinner out and provide more beautiful items from Shoetopia 2013!

See you soonish ūüôā

((Big Hugs go out to my Java))

Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Rene Mesh Hair in Wild Honey New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed
Skin: Belleza ~ Nina in Pale 9 BR New ‚̧
Scarf: Pixel Mode ~ Womens Winter Scarf w/Texture Change Hud New ‚̧ Avail@The Mens Dept
Sweater:¬†::{u.f.o}:: ~ Loose Fit Zipper Sweater in White New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Leggings: Color.Me.H.O.F ~ Mesh Leather Leggins in Brown Boot Cut
Mittens: League ~ Sheepskin Mitten in L.Brown
Boots: Baiastice ~ Mesh Ellen Ankle Boots in Mink, also Black Suede, Red Leather, Snow Suede & Blue Leather New ‚̧ Avail@Shoetopia 2013 November 15th
Chair/Pose: Cheeky Pea ~¬†Bailey Chair Leaf from the Bailey Set¬†New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed
Chest: What Next Box ūüôā
Tape: Second Spaces ~ Craft Room Washi Tape
Drapes: LISP ~ Mesh Carmen Drapes No Plinth in Beige
Rug: Atelier Visconti ~ Rover Carpet Texture Change
Cabin:¬†Scarlet Creative ~ Woodsman Cottage New ‚̧

The Ghost of Snow White

The Ghost of Snow White (1)

The Ghost of Snow White (2)

Ola and Happy Halloween! I am taking a much needed break from finishing my basement…… totally looked like a war zone down there, so I have been busy organizing……….and somehow my sl suitcase doesn’t look so ominous any longer, at least I do not have to lift anything hehe. I’ve also got a case of Hallows Eve with my son and a sleep over tonight so I am trying to get as much done as possible before the wee ones come a knockin.

Oh and I have newness in way of a new event called Enchantment based on a popular fairy tale. This event will happen every¬†3 months and have a different fairy tale for each round. Grimm’s Snow White is being featured this round and there are an amazing amount of pretty things to buy. The sim is fabulous so make sure to look around! Enchantment starts at Midnight tonight…….Yay!

Mina has the beautiful style Blanka which comes with the crown shown in the first photo. The hud included gives you four different tones to choose from black and white as well as 2 different black/white ombre¬†tones……..she is just yummy. I had to grab several versions of House of Rains’ Jewels. There are many different colors and tones to pick from and they are really lovely.

Mad’ has the perfect La Pomme Rings to pick up in four different types, I am wearing the rotten here, also includes two different versions regular and a crunch (bite taken)¬†version……love these! Junebug has a few different colorations of this magnificent mesh Snow White Dress. The Espejo Encantada (mirror) from Vanity Poses¬†has nine different poses included ……..and I cannot forget the apple from¬†Aisling, this includes a mouth and head version.

I am wearing one of the ghastly beautiful horror edition skins from Glam Affair, Vera is positively gorgeous……there are many available instore including Candy and Neva, as well there are a few more horrific Vera¬†styles available at Horrorfest. The latest round of Collabor88 ends in just¬†few days so make sure to grab all the wonderful items from there!

Ok back to work for me, have a ghoulish kind of day and I will certainly…………………………………………….See you soonish ūüôā

Hair/Crown: Mina Hair ~ Mesh Blanka w/Crown & Hud ¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Enchantment Fair
Skin: Glam Affair ~¬†Vera – Horror edition 04 B ¬†Includes all Appliers, SLink Hand/Feet, Phat Azz & Tango¬†New ‚̧¬†
Jewels:¬†HoR ~ Poison Takes Hold Diadem & Choker in Jet/Silver¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Enchantment Fair
Ring:¬†Mad’ ~ La Pomme Rotten Ring¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Enchantment Fair
Hands: Slink Mesh (av) Casual Hands
Nails: Flair ~ Set 145 Nail Add-on Huds for SLink (av) Hands/Feet New ‚̧
Dress: {Junbug} ~ Mesh Snow White in Brown¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Enchantment Fair
Dressing Table:¬†Second Spaces ~ Teardrop Dressing Table in Teal¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
DT Accessories: Second Spaces ~ Teardrop Jewelry Boxes in Black¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Apple:¬†¬†a i s l i n g ~¬†Yummy Apple New ‚̧ Avail@The Enchantment Fair
Vase: -Hanaya- ~ Dozen Long Stemmed Roses in Platinum
Books: Procol ~ Stack of Books w/Candles
Print: LISP ~ Beatrice Peacock Print
Mirror:¬†Vanity Poses – Espejo Encantada w/Poses¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Enchantment Fair
Cage/Candles: The Loft ~ Candle Cage
Chair:¬†floorplan. ~ Throne Chair in Taupe¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Pose: Tableau Vivant ~¬†She & Him, Mhm 1¬†New ‚̧ Avail@She & Him