These Are the Days That Will Last Forever

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (4)

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (3) - Copy

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (2) - Copy

These Are the Days That Will Last Forever (1) - Copy

Ola! I am off for the evening but I wanted to get one more post out before I leave. A collaboration of a whole bunch of goodies from The Liaison Collaborative and My Attic at the Deck, The Dressing Room Fusion and of course a little of Collabor88, and to top it all off a fantastic Pelee Island mesh Chair from Hanaya!

I feel the island magic and so wish I had a pretty little spot like this in rl to go to right now! I am off with just a few words as I am tres tired, but I shall return……..until then enjoy the island magic and I will certainly……………………..

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair:¬†Mina Hair ~¬†Mesh¬†Eva in¬†Ombres 1.0 New ‚̧ Avail@TDR Fusion
Glasses:¬†PIDIDDLE ~¬†Retro Love Shades in¬†Clear Maroon New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Skin: Glam Affair ~
Coral in¬†America 02 F¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Watch:¬†:::LP::: ~ Leather Kiti Watch C¬†in¬†Floral¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Necklace: *MishMish* ~ Summer Buoy Necklace in Red
Bracelet: :: Howl :: ~ Anchor Rope in Red 
Bikini Top: Baiastice ~ Chain Bikini Flowers Print Upper
Shorts:¬†Wimey ~ Sainte-Helene Shorts in Light Blue¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands/Mid Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 213 Nail Appliers Huds for SLink AVEnhance Mesh Hands/Feet New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Chair:¬†-Hanaya- ~ Pelee Island Beach Chair New ‚̧
Cooler:¬†Plethora ~¬†Pixel Cooler in¬†Beachside Gacha Prize New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Lemonade: [ keke ] ~¬†Lemonade Open in Lemon¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Cottage:¬†Alouette ~¬†Amelie Beach House¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Lanterns:¬†*MishMish* ~ Candle Lantern in¬†Aqua &¬†Silver¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Bed:¬†Kuro – Guests bed (Adult)¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Nightstands: Kuro ~¬†Guest Sidetable¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Lamp: Kuro ~¬†Double Lamp¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Boats:¬†-Hanaya- ~ Mesh Sail Away¬†Twin Boats New ‚̧
Vase: :Kastle Rock Couture: ~ Tall Pottery in Teal
Prints: {what next} ~ Home is Where Collage Prints in Blue
Rug: Pilot ~ Tiffany Rug
Prints: Lisp ~ Coco Picture Frames Small
Candles:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Riviera Candles¬†in¬†lt Blue¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Clock:¬†Second Spaces – Riviera Deco Clock in White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Books:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Riviera Allons-y in¬†Orange¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Pillows:¬†Second Spaces – Riviera Pillows in Mix¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Boxes:¬†Second Spaces ~¬†Riviera Boxes in Blues¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Table:¬†Second Spaces – Riviera Console Table in White¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative
Boat:¬†Boat:¬†*~*HopScotch*~* ~ Sail away w/Poses¬†New ‚̧ Avail@Poser Pavilion, The¬†Liaison¬†Collaborative


Slinky (1)

Slinky (2)

First let me just say, ok scream,¬†that I love everything about¬†this look… I mean LOVE!!!

In just mere hours My Attic at the Deck opens for the September round………the theme is Flowers in my Attic and I am tres¬†excited! Mina has this beautiful unrigged¬†mesh style out, Patricia comes with a color change hud of course for the style and one for the Headband as well. She even comes with a fabulous little hair accessory, which I am not wearing………due to nature of my post ūüôā

The wonderful Sissy has done it again! This fabulously sexy Baiastice¬†Lingerie Corset is a must have yes it is, The fabulous textures alone are worth it…..and then there is the style, the accents and the rich colors will have you without a hello lol Did I mention that everything at My Attic at the Deck is 95L or less? I even flew into an event today wearing this ensemble as I did not want to take it off ūüôā

The new release of Lucy from Glam affair is just fantastic…..of course I fatpacked her and she also came with some very wonderful new tattoo layers, other than the regulars¬†that include¬†few different noses to choose from as well as lips, what a nice surprise! I spied the very skin when I sat in the chair across from her trying out demos. The red lips get me every time, I think it is because they just jump out at you against the soft beautiful skin, taboo or not there is no resistance between myself and red lipstick……..Lucy is stunning.

SLink has some exciting new updates available now for the Mesh and Avatar Advancement Hands and Feet, which include the Slinky (3)flat and the medium feet, a new Omni¬†Hud 5 as well for easier matching skins without appliers, oh and you can wear pretty nails as well……….The best news of all is for the men though as there are a brand new set of Mesh Hands for them available! So run over (drag your man as well) if you have not already and update your amazing mesh additions that we cannot live without because the thought of having to size prim nails or look at our own lovely sl hands or feet again¬†is too hard to¬†bare¬†…….hehe………….and well of course while I was there………I spied the Glitter Peeptoes¬†in Red, these are exactly what I needed for this look, and yes I have these in other colors, but these are¬†just an amazing testament to how far we have come since the essential¬†add-on’s, appliers and the alpha was born.¬† I seriously ‚ô• Siddean Munro one step ahead and always making sure we have beautiful hands and feet…….and fabulous shoes, boots and hair………

Which leads me into Nails from Flair, another favorite of mine,¬†these fabulous nail add-on huds¬†for SLink hands and feet are perfect, there is a manicure and pedicure¬†for hundreds of different matching outfits. I am also wearing the fabulous Decor Collar in Noir Lace from Pididdle and Ikon of course, that beautiful man that makes¬†the most wonderful¬†eyes that I can never¬†resist, new Perspective Eyes out at The Boutique¬†…..see I told you I love everything about this scene, even the fabulous Alders Living Room pieces from the Loft fits right in.

Ok off my soapbox for now, SLink for updates and¬†My Attic at the Deck ~¬†midnight sl time…… there!

and I will see you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh Patricia in Dk Brown w/Color Change Hud/Accessory¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck¬†
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Lucy America 08 G New ‚̧
Ikon ~ Perspective Eyes in Green New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique
Collar: Pididdle ~ Decor Collar in Noir Lace
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Casual Hands & Medium Feet
Appliers: Glam Affair ~ Hand/Foot Appliers in America
Nails: Flair ~ Nail Add-on Hud for SLink Mesh (av) Hands/Feet Set 134 New ‚̧
Corset: Baiastice ~ Mesh Lingerie Corset in Black/Red New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Shoes: SLink ~ Glitter Peeptoes Add-on in Red w/color change Bow via Hud
Pose: Marukin ~ [Volition] With Shoulders of Champagne New ‚̧ Avail@Designers United 5
Furniture: The Loft ~ Part of the Alders Living Room; Alders Chair in Ivory, Rug, Ivory Fireplace, Lady Gold Statue, Silver Mirror

Where the Wind Blows

Where the Wind Blows
¬†Ola! I am a little late on wishing you a Happy St. Patties Day……but I do……..and since I’m half Irish I know the partying continues well after the official holiday hehe. This amazing Elwing¬†Gown in Moss Green is from non other than Purple Moon……………I am always amazed at the fabulous creativity of this brand as well as I constantly have problems deciding on which lovely gown to purchase when I get into this store, so I can spend literally hours standing there making my decision.
The Southern Comfort Headpiece I am wearing is from Pididdle¬†and is an exclusive color that has been out for a few days for a St. Patties Special……….it is priced at only 40L…….as of right now 10am sl time on the 21st of March it is still out for sale but I think that is only for a few more hours……get there quickly as this fabulous exclusive will be gone only too soon.

Have a wonderful day and keep shopping and I will…………………………………..

See you soonish ūüôā


Headpiece: Pididdle ~ Southern Comfort Headpiece Exclusive New ‚̧
Hair: Truth ~ Magdalena w/Roots in Carob New ‚̧
Skin: Belleza ~ Mya TLC Med 3 w/Ava Med Strong Gloss New¬† ‚̧ Available@The Liaison Collaborative
Earrings: Purple Moon ~ Vintage Roses in Green
Gown: Purple Moon ~ Elwing Gown in Moss Green
Pose: !bang ~ Carefree 2 New¬†‚̧ Available@The Liaison Collaborative
Location: Gilmour

The Wrath of Evion

The Wrath of Evion (2)

The Wrath of Evion (1)

Ola! I am back with a new version of Kate, This amazing Wrath skin is a now available at PXL¬†in ways of Gacha¬†fun. There are 7 different Sin’ly¬†versions to grab and they are all fantastic……but today Evion¬†is feeling very wrath-like so I went for this extremely flawless sexy look, which also includes the amazing Mesh Rock Japan dress from Lou Lou¬†& Co which is available at Zodiac Pisces for this months round. This fabulous dress comes with a hud so you can change colors of the fantastic clasps/seams. Do not miss out this dress it is well made and extremely gorgeous!

My Attic at the Deck started yesterday and this round is¬†phenomenal, the theme is Pop Music which I love, and I have some really wonderful items to show you… start with this PopPop¬†Headband from Pididdle. This Spiked headband not only comes in a wonderful assortment of colors to choose from, you also have 3 different metals to choose with each color…….yes much needed ūüôā I also adore the new pose set from The Muse Poses, even though they are called Erik, they are fully unisex and still very sexy for a woman. I love the poses from The Muse, amazing and always breathtaking!

Ok I am here all day…..I am going to attempt to play catch up…..lolz!!! Attempt being the key word here, Have a great tgif and I shall………………………………….

See you soonish ūüôā

Headband: Pididdle¬†~ PopPop Headband in Licorice/Gunmetal¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@ My Attic at the Deck
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Playful in Soil
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Pewter
Skin:¬†PXL Skins¬†~ Kate Wrath in Natural¬†New ‚̧¬†1 of 7 New Gacha Skins
Dress: LouLou&Co ~ Mesh Rock Japan Dress w/Hud¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@Zodiac
Gloves: Baiastice ~ Velvet Long Gloves in Black
Stockings: Bax Coen ~ Ornament Fishnet Leggings
Poses:¬†The Muse Poses¬†~ Erik 1¬†New ‚̧
Location: Miskatonia, Arkham

The Sea Maiden

The Sea Maiden

Ola! Last post of the night as I am insanely playing catch up on my blogging…….I have a huge folder that I am tackling so if you have sent me something….do not fret, I will blog it ūüôā This fabulous Sea Maiden Bra by Pididdle is available in three different colors and out for Zodiac Aquarius, This round of Zodiac is phenomenal! I love clothing so much, but it’s always nice to take a few items off as well ūüėČ

I managed to get in one of the amazing Ava Skins out for the 3 Day Best Buy sale at Belleza! Ava is truly a stunning skin, you should not miss out on this! Oh and Truth released new hair today, I just adore the Virginie Style, the off to one side-swept hair is a perfect match to the fabulous Sea Maiden Bra.

My bed is calling to me hehe, Have a great night or day and I will………………………

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Truth ~ Virginie w/roots in Caramel New ‚̧
Skin: Belleza ~ Ava 1 in Med New ‚̧
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Sage
Necklace: Yummy ~ By the Sea Charm Necklace
Bracelets: [EY:NO] ~ Mess Bangles in Copper
Bra: Pididdle ~ Sea Maiden Bra in Warm Waters New ‚̧
Pose: Di’s Opera ~ Picture Me 2-8

Crooked Kind of Day

Ok one more…..a quickie! Today was a crooked kind of day for me, a few ups and one major down but tomorrow will be here soon enough so there is always hope that it will be better yes? Seemed like a good time to throw on this fabulous little mesh Crooked Arrow Top from Somnia, which you can pick up at this months round of Zodiac, there is also a Straight Arrow version as well! Oh and Iren has this amazing Helen skin out at The Black Market….do not miss this one!

Have a wonderful evening and I will…………………
See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Truth Hair ~ Nyx Caramel w/Roots New ‚̧
Skin: Iren ~ Helen in Pale New ‚̧ Available@The Black Market
Eyes: Ikon: Eternal Eyes in Sage New ‚̧
Necklace: Pididdle ~ Some Teeth I Found My Special Treasures Necklace New ‚̧ Available@The Arcade December 1st
Ring: LaGyo ~ Beehive Ring in Silver New ‚̧ Available@Bees Through The Seasons
TurtleNeck: Friday ~ Basic TurtleNeck in Gray
Top: Somnia ~ Mesh Crooked Arrow Tee in Black New ‚̧ Available@Zodiac Sagittarius
Pants: Coco ~ Skinny Cargo Pants in Charcoal
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Foot Flat
Chaise: Prism Furniture ~ Flanagan Lounger New ‚̧ Available@The Nor Outlet
Background: Cheeky Pea ~ Sweetwater Outdoor Room New ‚̧ Available@C88

The Hour is Near

Ola! I was working on this post last night and fell plumb asleep with my notebook on my lap…..lolz I still don’t know when to go to bed ūüėČ

I have a few things to show you today, besides the breathtaking Jade Style from Truth, I am wearing a brand new skin from [PXL] and the best part of all is the Gaia Vintage Love skin, apart from being yummy, is going to be available for Chic Management’s 3rd Annual With Love Hunt that starts tomorrow! Also that means she is a complete steal at only 10L……..I cannot wait for this hunt, I adore all the stores that participate and to have such wonderful hunt items for only 10L a piece who can complain……come I dare ya ūüėČ

I am also sporting Pididdle’s My Special Necklace, which comes in eighteen different versions, that will be available for the new round of The Arcade which starts on December 1, yum……gacha! I am showing you just a few but oh they are so beautifully made and I will need more…….Bela are you ready?

Now onto the fantabulous Parisienne Sweater & Skirt combo from Sn@tch. I love the softness of this delectable mesh outfit, it comes with 5 different Alex Sweater colors and the Cosette Silver Maxi Skirt…….make sure to visit the New Release section and the Parisienne can be yours as well…………..Ivey is still making amazing clothes that I cannot wait to slip into.

I have so much more to blog, so you might see me a few more times today yes? Have a wonderful day and I will…

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Truth Hair ~ Jade in Walnut w/Roots New ‚̧
Skin: [PXL] ~ Gaia Vintage Love Skin New ‚̧ With Love Hunt Item Starts November 30th
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Sage New ‚̧
Necklace: Pididdle ~ My Special Treasures Necklace in A Butterfly, Some Teeth I Found & Silver Glitter New ‚̧ Available@The Arcade December 1st
Outfit: Sn@tch ~ Parisienne Alex Sweater in Grey & Cosette Maxi Shirt in Silver New ‚̧
Ring: LaGyo ~ Beehive Ring in Silver New ‚̧ Available@Bees Through The Season
Nails: Mandala ~ Female Medium Nails w/Hud
Pose: WetCat ~ TTB13 & Paula 1

Bee~utiful Bees through the Seasons

Ola! I am back after a bout with the flu, my head has only seen my pillow these past few days, I poked in yesterday but still not feeling up to some serious blogging I relented and went back to my comfy bed. But today I am feeling much better and thought I should get going on the blogging front.

Last Saturday Bees through the Seasons opened and of course I went as soon as I could get there, Sasy and Whimsy were there along with Little………so I stayed for a bit to dance as I shopped and just enjoyed the build and atmosphere…..OMG if you have not been go! This whole event is just a must see and the kewtest build I have been to in a very long time, on top of that there are so many darling little hives to shop in! I really think I bought the place out, but with so much fabulousness it was hard not to!

I am wearing a new Roza skin from Glam Affair The Honey Bee 1…now there are three to pick from and I loved them all, but I admit I am hoarding my lindens a little for the new release of Amberly……she has the most gorgeous lips! You can see the preview here ūüôā

There is fantastic hair and jewels and the kewtest little stuffed Bee to grab, and I cannot forget Sammy, the most darling Chihuahua in his fabulous Bee sweater and headband… can also grab a kit to make your own Sammy sweater if you like! The Tulp Dress from Ingenue is most magnificent and comes in many colors to choose from, the same with these fabulous Sheerfully Bee Tights from Clemmm, and do not forget the perfect Bowtastic Hairbows from Pididdle, I will be going back for more colors of this! Then there is the most darling furniture pieces to pick up…………………..

Bees Through the Seasons is just bee heaven and I cannot wait for more installments of this event! 
Ok I am off for a bit, Have a Bee~utiful day and I will………………..
See you soonish ūüôā

Bow: Pididdle ~ Bowtastic Hairbow in SunShine New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Hair: BeetleBones (BBSALON) ~ Beehive Messy Half-Do in Choco1 New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Honey Bee 1 D HB New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Sage New ‚̧
Dress: Ingenue ~ Tulp Dress in Golden Melody New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Jewelry: Noodles ~ Buzz on a Honeycomb Necklace, Cuff & Ring in Hematite New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Tights: Clemmm ~ Sheerfully Bee Tights  in White New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Shoes: Gos ~ Pimp Your Pumps Classic Platforms
Chihuahua ~ Sweet Distractions ~ Sammy Bee Mesh Chihuahua w/without the Bee Headband New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Furniture: The Domineaux Effect ~ Lazy Day Chaise includes Lazy Day Chaise w/Animations Cup & Saucer  (with and without steaming cup, Kettle, Coffee Table and Magazine Prop (which includes magazine 
template) & the Stuffed Bee New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Shelf: vespertine ~ Honeycomb Shelf, Honey-Holic set Linked & unlinked, Honey-Holic Table New ‚̧ Available@Bees through the Seasons
Rug: Baffle! ~ 50’s Wool Rug closed
Pose: Label Motion ~ Carla Pose

A Rose By Any Other Name

Ola! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! I am late getting started today and still have a bit of rl shopping to do, but I wanted to get this series out before I left. I am overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful things and wonderful events to shop this weekend. I hope everyone is taking advantage out there hehe……I won’t be long winded today, but I must say I absolutely love this look as I hope you do as well. These amazing items speak for themselves though don’t they?

See you soonish ūüôā

Flower Headpiece: PIDIDDLE ~ Ceramic Flower Headpiece in Rose New ‚̧ Available at My Attic@The Deck
Hair: [elikatira] ~ Breathe in Brown 08
Skin: [PXL] ~ Faith in Natural with Cherry Lips New <3333 Faith VIP 25% Off Sale
Makeup: Belleza ~ Beauty Mark 2 
Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Wyws v2 in Pale Glass
Necklace/Earrings: LaGyo ~ Jackie Necklace & Earrings color change New ‚̧ Available@TDR
Bolero: MOLiCHiNO ~ Fur Bolero in Dark Brown
Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] 11am Tea Dress in Red New ‚̧ Available@FAIR
Bangle: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff color change
Ring: Finesmith ~ Here Comes the Sun Ring in Blood
Bag: [Magic Nook] ~ Parisian Romance Clutch in Choco w/color change Bow&Zipper New ‚̧ Available@FAIR
Gloves: CKD ~ Exquisite Long Chantilly Lace Gloves Antique
Stockings: Bax Coen ~ Soft Shine Pantyhose Nude 20 Seams New ‚̧
Anklet: {me.} ~ Ninna Anklet color change
Shoes: Leverocci ~ Python 130 Pumps in Grace
Furniture: Soho Corner ~ Molly Living Room Set, includes Comfy Chair, Sofa, Coffee Tray, Coffee Table, Baskets Set, Coat Rack, Magazine Set and Carpet New ‚̧

Poses: Miamai ~ Liquid State New ‚̧ Lazy Sunday Item
ShawdowBox: W.Winx and Flair ~ Shaken WinxBox 

The Undead

A movie about plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. 
In her pursuit of happiness through physical perfection, she never made it off the operating table. 
A death mask was made in her honor, and in turn was buried with her. 
Her soul was so plagued by the fear of losing her body, that she rose from her grave still lugging her dead corpse along with her. 
Her family so ashamed of her selfish disfigurement had made the mask in her likeness .. not of the face she was put to rest with. 
So she wears her death mask never to remove it, in hopes she will find a cure for her un-beating heart.
Brutus Martinek

Ola! I am back with a whole bunch of new wonderfully creepy items to show you today. First off how about this fabulous Undead Perfection set New from Pididdle available at the Cinema. I think she looks so divinely sad with her bleeding tears. This wonderful set has a few different pieces to it, the amazing Undead Perfection Mask and the Bodysuit complimented by the Plastic Surgery Marks and Nails……do not miss these they are entirely needed for the season or whenever you just want to be part of the undead, this is sl after all.

I am surrounded by floating pumpkins, now these floating pumpkins from Hanaya float in prim waters or you can buy the linden water version, or just go with the plain static pumpkin. They emit fog as well as dance in your water, I love these fabulous mesh pumpkins they are all over my tiny little land. Now onto the Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts. They float around and come with a fabulous Spooky Sound and their eyes turn different colors as well, they rez as leaves on the ground and you are just one touch away from having your very own spooky house and land!

I hope you enjoy the look and are having a really spooktacular day and I will………………………

See you soonish ūüôā

Pididdle ~ Undead Perfection Death Mask, Bodysuit, Plastic Surg Marks & Nails New ‚̧ Available@Cinema
Skin: Amacci ~ Liane Goth Silver Skin New ‚̧ Group Gift
Pumpkins: -Hanaya- Mesh Floating Pumpkin Lantern ~ for prim water or linden water New ‚̧
Ghosts: -Hanaya- Mesh REZZER for Spooky Pathfinding Ghosts New ‚̧