I Have a Theory

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I Have a Theory (3)
Ola! I have been FaMESHed once again. This amazing Mesh Cutout Leather Dress from Baiastice is a must have, available at FaMESHed in wonderful solid colors and two-tone, I just loved the combination of the lilac and pink that I of course had to match everything with it 🙂

The Theory handbag from Baiastice was of course a given, but then I had to wear one of the new Candy Shades as well, Sissy has these available at The Arcade in many styles as well colors. I just adore this simple long luscious Vibrato style from LeLutka which I have been dying to wear. Oh and the gorgeous Amy skin from Belleza….out for the Belleza Best Buy sale was much-needed. There are three skins to be had for the girls and three for the guys. I cannot refuse a magnificent Belleza skin of any kind…..especially one for less than half the price….hurry as this offer ends this evening, then it is back up to regular price…so grab your guy and get to Belleza before then!

I adore the Smexy Tie Necklace from Mandala and now own it in several colors, I think I shop too much yes? Oh last but not least Redgrave released these amazing Carrie Shoes…..these are a must have, you can change the metal from silver to gold, the heel and sole as well as the shoe are all color change by a hud. The skin matching is wonderfully easy and zomg I love these shoes hehe

I just want to thank everyone for coming with me on this new venture. I am so excited to have a wordpress blog….ya I’m a dork 😉 I am also trying to get in as much as I can before Monday……my mom-in-law is coming to visit, as I have a surgery coming up on Wednesday……so she is coming to take care of us 🙂 I wont be gone long….maybe just a few days but I am sure to be back for the weekend……as sl is usually good therapy for me while in recuperation.

Ok I must go, enjoy the rest of your weekend or the start of your week for some…………………and I shall………………………

See you soonish 🙂

Shades: Baiastice ~ Candy Shades in Wine/Lilac New ❤ Available@The Arcade
Hair: LeLutka ~ Vibrato Hair in Bournville New ❤
Skin: Belleza ~ Amy in Medium New ❤ Belleza Best Buy Skin
Beauty Marks: Belleza ~ Beauty Marks 2 & 3
Eyes: Ikon ~ Lucid Eyes in Machine New ❤ March Group Gift
Dress: Baiastice ~ Mesh Cutout Leather Dress in Lilac/Pink New ❤ Available@FaMESHed
Tie: Mandala ~ Smexy Tie Necklace in Nobility Purple
Hands: Slink ~ Mesh Hands/Wrists in Handbag & Casual
Bangles: Rookhold ~ Heirloom Antique Silver Bangles #3
Bag: Baiastice ~  Mesh Theory Mesh Handbag in Lilac
Shoes: Redgrave ~ Carrie Shoes w/Hud New ❤
Pose: Ma Vie ~ Revealed 10 & 4
Location: Izzies

Meet Me at the Diner

Ola! Back again, this time with Slinks’ Dress and Blazer combo which I so adore, paired with these beautiful Slink Vintage 2 strap shoes that include Mesh Feet. The Polka Hair is from Pomme D’Amour and the Jewelry is from Rookhold, all available at this years Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair!

I wish very much that we could run a Vintage Fair all year long! It’s like the Hair Fair to me, very near and dear to my little fashionista’s heart. There are just so many crazy beautiful items that are from a different age time and place, I just can’t get enough 🙂

See you soonish 🙂

Hat: Icing ~ Veiled Red Rose Hat
Hair: Pomme D’Amour ~ Polka in Chocolate New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Eyes in Deep Hazel
Skin: Belleza ~ Betty Pale 8 New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Jewelry: Rookhoold ~ Axiom Antithetical Concept Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Ring: Donna Flora ~ Butterfly Ring
Blazer/Dress: Slink ~ Vintage Dress in Black Blazer & Vintage Dress Red Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Bag: Dew ~ French Connection Clutch in Black New ❤ 
Shoes: Slink ~ Vintage 2 Strap Pumps in Black New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Jukebox: Nani Poses ~ Jukebox with pose(not shown) New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Cafe Photo: What Next ~ Cafe Memo Board New ❤

Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 11

Ola! Good Afternoon, Good Evening or if your like me it is Good Night lolz, I am up way to late but I had to take one last little look around the Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair and I am so glad I did! Aura has her Vintage Exclusives out and these Mesh Tube Tops and Mesh Luna Jeans are totally retro indeed! I put them on and I felt like dancing, so I found a pretty spot and that is exactly what I did! Gawd You gotta love mesh when your dancing, it moves so fluidly it is amazing, even a year later I am still amazed lol, doesn’t take much I guess hahaha. Anyhoo make sure to stop by Aura while you are shopping! This little retro outfit is not to be forgotten!

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Truth Hair ~ Hailey w/Roots in Walnut w/Headband Color Change Hud New ❤
Skin: {.essences.} ~ Indy in Rosy Pale Brunette New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair 
Necklace/Bracelet: Rookhold ~ Axiom Antithetical Concept Necklace & Bracelets in Silver New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair 
Bellychain: {me.} ~ Ninna Belly Chain Color Change Hud New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair 
Top: Auxiliary (Aura) ~ Mesh Vintage Tube Tops in Plum & Cocoa  New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair 
Pants: Auxiliary (Aura) ~ Mesh Luna Jeans in Navy & Smoke New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair 

Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 5

Ola 🙂 I have made a decision today to cut down on the photos I take for each series. Time is just better served on two or three photos per day as oppose to eight to fifteen lolz! I adore taking pictures of all the lovely items I can and have shopped for in sl, but I will never get to all of them if I don’t make it short but totally so sweet 🙂

Today I am all about this fantastic Claire Dress by Lpd. The colors and texturing are amazing, in fact the longer I stare at it, the more I so would have loved to live in this era. The Jewelry is amazing at Chic Managements’ 2012 Vintage Fair. So many beautiful pieces to be had! Can’t you just taste it? lolz I know it is so hard for me to actually look at previews before a fair starts, but then I am always glad I did because I know some of what I am looking for at a high volume event before I get there 🙂

The Hair and Hat are from a new store called MS, this is a store I will be most definitely visiting in the near future, the Striped Cloche is very dreamy, Oh and the Beaded Flapper Bag is also from there and I don’t need to tell you how much I adore this bag huh?

The ‘My Summer Romance Chair’ from Hanaya comes with or without Roses on top, and is so beautifully Vintage you will need the whole set!

Ok I am out for a dinner break, but I will return later. Until then I will………………………

See you soonish 🙂

Hat/Hair: MS ~ 30’s Striped Cloche in Soft Gray/Brown Long New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Skin: League: Isla Pale Denim Brunette w/Truffle Isla Lipstick New ❤
Necklace/Earrings: Rookhold ~ Axiom Abalone Necklace 2&3, Earrings New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Nails: Mandala ~ Female Meduim Nails w/hud
RingL: Bens Beauty ~ Vintage Ring 4 New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
RingR: Bens Beauty ~ Pure Ring in Blue New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Bag: MS ~ Beaded Flapper Bag in Silver New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Shirt/Gloves: SEVEN ~ XENIA Top in White New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Outfit: LpD ~ Claire Dress in Blue Tones Includes Neck Deco with or without Ribbon New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tight in Gray2
Chair/Vase of Roses: Hanaya ~ Dozen Long Stemmed Roses in Pink Blush & My Summer Romance Chair comes with or without Roses on top New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Suitcases: Lisp ~ Pinky Boo Suitcase’s in Pastel Blue 

Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 4

Is this not the prettiest dress ever? LeeZu has extended her classic style to include this new exclusive Pauleen dress for Chic Managements 2012 Vintage Fair. As soon as I slide into this beauty I just felt like floating around my garden, complimenting this fabulous style is the Paper Butterflies from Baffle!

In my new romantic Isla skin from League and the fabulous new Adorable Updo from TuTy’s (another new to me store) I flit and fluttered around my garden chasing my Paper Butterflies 🙂

Good night and I will…………………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: TuTy’s ~ Adorable Updo in Chestnut New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Skin: League ~ Isla Pale Bloom Brunette New ❤
Jewelry: Rookhold ~ Morning Star Necklace & Earrings New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Dress: LeeZu ~ Pauleen Dress New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Butterflies: Baffle! ~ Paper Butterflies (You can rez or wear) New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Poses: Cheerno ~ Femme Fatale New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012

Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 2

Ola 🙂 I have been working on and off all day here, my kidlet has been in and out and he broke his iPhone today so off to the apple store we go. But all in all I will be posting two more times before the night is out so I will make up for it ok?

I cannot tell you how much fun I have been having today with dressing up, I have so many beautiful items from this years Vintage Fair by Chic Management …….I cannot decide what to wear? Very different then from having a whole inventory full of clothes and nothing to wear hehe 😉

I spied this itty bitty String Bikini from Mon Cheri and being first item I tried on and I kept going back to it, so first out to blog, why fight it! I absolutely absolutely adore the fabulous bows that adorn this kini……ugh just way too kewt!

Izzie’s has put out amazing Eliza 80’s Skins, but really they could be for all era’s, I love the lips on 80’s Eliza, so glossy and fresh. The last photo of skins are the unedited view straight from sl windlight. I am also wearing Izzie’s nails that of course come with a color change hud. <3333

Take note of this amazing jewelry as well, Rookhold (new store to me) has a beautiful assortment of jewelry out, the One Moment Turquoise Bracelet has a matching necklace (not shown) both are amazing so remember to check this store out! Eclectica has amazing Hats and Jewelry to be had but the color changing Nouveau Leaves Earrings & Ring (there is a whole set) are delicate but still visually appealing. I must eat, sad but true so I will…………………………………………

See you soonish 🙂

One last little note, Thank you so much Envy for changing your land as much as I change my hair lolz. I hop over to your beach to take my kini shots due to the fact I have the most gorgeous little grassy land in sl and you have the most gorgeous beach! muahsssss 

Hair: Artilleri ~ Trixie Hair in Coffee
Eyes: Agnes Finney ~ Beaute Eyes in Silly Soft New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Eliza Skin 80’s Purple, Eliza 80’s Skin Pink & Eliza Skin 80’s Yellow New ❤ All Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Nails: Izzie’s ~ 80’s Round Nails w/Color Change Hud New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Bracelet: Rookhold ~ One Moment Turquoise Bracelet New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Earrings/Ring: Eclectica ~ Nouveau Leaves Earrings & Ring ~ Hud Color Changing Also Available with Bracelet, Brooch, Hairpiece(side & rear), Necklace and Tiara! New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Bikini: Mon Cheri ~ String Bikini in Gypsy New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Foot Tip-Toe