Monday PinkFunDay

Nothing I love more than the color Pink! 
I wear it real life to, so I cannot bypass a kewt little dress, especially if it’s being
sold for charity!
The Plume hair Hibiscus is just scrumptious,
and of course the new Pink Fuel skin Kumi pulls it altogether.
…….and well the Runo Runo Cherry Blossom Petals speak for themselves, Beautiful work,
I CANNOT ever resist anything Runo Runo makes, I own
the whole store, as well as all the specialty items made!
That’s it for now, but I will be back!
See ya soon 😀
Hair: Plume – Hibiscus/Umber
Skin: Pink Fuel – Kumi Milk Amethyst (freckle) – Pacific Crisis Fundraiser
Dress: c.A – Ephemeral Dress”Usubeni” – Help Japan in SL event (100% donation)
Necklace: Deco – Pearls in a Rush – Super Kawaii  Albero Hunt item
Ring: Awesome Blossom – Kawaii Poppy Ring(color change) Albero Hunt item
Shoes: bellballs – Dangerously Studded Heels Peach
Runo Runo Cherry Blossom Petals – Help Japan In SL event (100% Donation)

The Moon Plea

It is a Full moon and she wanders the night, wondering what the darkness will bring. Will it be the man of her dreams? Will destiny finally take her away on the long journey she seeks? Or will the darkness consume all her desires?

As she waits and wonders, the clouds swirl around, but the light from the moon is so bright, it seems she can see forever. The time has come for change, but what will the future of this night hold?

My Plea to Designers

Please Please Please, bring us more Designer Showcase’s, They are missed dearly by more than a few! The Creativity put into these events shows always. The fun I personally have when shopping and wearing the creations is something I enjoy immensely. It typically reminds me of what my sl is all about, enjoyment when finding something new and different than the regular sales(not that I am knocking a sale ;D), the dreaming of what could be or what could have been, The excitement of having something special and dressing up in something I may never wear in real life.

Designer Showcase, You are missed!

Hair: Clawtooth – Could I resist? orange you glad
Skin: AL Vulo – Troy Fairy Natural
Makeup: Kozmetika (Ag) bitten lipstain – Big Apple Red
Necklace: alaMood – Portia Choker
Dress/outfit: RunoRuno – 5 Minutes to Curtain, designer showcase Ltd item, however you can buy the corset and stockings without the skirt @the RunoRuno store
Shoes: 50 flats – Mr Fairfax’s ciggy break, designer showcase Ltd item, no longer available