Two Word’s

Two Word's

Years together,
Days apart, It’s so hard
To trust with my heart,
It’s been broken
Times before.
I shouldn’t have doubted you,
I know.

I know I love you,
I know your story,
Now I have to say these two words,
I’m sorry.


Ola! Just a quick post today, I am wearing this fabulous little Kelly Cami Short Set Hud from Sasy at Flair. This set is made for the SLink Physique Mesh Body and just like the fabulous Nail Hud’s from Flair you get the cami and shorts in one great hud, you can also mix and match as I have if you own more than one hud (there are four in total). I have to say I lust over anything that has to do with the Physique Mesh Body as I rarely take it off these days, and the Kelly set is phenomenal. Grab them while you can at My SLink Obsession.

Flair Kelly Shorts & Cami Set Hud's

Have an amazing day and I shall return………………………… see you soonish ūüôā


Hair:¬†D!va¬†Hair ¬†~ Rosa¬†in¬†Brown Diamond New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Shape: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin:¬†[PXL] ~ Mia in Pale Macabre Makeup 04 MEB C2 New ‚̧ Avail@Uber/Pale SLink Physique Appliers & Dark Moles
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Hazel
Tear: Miseria ~ Cry Single Right Tear
Necklace: Cae ~ Charmed Serenity Necklace
Ring R.Hand: Swallow ~ Cameo Gold  Ring
Rings L Hand: Yummy ~ Elemental Dark/Midi/Pinky Rings¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands
Nails: Flair ~ Set 133 Nails Add-on Hud for SLink AvEnhance Hands & Feet
Top: Flair ~ Kelly Cami Short Set in Earth Hud for SLink Physique Body Appliers New ‚̧ Avail@My SLink Obsession
Shorts:¬†Flair ~ Kelly Cami Short Set in¬†Base¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My SLink Obsession
Book/Pen: Flowey ~ Flutterkins Notebook Opened & Pen Glittery
Pose:¬†Bauhaus Movement ~¬†Jimmy 1¬†New ‚̧
Bed:¬†Stockholm&Lima¬†~¬†Autumn’s End Bed¬†New ‚̧¬†
House:¬†Scarlet Creative ~ Cabin in the Forest Mesh Prefab 2¬†New ‚̧¬†

Thursday Night Quickie

Thursday Night Quickie

Ola! Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of fall…..I know I am! I cannot believe way up here in Alberta we have not had snow yet!! Something is really wrong if we don’t see it before Halloween, but hey I’m not knocking it in any way hehe! Stop by Cirque de Seraphim to nab this perfectly cute as a button Cozy Mesh Sweater and Dolly Pant combo from sweet¬†Bela over at TuttiFrutti.¬†Oh and Miseria has this adorkable Apple Purse out for Chapter Four.

Have an amazing night ¬†and see you soonish ūüôā


Hat/Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh/Material Carlijn NB
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Hazel
Shape: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin: Glam Affair ~¬†Lindsey Skin in¬†Asia 07 G¬†New ‚̧
Snood: Coco ~ Mesh Snood in Light Grey New ‚̧ Avail@The Chapter Four
Sweater: *TuttiFrutti* ~ Cozy Mesh Sweater in Cherry New ‚̧ Avail@Cirque de Seraphim
Pants:¬†*TuttiFrutti* ~ Dolly¬†Mesh Pants in ¬†New ‚̧ Avail@Cirque de Seraphim
Gloves: Baiastice ~ Mesh Leather Short Gloves in Black
Bag:¬†[Miseria] ~ Apple Purse in¬†Black New ‚̧¬†Avail@The Chapter Four
Pose: W.Winx ~ Expecting 1 New ‚̧ Avail for Enchantment

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (1)

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (2)

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (3)

[PXL] Creations Mia.Uber

I have been in a very purple mood lately, haha and if you knew me you would understand that is totally not me at all, I avoid this color at all costs. But since being back in sl I am totally loving this flavor of the month lol. I happened on an old tune from Prince yesterday that I haven’t heard since my early teens and omg do the lyrics rock me to my soul right now. I know I have been away a fair amount lately but not to worry, time is not going to be an issue again. There are so many events to catch up on and its my favourite time of year, fall……autumn and of course pumpkins and treats! I will also celebrate my 7th rez day this month…… am I just crazy?! Or just crazy enough ūüėČ hehe

I am wearing the fabulous Mesh Elena Dress, which has the option to not wear the very pretty bra included, combined with a very pretty new 50 Shades Mia skin from [PXL], Four wonderful makeups  to choose and I adore every one of them. Both available at the newest round of Uber which has everyone in a tizzy in 50 Shades Style!. Ohhhhh and I tell you Mina has this absolutely amazing Mesh and Material Ready Bloom Style hair out in the gacha machines at The Chapter Four! Yummy colors to play for as well as these fabulous flower bits in different colors to wear with! Also do not forget to pick up a few pairs of these lovely Mesh Candied Stilettos from Miseria made for the SLink AvEnhance Female High Feet, while you are there yes?!

Ok I am out to nab my bird out of the oven and feast, I hope you all enjoy the holiday and I will definitely

See you soonish ūüôā



Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh/Materials Bloom in Dk Brown 05 w/Pink Head Flowers New ‚̧ Gacha@The Chapter Four
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin/Applier: [PXL] Creations ~¬†Mia¬†inPale 50Shades Makeup 04 MEB C2 New ‚̧ Avail@Uber
Eyelashes: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.02 (only top)¬†

Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual/Elegant Hands & Female High Feet
Necklace: Cae ~ Entwined Necklace w/Hud New ‚̧ Avail@Fit for a Princess
Dress: Baiastice ~ Mesh Elena No Bra Dress in Lilac New ‚̧ Avail@Uber
Shoes: Miseria ~ Mesh Candied Stilettos New ‚̧ Avail@The Chapter Four
Pose:¬†Marukin ~ [motelier] 892i3th¬†Normal New ‚̧ Avail@C88
House:¬†Trompe Loeil ~¬†The Dreaming House V1.1 New ‚̧

Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Stopping To Smell The Flowers (1)

Stopping To Smell The Flowers (2)

Stopping To Smell The Flowers (3)

Good morning!¬†Even though I have a busy day planned today¬†I¬†hope to be able to spend some time in sl this weekend and catch up. Miseria has this pretty little mesh Kiele Dress out at The Seasons Story, available in a few different color¬†choices. I was looking to make a match to the new and totally gorgeous¬†Miranda High Platform Wedges from L. Warwick. These beauties come in many fabulous colors, using¬†SLinks’ mesh AvEnhance High Feet, and are a perfect sexylicious addition to any wardrobe!

Tableau Vivant has the amazing Springflower Style Hair out for Collabor88, the headband¬†is also color change¬†via hair hud included in each¬†color pack…..pretty Pretty PRETTY! This do enhances the magnificent Brandi Skin from Glam Affair available at The Cutie Moon Fair………I love her to death! I adore the¬†new Zulaikha Lattice Choker from Maxi Gossamer. Oh and the perfect poses are from Picture This,¬†available at the Poser Pavilion, The Liaison Collaborative@Fall.

Have a wonderful day, with the weekend being so close it is hard not to rush, but still take time to stop and smell the flowers!

I will certainly………………. see you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Tableau Vivant ~¬†Springflower Hair w/Hud in¬†Solstice New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Brandi in America 05 G w/Nose 02,Romy Freckles & Moles 05 & 08¬†New ‚̧ Avail@Cutie Moon Fair
Liner: Glam Affair ~ Couture Eyeliner 02
Eyes: Ikon ~  Spectral Eyes in Oak
Collar: Maxi Gossamer ~¬†Zulaikha Lattice Choker New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Dress:¬†Miseria ~ Mesh Kiele Dress in¬†Orange/W S New ‚̧ Avail@Seasons Story
Bracelet/Anklet: On a Lark ~ Honor Beads 3 Wrist/Anklet w/Hud
Hand Jewel:  On a Lark ~ Mecca Hand Coins w/Hud
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual & Flat Hands & High Feet
Appliers: Glam Affair
~ SLink Hand/Foot Appliers in  America 
Nails: Flair ~ Set 162 SLink Nail Add-on Hud for (AvEnhance) Hands/Feet
Shoes:¬†[L.Warwick] ~ Miranda High Platform Wedge¬†in¬†Orange SLink Add-on works with Mesh AvEnhance High Feet New ‚̧
Poses:¬†:Picture This!: ~ Spring Stroll 1 & 2 New ‚̧ Avail@Poser Pavilion, The Liaison Collaborative
Location: Frisland, Laluna Island

Very Much So…..

Very Much So

Yes the shirt fits. Boom has newly released the Mesh Traveler Tee’s and Estate Shorts and they come in 89776789879 colors as well as sayings. I picked this version up at the Dressing Room Fusion because it has me written all over it lol. First off it’s¬†pink, second I am very slocially¬†awkward. I don’t know the story of the spelling of the words…….but trust me without my handy dandy spellcheck my blog would be a mess ūüôā

I find myself a bit backwards, meaning in rl I am very outgoing, I always have something to say and new people to meet…….but inSLink, Flair, Maxi Gossamer¬†sl it is a totally different story. I keep to myself and do not have a very large friend list…….and some of my friends have been gone from sl¬†for a¬†very long time. Not that I am complaining the friends I do have are amazing and I adore each and every one. I guess maybe I have been burned as many have, and have done some burning…… I am no means an innocent.¬†some people I click with right away, and then sometimes if my typing could stutter it surely would.¬†I’m not sure why that is,¬†perhaps I need to come down from my skybox more often and play me thinks.

With my 6th rez day coming up in a week I suppose I have outlasted quite a few people that I have known, as well as time being a huge issue on my part. Alas stepping off my soapbox now. So there it is my version of slocially awkward and proud of it, plus I have the t-shirt to prove it ūüėČ

Newness newness and more newness which of course I adore, have an amazing day and I will………………………………….

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: LaViere ~ Amanda in Brown Roots
Skin: Belleza ~¬†Mya Med BBB Bl 1¬†New ‚̧
Choker:¬†Pekka ~ Chain Collar in Ivory¬†New ‚̧ Avail@The Body Modification Expo
Ring: Maxi Gossamer ~¬†Angelica’s Ankh Of Power Color Change¬†New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Casual Hands
Nails: Flair ~ Set 160 Nail Add-on Hud for SLink Mesh (av) Hands/Feet New ‚̧
Bag:¬†[Miseria] ~ Fall Canvas Bag in White/Pink New ‚̧
Top:¬†Boom ~¬†Mesh Traveler Tee Slocially Awkward in Pink¬†New ‚̧¬†Avail@The Dressing Room Fusion
Shorts: Boom ~¬†Mesh Estate Shorts in Sugar¬†New ‚̧
Tights: Stellar ~ In Bloom Tights in White
Pose: The Muse Poses ~ Sylphia 04¬†New ‚̧
Divider: {af} ~ Forest Screen

Hold Onto the Night

Hold On to the Night (1)

Hold Onto the Night (2)

Ola, for this post I take you on another fairy tale adventure. This amazing Ava skin from Belleza¬†with her very red lips went so well with the new Isabella Hair and Shrug combo from Catwa, the fabulous Shrug comes with a hud so you can change the colors as well……..but the red was as deep as this fabulous red lipped beauty, I simply had to combine the two.

The Danger Days Jeans by Miseria¬†I am wearing are a new release. These¬†gorgeous¬†jeans are layer only, of which I love. Don’t get me wrong I simply adore mesh jeans as well, but many times I have had the¬†conundrum¬†of wanting to wear jeans and super cute boots and the jean¬†bottoms¬†are a tad to large to fit into some boots…….so layered clothing is¬†still¬†one of my favorite options. The Danger Day Jeans also come in many different colors as well… grab these asap.

The Astrid Knit Sweater from Sn@tch is another layered item, and a must have……these types of layered clothing are also fantastic for layering with mesh items, as they can be worn underneath like I am doing with the Isabella Shrug/Hair. And I never resist a moment I can wear anything from Sn@tch as this is the store I have shopped at since I was a just a few days old and you can still find me there on New Release Fridays or Wednesdays when Ivy brings out the fabulous 75L Sn@tch and Grab Special….which usually consists of a¬†clothing¬†item or whole outfit, but never to be missed.

I am often asked of where to find great spots to take photos in……..I use many different types of amazing blogs…..there is Ziki’s Blog¬†and Hybie has an amazing blog as well called Avatars in Motion……..and many more. Often you can find many places that other people love by looking at their blog entries and favorites. Or you can simply just look up places on the SL Destination Guide, which is how I found this latest spot Misali, a mysterious haunted sim that is amazingly built and a must see whether a photographer or not. I imagine Evion lost in a world unknown…….looking for her safe haven…….but not knowing where or how to get to it…………………………….so she¬†wanders¬†around indefinitely.

I really love exploring new places and meeting new people, so if you ever bump into me do not be afraid to say hi, I maybe afk in photoshop (happens quite a bit) but I always answer when I get back.

Have a wonderful day, play hard and stay beautiful and I shall…………………………………..

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair/Shrug: Catwa¬†~ Isabella V2¬†in Choclate w/Shrug & Hud New ‚̧
Skin: Belleza ~ Ava in Med New ‚̧ Available@Whore Couture Fair
Eyes: Ikon ~ Lucid Eyes in Machine March VIP Group Gift New ‚̧
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer ~ Black Sun Necklace Long in Gold¬†New ‚̧
Sweater: Sn@tch ~ Astrid Knit Sweater in Black
Belt: Izzie’s ~ Leather Buckle Belt in Black
Jeans: Miseria ~ Danger Days Jeans in Charred Black¬†New ‚̧
Location: Misali, Hazardous

Settling In

Moved (2)

Ola! I have moved in and am enjoying the look of my new domain. I am still in the midst of unpacking……setting up and making this my new permanent space. Things will no doubt change as I am still undergoing the learning curve of wordpress……but so far so good and I am excited to be here………so stick around ………..oh and please like my blog ———> as I lost my google friend connect in the move, but all said¬†and done I love where I am and here I will stay!

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Elikatira ~ Over in Brown 8
Skin: Belleza ~ Amy in Med¬†New ‚̧¬†Belleza Best Buy
Eyes: Ikon ~ Lucid Eyes in Machine New ‚̧ March Group Gift
Top: Candy Doll ~ Cuero Top in Rose¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@Whore Couture
Jeans: Miseria ~ Danger Days in Blue Rinse¬†New ‚̧
Shoes/Leggings: Blueberry ~ Mesh Legwarmers with Sneakers in Black¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@Whore Couture
Suitcase: {what next}~ Travel Suitcase