Back to Black Shopping List

Ok first off I love this dress! lol The Leri Miles Mesh Dress is in the Courage section of Back to Black (lm coming soon) But I think it could be under Family as well, it reminds me of my little family, displaced kinda both of my hubs and I (living in a province neither of us are from and so far from our Families) with our cub under strict protection ๐Ÿ˜‰
The Skin is from B2B from a new to me store AV!SAGE, I am such a skin snob I only wear a few of my absolute favorites, but I kept putting on the demo and really fell in love with Emmy, so I had to buy her and I love! The hair is a new beautiful Amacci style, Emma with optional feathers yum. The dainty Serenity gold necklace is Caroline’s Jewelry offering for Back to Black. Glow Studios’ Spiked Around Bags are tremendously yummy and are going to be an ultimate fav of mine! Paired with a few of my favorite things and new Jungle Love shoes from Hucci, which I assure you no animals were harmed in the making of! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have to go to bed so……..
See you soonish ๐Ÿ™‚
Hair: Amacci ~ Emma in Dark Brown w/Feather Hair Jewelry Available @Back to Black, Opens Saturday@4pm
Skin: AV!SAGE ~ B2B Emmy Skin w/o Cleavage (comes with as well) Available @Back to Black, Opens Saturday@4pm
Dress: Leri Miles Designs ~ Mesh Courage B2B Dress Available @Back to Black, Opens Saturday@4pm
Shrug: Nemesis ~ Atlantic Bolero in Black
Necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Serenity Necklace in Gold Available @Back to Black, Opens Saturday@4pm
Bag: Glow Studio ~ Spiked Around Bag in Copper Available @Back to Black, Opens Saturday@4pm
Cuff: JD ~ Lace Flower Single Bracelet
Watch: Ison ~ Vipera Watch in Gold
Ring: Pididdle ~ Lana Ring in Gold
Stockings: Fishy Strawberry ~ Stockings Down From Desiderio Nude Set Available @Just a Crush Event
Shoes: Hucci ~ D’Ann Pump Exotics in Jungle Love
Location: Malt 

The Red Leopard

 Are words even needed for this post?
ok just one; Bellissimo!
See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Hair: Analog Dog ~ Washu in Black(I have the hat turned off) Free Gift New
Skin: Illusory ~ Paige in Honey Vintage Doll
Dress: Baiastice ~ Zoey Dress in Red New and Fabulous! โค
Hat: Nemesis ~ Marlene Hat in Raven
Gloves: Sn@tch ~ Tango Latex Gloves in Black New โค
Stockings: Izzies ~ Fishnet Tights
Boots: Slink ~ Tall Leather Mesh Thigh Boots in Black
Chair: Tableau Vivant ~ ZP Chair

From Work to Play

Baiastice has you covered all day with the new release of her glitzy glam blazers and leather trousers!

Ok I have been a very bad blogger, but I have been having some rl issues of late lol. They say bad luck comes in three’s, so with this being my third serious issue, I am so hoping this is it!

I had these pictures done almost a week ago, but being all hopped up on benadryl at the time……hmmm made me think they were just not up to my usual standards lol, either that or getting a hold of this new Glam Affair skin just made me want to redo ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope to be back up and running full speed! 
Until then see you soonish ๐Ÿ™‚

Hat: Nemisis ~ Marlene Hat in Raven NEW
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Linn MedTan D HB 08 NEW
Blazer: Baiastice ~ Blanque Blazer in Darkest NEW
Blouse: Coco ~ Sleeveless Blouse in White
Pants: Baiastice ~ Blanque Trousers in Darkest NEW
Necklace: Sigma ~ Aurora Necklace in Silver
Earrings: Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Athena Black Pearl Earrings
Ring: Donna Flora ~ Opera Ring NEW
Bracelet: League ~ Coin Collector
Belt: Baiastice ~ Luana Belt B/W Silver Buckle
Bag: Indyra Originals ~ The Ireben Carry-all
Shoes: Bax ~ Bax Booties Contessa in Silver NEW

Hair: e ~ Charmed in Black 04
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Linn MedTan D HB 08 NEW
Blazer: Baiastice ~ Nicole Blazer with Glitter Collar in Red NEW
Corset: Nemisis ~ Fly bustier Black 4
Pants: Baiastice ~ Oxhey Leather Pant with Multi Belt Cuffs in Black NEW
Belt: Baiastice ~ Luana Belt in Dk Magenta with Silver Buckle
Gloves: Bubble ~ Laced Corset Red Gloves
Nails: Mandala ~ Medium Nails
Jewelry: Donna Flora ~ Opera Necklace, Ring & Earrings
Shoes: N-core ~ Coquette Glitter Edition Black
Location: Sinners Heaven

Female Avatar or Cat?

ObviousAvatar1: “camming ppl through the whole stores rude” 
     ObviousAvatar2 : “running into people with out saying sorry is RUDE AS HELL too”
Well alrighty then, I was just on my merry little way, out and about hunting up pumpkins(zomg its only 
October 1st and I’m already hunting pumpkins lol) But this is what I walk into when I enter a really
kewt store I have never been to before lol.
Ok maybe its me, I don’t know I am almost 4 years old, what happened to the days when you said “Hey, I love your Dress, Where did it come from?” or “Sorry for the bump”. I miss those days really, not sure but things have really changed a whole hell of a lot in sl. Those type of conversations used to be fun, sometimes led to friendships, sometimes nothing but pleasant commentary but on the whole made for a better day in sl for me. 
AND when did it become wrong to cam and edit something someone is wearing, or to perv a profile? ZOMG really? Isn’t that what a profile is for? To find about about an avatar? Wow
Maybe I am indifferent, I do not care if someone is perving me, but then again, I don’t use show look at or even a radar for that matter lol (ya I only know if a friend is nearby by way of tiny yellow dot, that’s if I have my map open lol) Rambling away, I am by no way perfect, and can be a queen cat myself, but I keep it between moi and a trusted few who understand my sarcasm and know I am usually goofing around and trying to be funny.
Still things have changed,
or after a few months off from sl, its just me that has………or maybe its the Tylenol Cold & Flu I swallowed and should be in bed, or perhaps I just chose to wear the Cat today instead ๐Ÿ˜‰
See ya soonish, and Good Night!
Skin: Mojo ~ Lovely 27 Porcelain
Hair: Action ~ Jenny in Sweetheart
Jacket/Hat: Baiastice ~ Iko Fur Jacket Short & Hat in Orange Leo NEW RELEASE and yummy, fur looks so soft, comes in a long version, and different colors as well, will blog shortly!
Pants: Leezu ~ Lea Pants in Black
Necklace: Chantkare ~ Pearl Gate Necklace, Project Themeory item NEW
Watch: ISON ~ Vipera Watch in Gold, Project Themeory item NEW
Gloves: Bubble ~ Floral Corset Gloves in Black
Nails: Mandala ~ Medium Female Nails

Afternoon at the Pool

Well it looks a little cloudy out, but I really want to relax by the pool and work on my tan!

Hmmm wonder if I should wait it out?

Glad I stayed!

See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Hair: Exile – Maya Roots Maple (gift for Glance Group Members)
Skin: Glam Affair – Amelie MedTan D Clean
Tank: Willow – Henley Tank Oatmeal
Pants: Kyoot – Elbo Trousers Taupe
Bikini/Pareo: Nemisis – Tropical Swimsuit White & Sunset Pareo White
Hat: LaGyo – Virginie Big Fold Hat Tawny
Shoes: Slink – Shaz Platform Black Denim / Mood – Olivia Fancy Feet Wedge Add on
Bag: Pichi – Sunday Straw Tote TOSL item for 75L still out ๐Ÿ˜‰
Necklace: Magoa – Shake that Tailfeather Necklace Available@ Fashionably Late
Bracelets: Zaara – Patra Silver Bracelet
Nails/Rings: Finesmith – Rave Lemondrop 
Belt: Baiastice – Luana Midnight Silver Buckle

I am Changing

Hi hi, I am finding it a bit harder to focus and blog lately, due to my kidlet being home for the summer now. We have been having fun together, so I get to log on just a little less than usually, but he is definitely worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰
Anyhooo…on to a Amelie, Glam Affairs’ new release. Love love LOVE her to death, I am even mixing my avi up a bit and updating my shape some just for her hehe. I was one of the ladies waiting for over 3 hours the other day for the special 50L skin they put out, this is not it, however I am sure I will be wearing it very soon, but I as I sat there along with at least 40 others, crashing, laughing and filling up Aidas’ sim. I had a chance to demo the new line, and wow Amelie is perfect in every way……pure love.
Also Check out these Brand new dresses from Baiastice, fully sculpted goodness here. Both dresses, the Krajky and the Cabaha come with under layers for you to wear for the more demure avatar……but that just is not me hehe, nothing wrong with a hint of sexiness! And Sissy delivers in both of these dresses! 
Thank you Sissy ๐Ÿ˜‰

See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Hair: Aoharu – Daria 02cc Cocoa Brown NEW Available@Hair Fair
Skin: Glam Affair: Amelie Med Tan 02 NEW
Dress: Baiastice – Krajky in White & Baby Blu, Cabaha – in Red & Sable NEW
Shoes: PixelMode – Fae in White & Baiastice: Maxine Wedge in Red Pyton & Brown Pyton
Jewelry: Nemisis – Isle Bangle White, Mood – Trei Ensemble Platinum/Sunset, Erratic – Cuff Silver,                    Zaara – Nizam Pearl Choker White                  

Shoe Fair 2011 Featuring Coquette Noir

Well this is the last of my Shoe Fair posts, /me pouts just a little bit. There are so many Beautiful Shoes/Boots to be had this year, but alas the linden pocket book isn’t always compatible with all my wants! ๐Ÿ˜‰
I really had so much fun, mucking about in my invy to give each pair of shoes the deserved pretty little outfit and nice picture! I hope you have enjoyed my Shoe Fair Series, as much as I have bringing it to you!

I have been eyeing this Champs Elysees Gown from Nemisis for a tad bit now from Culture Shock,
but as soon as I saw the beautiful Coquette Noir Chablis Stilettos I knew I was a goner,
I was going to need both lol
The Chablis are absolutely gorgeous and a must have for your closet!

See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Hair: Truth – Yvette espresso
Skin: Glam Affair – Monica Natural D 08
Gown: Nemisis – Champs Elysees Couture Dress  Available@Culture Shock
Jewelry: Mood – Parade Necklace & Ring Chocolate
Watch: Donna Flora – Gloria Watch w/Hud   Available@2011 Shoe Fair
Shoes: Coquette Noir – Chablis Sandals Gold  Available@2011 Shoe Fair
Bag: Coquette Noir – Snakeskin Clutch Gold  Available@2011 Shoe Fair