Losing Myself at Le Botanique

Visiting Le Botanique (1)

Visiting Le Botanique (2)

Visiting Le Botanique (3)

Ola! Tonight I am traveling to the beautiful lush island in the sky Le Botanique, which is the newest creation from the equally gorgeous Liara Okiddo (Kemicq). This fabulous rain forest like isle is an exquisite place to come and relax with your loved one or close friends, sit outside the prettiest green house ever from my beloved friend Moriko, creator of Hanaya. Walk the path to a fabulous hideaway. I feel like I can get lost at Le Botanique, dream the day away in such a charming environment. Make this destination on the top of your list!

I am wearing another stunning style from LeLutka, Christine has a touch color change crown and is a complete must have from the 2014 Hair Fair. Then head over to The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative for the wonderful mesh Sensei Top from Ane and the mesh Deviant Skirt from Peqe.

Have a wonderful night, or day and I will certainly see you soonish 🙂


Hair: LeLutka ~ Christine Hair in Bournville New ❤ Avail@2014 Hair Fair
Shape: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1 New ❤
Physique Applier: [PXL] Creations ~ Physique Mesh Body All-in-One Applier Hud New ❤
Skin: [PXL] Creations ~ Mia Black Label Natural MEB
Eyes: Ikon ~ Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Flat Hands & High Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 144 Nail Hud Add-ons for SLink Mesh AvEnhance Hands & Feet
Ring: Maxi Gossamer ~ Mermaids Serpent Eye in Silver 

Necklace: League ~ Raven Necklace 2 Silver Cadet Ribbon
Top: Ane ~ Mesh Sensei Top in Black New ❤ Avail@The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative
Skirt: Peqe ~ Mesh Deviant Skirt in Grey New ❤ Avail@The Boutique, The Liaison Collaborative
Shoes: SLink ~ Mesh Hera Wrap Heels in Black
Pose: Posesion ~ Details 1
Location: Le Botanique 

Let It Go

Here I Stand

Let The Storm Rage On....

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Good morning. Now I know I am a little behind on the Frozen front, but sometimes a song just seems like it is tailored made for how you feel, not only do I absolutely love the Disney movie Frozen, but the song Let It Go sums up exactly how I feel these days, empowered. I worry so much about so many things in rl and sl.

I am always staying one step ahead, I try not to get close to many as I have been hurt before, I know there are so many that feel this way in our wonderful land, but yet it still happens. Kingdom of isolation, Don’t let them in, Don’t let them see, be the good girl you always have to be, Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know……..sound familiar? I think now that I have had a voice in sl and have been blogging for over three years (wow!) that it’s time to not care what they’re going to say and just be me. Stepping back from each life for the past few weeks has really helped me look at the small problems and fears that look tiny in comparison to the big picture. It is time to test my limits and look beyond them, the past is just the past. I hope to continue down this path in both lives. Ok enough of my blather…….listen to the song if you haven’t already heard it a million times, this post is my version of Elsa just waking up and letting it go.

I had the gorgeous Elsa style from Monso that I adore, then I nabbed the beautiful mesh Highgarden Frozen Gown from Peqe at We ❤ Roleplay (this round is just simply amazing!) So when I teleported into the skin fair and snapped up the newest and most gorgeous Romy Skin from Glam Affair, I just had to put it altogether and of course find a snowy sim lol, which is harder than you think it might be lol.

Anyway, I cannot compare my photo’s to Aida, Glam Affair Creator. Aida set’s the bar so high with her wonderful flawless visions, that I run and grab her newest immediately! Romy is another beautiful addition to the Glam Affair line. You pick your favorite tone for your base skin, or grab them all, the base Romy Skin comes with five cheek blush layers, eight eyebrow layers and nine different freckle and mole layers <33 these. Then you buy all the add-ons separately. I simply love the idea that you can personally tailor your whole line up from noses, cheeks, eyebrows to eye shadow, liners and of course sumptuous lip layers!

Ugh I just have to rave about these wonderful Long Lace Gloves from Coepio, Thank you!!! These beauties come in white and black and include appliers for SLink AvEnhance Hands…….I have been looking so long for this type of glove, the only pair I owned I had to take my SLink Hands off to use………*Take off my SLink Hands and Flair Nails?!!!* haha this is something I am not in favor of doing these days! I picked these up at Coepio at SLink West a few days back and they are already a favorite and I want them in every available color known to sl women 🙂

Ok I am off for a bit, I hope you all enjoy your Friday and remember to Let It Go, turn away and slam that door!

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway!

Skin Fair 2014

Sim 1 ~ Sim 2 ~ Sim 3

Hair: Monso ~ Elsa Rigged Mesh in Browns
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Romy Base in America w/Brow 01 F, Dark Line 01 Eye Makeup, Freckles & Moles 05 & America SLink Hand Appliers All New Avail@The 2014 Skin Fair Sim 2
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Promise Eyes in Storm w/hud

Necklace/Earrings: EarthStones ~ Falling Leaves Necklace & Earring in Frost
Gown: Peqe ~ Mesh Highgarden Frozen Gown New Avail@We ❤ Roleplay
Gloves: Coepio ~ Long Gloves in White w/SLink AvEnhance Hand Appliers New ❤ Avail@SLink West
Ring: LaGyo ~ Mackenzie Ring in Silver New ❤ Avail@C88
Nails: Flair ~ Set 140  Nail Add-on Hud for SLink AvEnhance Hands/Feet 
Hands : SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands
Poses: *PosESioN* ~ Element 1, 5 & 10
Location: Land of the Frozen North,Taure Orod 

Little Red………..

Little Red........... (1)s

Little Red........... (2)s

Ola! I’m back with another preview of this upcoming round of Enchantment. Little Red Riding hood is one of my favorite fairy tales and I am very excited to be just that! This round of Enchantment starts on February 1st. If you join the Enchantment group inworld you get early access at Friday midnight, if not you will have to wait a full 12 hours later to enter.

Peqe has this amazing mesh Riding Hood Gown in Ombre out, there are two versions available, the other being reversed and having the top black and graduating down to red. Either way this is one lovely gown that I could not wait to wear! I am wearing the wonderful Enchanting Red’s Medallion Ring and necklace in Rose Red from Bokeh. The Necklace comes with three different sizes, the ring also has an SLink Avatar Advanced version for your beautiful mesh hands. I also snapped up this fantastic Rattenbag Hunter Basket from {anc}, this comes with a hand hold version, and a shoulder hold as well as an animated version, where the butterflies move about the basket. You can either rez or wear this basket. There are a different array of colors to choose from, and you must have a basket for traveling to grandmothers house 😉

Oh and I grabbed these wonderful red nails from Infiniti, these also include a pack of 5 poses too….ugh Love! LeLutka has a few brand new styles out, I chose Candy for her lovely ponytails, along with a few of my favorite things off to grandmothers house I go…..I hope not to run into any wolves on the way………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: LeLutka ~ Candy Hair in Bournville New ❤
Skin: Belleza ~ Ria in Med 2 Br w/Slink Hand Appliers & Med Moles New ❤ Avail@C88
Eyes: Ikon ~ Promise Eyes in Denim New ❤ 
Gown: Peqe ~ Mesh Riding Hood Gown w/Hood in Ombre Red New ❤ Avail@Enchantment’s Little Red Riding Hood
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh (AvEnhance) Casual Hands
Nails: Infiniti ~ Little Reds Nail Add-on Hud for SLink (AvAdvance) Hands 
New ❤ Avail@Enchantment’s Little Red Riding Hood
Jewels: Bokeh ~ Enchanting Red’s Medallion ~ Ring in Rose Red (AvEnhance) New ❤ Avail@Enchantment’s Little Red Riding Hood
Bracelet: Bliensen + MaiTai ~ Send me an Angel Bracelet
Basket: {anc} ~ Rattenbag Hunter Rez & Wear Animated New ❤ Avail@Enchantment’s Little Red Riding Hood
Pose: Ma Vie ~ Glow 05

The Wild Night is Calling

The Wild Night is Calling (1)sm

The Wild Night is Calling (2)sm

Ola! I have been trying to blog for days, but my Ambient Occlusion has me all messed up. For some reason after the newest updates to both the Second Life Official Viewer and Firestorm as well…….I am having issues with this setting. Yes I could just as easily turn it off but then I wouldn’t get that effect to my photos which I am used to applying automatically………and then came the lines. Not those perfectly quad lines that I could take out in Photoshop but dark patches where the easier ones used to be. My ROG Notebook is only a few months old so I am worried! It wont stop me by all means and I have some very cute options for you winter wardrobe!

I bought this perfect Long Fur Vest from Peqe a few days back and I love it! But then I put on the most fabulous little new Cable Knit Halter Top from Girl Thursday and knew it was a match. This fabulous Halter can be worn with or without the belt, there is also a just belt option so you can use this belt with all your other wonderful outfits, and of course I like this hehe the thin perfect belt will come in handy in my wardrobe 🙂

LoQ has a new Ale Style out at the Winter Trend SL 2013 Festival……..a long lovely style sold in color packs of five. I am also wearing Tara, she is the new skin out for the Arcade, I have them all I think with the exception of number 1?! The one I wanted so badly of course lolz. The fabulous Maxi Gossamer Truth Owl Necklace is also at The Arcade…….and I could buy tons of these haha

Last but in no way least are these amazing Mesh Demi Boots from SLink. I had not worn the black and they are hot! They do require you grab the newest mesh avatar advancement high feet……these are a must and I continue to drool over the thought at what will be added to this newest addition of foot from SLink….love Love LOVE these!!

I am still working away at about four more posts…..so I shall return……until then have a wonderful (Girl) Thursday haha and I will….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: LoQ Hair ~ Ale in Dark Brown 5 New ❤ Avail@Winter Trend SL 2013
Skin: Belleza ~ Tara in Med Arcade 6 New ❤ Avail@The Arcade
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer: Truth Owl Necklace in White New ❤ Avail@The Arcade
Vest: Peqe ~ Long Fur Vest in Grey New ❤ Avail@The Main Event
Top: Girl Thursday [gt] ~ Cable Knit Halter top w/Belt in Gray & White New ❤
Skirt: :FANATIK: ~ Mini Skirt Leather Black
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Casual Hands & High Feet New ❤
Nails: Nailed It ~ Goth Set New ❤
Boots: SLink ~ Demi Boots in Black New ❤
Poses: {Imeka~} Lu Poses 3 & 6 New ❤ Avail@Chapter Four
Cage: Floorplan. ~ Caged Wisdom
Cabinet: Scarlet Creative ~ Reve French Wardrobe Pale Gold
Rug: The Loft ~ Beige Floral Rug
Cottage: Scarlet Creative ~ Woodsman Cottage New ❤

Are You Ready for Back to Black?

Yay less than a few more hours left until Chic Management Back to Black Event opens and you can shop!!!! Although as I go back and forth to the event, I am waiting on a beautiful necklace that is not set for sale yet lol, I see everyone waiting at the gate and camming in lolz. I have to laugh because if I had not been picked to be a blogger for this event, I would be one of you standing out there cam shopping, that’s totally me 😉

Peqe, another of my favorite stores put out this wonderful gown Back to Jet, it is located in the Heart section, and it has mine written all over it. Along with the Mesh Flutter Boots from lassitude & ennui and of course a few of my favorite things, I have to come in swooping with my last teasing post for this wonderful awareness event. Oh I have more to blog, but I am sure you shopping animals will have it all bought up by then hehe 😉

I hope everyone enjoys the Back to Black Event, but remember to be patient, it will be laggy as everyone tries to get in at first but it is open until February 29th so lots of time. Don’t forget to read your note cards and the walls, and the floors, they are very informative, but also shop like mad! 🙂

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Analog Dog ~ Bound in Brunette
Skin: Atomic ~ Red Hot Grace Skin DB in Buff was a TDR Exclusive
Dress: Peqe ~ Back to Jet Available@Back to Black
Jewelry: Sweet Leo ~ ❤ Bed Of Roses Necklace & Cuff
Gloves: Sn@tch ~ Latex Gloves in Black
Tights: Izzie’s ~ Half Stripe Tights on the Inside
Boots: lassitude & ennui ~ Mesh Flutter Boots in Raven Available@Back to Black


I feel bright and vibrant today, so how perfect is this ensemble?
 I mean who doesn’t love Red?
I picked up this Tunic from Peqe a few days ago and look how pretty it is.
Have a Great Day!

See you soon 🙂
Hair: Truth – Jean Streaked
Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly Chai Angelic w/ Cherry Glam Lipstick Layer
Tunic: Peqe – Tunic Scarlet NEW
Necklace: Bellies – Red Bead Necklace
Bracelet: Acid & Mala –  My Fav Bracelet White Pearls (tinted red)
Ring: Addict – Apple Ring Red Silver
Shoes: Baiastice – Maxine Wedge Red Pyton

Hot for the Teacher?

Ok so I am not sure if it should be Teacher or not lol, 
I never had a Teacher that looked this hot…..ever lol
But since this is sl, why the hell not! 😉 

See you soon 🙂
Hair: [kik] – Fine1(dark) Available@Hair Fair till end of today NEW
Skin: [Atomic] – Lien Skin (DB) Buff Available@TDR NEW
Blouse: Coco – Bow Shirt White
Vest: Holli Pocket – La Fancy Top Grey 2 NEW
Skirt: [W&B] – Ayla Leather Skirt Dove 1 (FLF item) NEW
Shoes: Peqe – G Wedge Blender
Stockings: League – Side-Gartered Stockings Black w/Garter
Nails/Rings: Finesmith – Rave Reds
Earrings: [glow] Studio – Amore Earrings Black Available@TDR NEW


Layla, the perfect name for the most gorgeous skin!
I am so not sure how Glam Affair does it each time a new release comes out,
but Layla is perfect in every way!
“Turned my whole world upside down…………” 😉
Skin & Shape Expo is open, and packed! But don’t miss it!!!
So I leave you with these sumptuous pics while I sing Layla all day to myself!
See you soon 🙂
Hair: Exile – Nyx Whiskey
Skin: Glam Affair – Layla Natural D 03 Available Right Now@Skin & Shape Expo!
Lip Layer: Glam Affair –  Layla Lipstick Creamy Pink Available Right Now@Skin & Shape Expo!
Dress: Peqe – Cats/Magenta Culture Shock Exclusive!
Shoes: Peqe – G Wedge Gray Leopard
Gloves: Bubble – Floral Corset Gloves Black
Choker: Cobrahive – Kurosu Choker
Headband: Pepper – Brown Gacha

Culture Shock Featuring Peqe

/me waves Hi, and wishes you all a very Happy Friday!
I have some more goodies to show you from Culture Shock, Today I am wearing this beautiful
outfit from Peqe! You wont have to go to far from the tp point for these Beauties, 
because Peqe is one of the stores right out front. If your like me, you will not
be disappointed, words cannot explain how much I love this outfit, 
I have had it on for 2 days straight now hehe 😉

 I also figured I must take a few new pictures around the AM Radio builds before they are gone,
I have a few, however not so recent, so begins a new quest 😉

 Happy Friday & Enjoy Your Weekend!
See you soon 🙂

Hair: LeLutka – Watson Hair BlondeFun
Skin: (AMD) Arabell Peachy
Top: Peqe – Flow/Jewel Available @ Culture Shock starting May 1st!
Pants: Peqe – Flare/Antique Available @ Culture Shock starting May 1st!
Shoes: SLink – Cassandra Heels Beige
Necklace: League – Kandula Necklace Silver
Ring: Awesome Blossom – Anna’s Pretty Little Ring
Hair Feathers: Pididdle – Feather Extensions QuallCall Set

Fun & Furry Wednesday

Dontcha just love when scrounging around in your inventory, and something wonderful turns out in way of an outfit, you actually would have bought even if it was altogether?

I am a admitted SL inventory hoarder. If I can’t use it now I will box it up and hope to remember it later. Yes, I am sure I have over 100,000 items but when my inventory loads it only shows I have just below 30,000. Hehe the wonders of boxing up all the wonderful items, and it also makes me feel like I know how to sort wisely (which by the way I do not, so I fake it)

This outfit consists of quite a few different stores, but I started with the kewtest mittens from Sweetest Good-bye, which are right now a group gift, Then came the YS&YS Yeti boots from The Dressing Room this week. And I cannot forget the Hair! OMG I swear Hair is by far the largest file in my inventory. This is the new group gift from Argrace, it comes in several colors of Hair, as well as with and without the ear muffs which are texture change too! Oh and what can I say that has not been already said about the Skin, Glam Affair, my absolute favorite skin store at the moment. This skin is the Christmas group gift from the new Jadis line, you will find it in the notices. Now they do have a small group join fee 30L but well worth it for a normally 1K skin!
Well enough of my ramblings today, Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!
Credits continued
Vest: ][AV][ – Vest Fur Brown long
Shirt: [Cynful] – The Ari Sweater (Happy Holidays hunt item) 
Necklace: Mynerva – Victorian Clog Necklace 10L special
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt Burnt
Skirt: Peqe(Fume) – Med Fur Dress, but I am wearing just the skirt
Tights: !Doux Petit – Crochet Tights in Beige
Moles: cheLLe – (moles) Beauty Marks