You’re So Close But Still a World Away

You're So Close But Still a World Away (1)

You're So Close But Still a World Away (2)

You're So Close But Still a World Away (3)Good Morning! I have a few new releases for you to gaze upon this am. First up are these fantabulous mesh Avani High Boots from Baiastice, these are available at The Boutique. They come in suede and leather and are all just scrumptious! I have included a photo of every beautiful color and texture after the cut…….so click on more below to see these amazing creations from Sissy. The boots come with a hud so you can change the color of the wonderful studs that run downwards on the side of these sexy creations, there is also an option to shut the studs off as well…… dont walk to these lol!

I am also wearing a brand new mesh Merino Sweater form Baiastice available at the TDR Fusion in three different colors, I have combined it with a fabulous little mesh Tweed Mini Skirt from Boom. I am also wearing one of my favorite styles from Mina, the mesh and material ready Patricia style with the amazing color change hud to change the colors of the hair and headband is available at the TDR Fusion for this round as well. This style comes in two sets of color huds as well there are pretty little flowers to go with(not shown).

Maxi Gossamer has the gorgeous Tallulah Drop Necklace out for Collabor88, and do not forget to grab the little Yara Clutch from Baiastice while there. Di’s Opera has the wonderful Fancy Line of Poses out for Limited Bazaar…….I just think her poses are fantastic in every way. Percent Furniture has just released this amazing mesh Kitty, Poodle and Unicorn Set. These come with four different prints, candles and matches…….I love Love LOVE this set to death. I nabbed the fabulous little Penelope Table from MudHoney last Friday for FLF, this comes with two wonderful bowls (not shown).

Still wearing the beautiful Magenta Skin from Glam Affair and of course the pretty Promise Eyes from Ikon, remember to look after the cut for all the beautiful Avani Boots as well as the Unicorn and Poodle sets from Percent Furniture.

I am still working away at catching up, so I will return later with more. Have a wonderful start to your week and I will……

See you soonish 🙂

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Carried Away

Carried Away (1)

Carried Away (2)

Carried Away (3)

Ola! As I logged into firestorm last night, the viewer gave me a tip that I had new Nvidia Drivers to install…….ugh so I did and now my notebook seems to be having issues, black screen when I turn it on and windows doesn’t load… I will have to reinstall the old drivers I guess…….I get a little scared when things like this happen as my notebook is only a few months old. But I will do that later as I am already running late for a lunch date 🙂

NYU has a few new releases out for Shoetopia, I cannot get enough of these mesh Garter Boots, they come in many colors and I want them all of course hehe……BIG shopping addiction I tell you. I also just love the flexi bits of this amazing new Yeah style from Analog Dog. I tried the demo in light red and snapped them up immediately. Sn@tch has these fabulous little mesh Kendra BabyDoll Dress out and zomg cute! I still love that buying anything at Sn@tch always includes several colors, this way you can wear them again and again.

My poses are also from Shoetopia, Gacha is good there hehe Embody and WetCat poses are just wonderful and I am addicted. Oh and do not forget to get over to My Attic at the Deck for the wonderful Flair Nail duos, while you are there run over to the Flair Mainstore and grab several more as there is a 50% off sale ongoing. Ok I am out for a while, but I will be back later, knocks on wood several times hoping my notebook smartens up hehe, Have a wonderful day and will ………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Analog Dog ~ Yeah in Light Reds New ❤
Skin: Belleza ~ Nina in Pale 9 Br New ❤
Necklace/Earrings/Ring: Sn@tch ~ Paragon Set Texture Change
Dress: Sn@tch ~ Mesh Kendra Dress in Black New ❤
Cuff L: [MAGIC NOOK] ~ Mesh Celtic Dream Bracelet in Silver New ❤ Avail@TDR Fusion
Cuff R: Mood ~ Bravo Diamond Cuff
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Hands in Casual
Nails: Flair ~ Set 160 Nail Add-on Hud for SLink (av) Hands/Feet New ❤ 50% Off Sale at Mainstore Now!
Stockings: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in Black
Worn Boots: NYU ~ Mesh Garter Boots in Midnight New ❤ Avail@Shoetopia
Pose Standing: Embody ~ F Footloose 1 Gacha Item New ❤ Avail@Shoetopia
Pose Sitting: WetCat ~ Shoetopia F6 Gacha Item New ❤ Avail@Shoetopia
On Floor:
Boots: NYU ~ Mesh Garter Boots in Blanc, Mesh Mary Jane Heels in Nude & Teal New ❤ Avail@Shoetopia
Print: Apple Fall ~New York Print No.1
Poster: MudHoney Great Day Poster
Rug: Apple Fall ~ Trellis Circular Rug in Black New ❤ Avail@C88

Back In Style

Ola, I am back! I feel so much better after that break…..although I am still suffering from the tail end of the flu and my sleeping patterns are still really wonky….I have returned to blog some new and not so new favorites.
Somewhere along the line I did a Java and or Windows Update and now I am having a real issue with uploading my fantastically high rez photos, this started around the beginning of the new year, so after searching and coming up with nothing plausible I have switched over to Internet Explorer rather than my beloved Chrome. Which of course comes with it’s own problems for me… having to switch over to HTML instead of compose mode to upload photos……. I have been posting very small png photos from what I can gather and enlarging them like I would normally do (due to being legally blind) and what a mess….so I will be re-uploading those photos when I am done with this post. I almost changed over to WordPress……but I will see how long I can keep this going. If anyone has any suggestions…..I would appreciate them immensely 😉
Ok onto the goodies, Belleza recently released the fabulous beautiful Ava, I adore her very much and opted for the Medium Tone this time. I grabbed the whole tone package which also includes many gloss & lipstick layers along with with the different shades of brows…cleavage layer. Eleven perfectly makeup-ed skins along with a clean version as well……You just cannot lose with Belleza….such beauty and glamour cannot be missed.
I went for the Ava 10 with pink makeup, so I could finally wear this fabulous little mesh Tuxedo Dress from Eclectic Apparel & Accessories, upon organizing my suitcase I came across this amazing little Blush Dress and knew it was a match hehe. I had not worn Exile’s Raspberry Beret yet either and what an amazing style with the color change beret. Of course I have also worn some of my favorite items; Ikon Eternal Eyes……Mstyle’s Classic Dotz Tights….Drift’s Neckerchief and wonderful jewels from Ben’s Beauty and Maxi Gossamer to complete the look.
I am glad to be back and I should get to uploading my last few days of photos and head out for a few hours, I hope you like the look and are having a wonderful day or night and I will…………………………….
See you soonish 🙂      

Hair: Exile ~ Raspberry Beret in Teak w/color change hat hud New ❤
Skin: Belleza ~ Ava Med 10 New ❤ w/Beauty Marks 2 & 3
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Sage
Bow: Drift ~ Neckerchief Mesh 
Dress: Eclectic Apparel & Accessories ~ Mesh Tuxedo Dress in Blush New ❤
Ring R: Maxi Gossamer ~ Tiger Lily Flower in Silver New ❤ Limited Bazaar item Sold Out
Ring L: Bens Beauty ~ Melissa Ring in Pink
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in White
Pose: Ploom ~ Hymn 3

The Witching Hour of Night

“The witching hour, somebody had once whispered to her, was a special moment in the middle of the night when every child and every grown-up was in a deep deep sleep, and all the dark things came out from hiding and had the world all to themselves.” ~ Roald Dahl 
See you soonish 🙂

LeLutka ~ Jeniffer Hair in Almost Goth
Makeup Layer: Pekka ~ Homicidal Blood
Outfit: Indyra Originals ~ Witching Hour Dress w/Collar & Tights New ❤ Available@FAIR
Gloves: Coco ~ Long Gloves in Black
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in Black
Boots: LeeZu ~ Mesh Piccadilly Overknee Boots in in Black New ❤
Whip/Poses: Magnifique Poses ~ Dominatrix Poses w/Whip

Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 5

Ola 🙂 I have made a decision today to cut down on the photos I take for each series. Time is just better served on two or three photos per day as oppose to eight to fifteen lolz! I adore taking pictures of all the lovely items I can and have shopped for in sl, but I will never get to all of them if I don’t make it short but totally so sweet 🙂

Today I am all about this fantastic Claire Dress by Lpd. The colors and texturing are amazing, in fact the longer I stare at it, the more I so would have loved to live in this era. The Jewelry is amazing at Chic Managements’ 2012 Vintage Fair. So many beautiful pieces to be had! Can’t you just taste it? lolz I know it is so hard for me to actually look at previews before a fair starts, but then I am always glad I did because I know some of what I am looking for at a high volume event before I get there 🙂

The Hair and Hat are from a new store called MS, this is a store I will be most definitely visiting in the near future, the Striped Cloche is very dreamy, Oh and the Beaded Flapper Bag is also from there and I don’t need to tell you how much I adore this bag huh?

The ‘My Summer Romance Chair’ from Hanaya comes with or without Roses on top, and is so beautifully Vintage you will need the whole set!

Ok I am out for a dinner break, but I will return later. Until then I will………………………

See you soonish 🙂

Hat/Hair: MS ~ 30’s Striped Cloche in Soft Gray/Brown Long New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Skin: League: Isla Pale Denim Brunette w/Truffle Isla Lipstick New ❤
Necklace/Earrings: Rookhold ~ Axiom Abalone Necklace 2&3, Earrings New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Nails: Mandala ~ Female Meduim Nails w/hud
RingL: Bens Beauty ~ Vintage Ring 4 New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
RingR: Bens Beauty ~ Pure Ring in Blue New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Bag: MS ~ Beaded Flapper Bag in Silver New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Shirt/Gloves: SEVEN ~ XENIA Top in White New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Outfit: LpD ~ Claire Dress in Blue Tones Includes Neck Deco with or without Ribbon New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tight in Gray2
Chair/Vase of Roses: Hanaya ~ Dozen Long Stemmed Roses in Pink Blush & My Summer Romance Chair comes with or without Roses on top New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012 
Suitcases: Lisp ~ Pinky Boo Suitcase’s in Pastel Blue 

Just Another Pretty Monochrome Monday

Ola 🙂 Have you been to Collabor88 yet? Omg I think I bought one, maybe two or three of everything there? Ugh I am such a huge shopoholic, I need a cure! The sales ongoing are also just wonderful for my uncontrolled habit as well 😉 Off to take some more photo’s so……………………………..
See you soonish 🙂

Hair: LeLutka ~ Athena Hair in IdontBleach
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Roza in Natural 02 Red Brows New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Makeup Layer: Boom ~ Love My Liner & Mascara
Jewelry: Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Cameo Bracelet in Black, Josephina Cameo Earrings & Ring in Black & Cameo Choker Sale
Bracelets: Zaara ~ Kaya Onyx Bracelet in Silver
RIng: MG ~ Seahorse Lg Ring in Silver Colour Change
Bag: Duh! ~ Gothic Hand Bag Colour Change
Top: LpD ~ Matilda Poncho in Black Special Edition New ❤ Available@Fashion Ltd. Only 14 left as of this am Hurry 🙂
Pants: Celoe ~ Mesh Lolong Trousers in Tapa
Shoes: Mstyle ~ Goshi Pumps in Grey Panther Sale
Poses: !bang ~ Back Up 2 & 4, Without Purpose 5 New ❤ Available@Collabor88

Background: [ba] ~ Stockholm Attic Skybox New ❤ Available@Collabor88

Glim; The Sexy Minx

Glim, another of Baiastice New Releases is like a Sexy Minx. She is alluring and glamorous with her high halterneck collar. Ugh I cannot get enough of these new dresses. They are a fabulous staple to your second life closet. I wish I had these in my real life closet right now, perfect for a summer evening don’t you think?

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Lelutka ~ Demeter Hair in AuburnHaze
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Eliza Skin in Sunkissed New ❤
Dresses: Baiastice ~ Mesh Glim Halterneck Dress in Salmon, Silver, Red & Black New ❤
Necklace: Dark Mouse ~ Vintage Fleur Dis Lis Necklace in Silver
Earrings/Ring: Kunglers ~ Velouria Ring & Earrings New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
Bangles: Dark Mouse ~ Black & White Revisted Bangle
Ring: Mandala ~ Motsumame Ring New ❤
Bag: (O&N) ~ Studs Purse in Monolux
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in Grey

Tonight We Dance with Aicha

Aicha being this fabulous dress from Baiastice 🙂 I have raved so much about Baiastice in the past (because she is one of my ultimate favorites), but just one look tells you these dresses are not only pretty, cuter than a button or just drop dead gorgeous but whenever you put Baiastice on you have to know it will fit like a glove. Every detail has already been taken care of and by far the best when you throw dress on after another and think that one was cuter than the last, then you take a whackload of photos, and cannot decide which of them make the cut because you love all the dresses! roflmao ok ok maybe that is just me 😉

Baiastice just released Aicha, She is a beautifully textured dress that is also fun and sassy. Try out the demo, bet ya can’t leave without one or two or three…………………….. 😉 Stay tuned for the Sexy Minx of Glim………………on Another Damn SL Blog of course!

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Lelutka ~ Demeter Hair in AuburnHaze
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Eliza Skin in Sunkissed New ❤
Dress’s: Baiastice ~ Mesh Aicha Dress in Paper Beige, Paper Sky, Flowers Cian, Strips Rose New ❤
Poncho: LeeZu ~ Mesh Scarf Poncho in Stripes Lace Beige
Necklace: Dark Mouse ~ Vintage Fleur Dis Lis Necklace in Silver
Earrings/Ring: Kunglers ~ Velouria Ring & Earrings New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
Bangles: Dark Mouse ~ Black & White Revisted Bangle
Ring: Mandala ~ Motsumame Ring New ❤
Bag: (O&N) ~ Studs Purse in Monolux
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in Grey

Play That Song Again

Ok last post for today!!!! I promise, I am trying to catch up on everything since sorting my unruly suitcase 😉 I hope you like the look, a blend of old and new of course and I hope you will forgive the shortage of words. Everything I am wearing is fabulous! Its Friday Evening, I hope everyone enjoys and………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Analog Dog ~ Gala in Cacao
Skin: Mynerva ~ Milena Pure in Apricot w/Brown2 Brows & Lip G Layers New ❤
Blouse: Dew ~ Sissy Shirt in White New ❤
Skirt: Maitreya ~ Mesh Anais Skirt in Polka Black
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in Black
Sunglasses: Gos ~ Butterfly Custom Glasses v3.2
Necklace1: Dark Mouse ~ Cursed Pearl Necklace New ❤ 50% off right now
Necklace2: Yummy ~ Simple Pearl Necklace
Bracelet/Ring: Zephyr Inc ~ Flower Pearl Ring & Bracelet in Polkadot New ❤ Free from “This Aint No Pot Of Gold Hunt” This is a Great Little Store for Accessories
Cuff: Mood ~ Mirage Glam Silver/Bianco Ribbon White
Ring: Yummy ~ Crystal Cluster Ring in Smokey Quartz New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Nails: Virtual Insanity ~ Querida Valentina
Bag: Hucci ~ D’Ann Clutch in Moonglow New ❤
Boots: celoe ~ Cairo Boots Dark
Piano/Stool: Crackberry ~ Annie’s Piano

Did You Know?

Morning! I am up way to early I think for a Saturday lol. I was busy in rl yesterday, but so wanted to get this post out.

So did you know that there is a new sale event happening? It’s called “The Best Designer’s Exile” and showcases some new stores as well as some beloved older ones. The Best Designer’s Exile will run for two week increments, and the best part is there is nothing over 80L! The items sold will also be exclusive to each event. So shop shop shop and I will …………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Truth ~ Vicky w/roots in Chestnut
Skin: Curio ~ Candy Green Apple in Dk Sundust
Scarf: Surf Couture: Mesh Floral Wrapped Scarf
Sweater: E! ~ Mesh Snuggly Sweater in Moss New ❤
Skirt: ASO! ~ SpringFlower Skirt in Pink New ❤ Available@The New Best Designer’s Exile
Tights: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in White
Boots: [E] ~ Secret Boots in Powder