I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (1)

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (2)

I Never Meant To Cause You Any Sorrow (3)

[PXL] Creations Mia.Uber

I have been in a very purple mood lately, haha and if you knew me you would understand that is totally not me at all, I avoid this color at all costs. But since being back in sl I am totally loving this flavor of the month lol. I happened on an old tune from Prince yesterday that I haven’t heard since my early teens and omg do the lyrics rock me to my soul right now. I know I have been away a fair amount lately but not to worry, time is not going to be an issue again. There are so many events to catch up on and its my favourite time of year, fall……autumn and of course pumpkins and treats! I will also celebrate my 7th rez day this month……..wow am I just crazy?! Or just crazy enough ūüėČ hehe

I am wearing the fabulous Mesh Elena Dress, which has the option to not wear the very pretty bra included, combined with a very pretty new 50 Shades Mia skin from [PXL], Four wonderful makeups  to choose and I adore every one of them. Both available at the newest round of Uber which has everyone in a tizzy in 50 Shades Style!. Ohhhhh and I tell you Mina has this absolutely amazing Mesh and Material Ready Bloom Style hair out in the gacha machines at The Chapter Four! Yummy colors to play for as well as these fabulous flower bits in different colors to wear with! Also do not forget to pick up a few pairs of these lovely Mesh Candied Stilettos from Miseria made for the SLink AvEnhance Female High Feet, while you are there yes?!

Ok I am out to nab my bird out of the oven and feast, I hope you all enjoy the holiday and I will definitely

See you soonish ūüôā



Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh/Materials Bloom in Dk Brown 05 w/Pink Head Flowers New ‚̧ Gacha@The Chapter Four
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Skin/Applier: [PXL] Creations ~¬†Mia¬†inPale 50Shades Makeup 04 MEB C2 New ‚̧ Avail@Uber
Eyelashes: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.02 (only top)¬†

Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual/Elegant Hands & Female High Feet
Necklace: Cae ~ Entwined Necklace w/Hud New ‚̧ Avail@Fit for a Princess
Dress: Baiastice ~ Mesh Elena No Bra Dress in Lilac New ‚̧ Avail@Uber
Shoes: Miseria ~ Mesh Candied Stilettos New ‚̧ Avail@The Chapter Four
Pose:¬†Marukin ~ [motelier] 892i3th¬†Normal New ‚̧ Avail@C88
House:¬†Trompe Loeil ~¬†The Dreaming House V1.1 New ‚̧

It’s Hard to Tell the Night Time From the Day

It's Hard to Tell the Night Time From the Days

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Mina Hair ~ Rosa in Dk Browns New ‚̧ Avail@We ‚̧ Role-Play
Skin: Belleza ~¬†Tara Arcade 6 New ‚̧ Avail@The Arcade
Eyes: Ikon ~¬†Spectral Eyes in Oak New ‚̧ Avail@FaMESHed¬†
Jewels: Sax Shepard Designs (SSD) ~ Portia Renaissance Jewelry Set (includes Earrings as well) Copper w/Color Change Hud¬†New ‚̧ Avail@We ‚̧ Role-Play
Dress: Baiastice ~ Shannon Dress in Chocolate 
Pose: (marukin) ~ [volition] with shoulders of champagne


Slinky (1)

Slinky (2)

First let me just say, ok scream,¬†that I love everything about¬†this look…..like I mean LOVE!!!

In just mere hours My Attic at the Deck opens for the September round………the theme is Flowers in my Attic and I am tres¬†excited! Mina has this beautiful unrigged¬†mesh style out, Patricia comes with a color change hud of course for the style and one for the Headband as well. She even comes with a fabulous little hair accessory, which I am not wearing………due to nature of my post ūüôā

The wonderful Sissy has done it again! This fabulously sexy Baiastice¬†Lingerie Corset is a must have yes it is, The fabulous textures alone are worth it…..and then there is the style, the accents and the rich colors will have you without a hello lol Did I mention that everything at My Attic at the Deck is 95L or less? I even flew into an event today wearing this ensemble as I did not want to take it off ūüôā

The new release of Lucy from Glam affair is just fantastic…..of course I fatpacked her and she also came with some very wonderful new tattoo layers, other than the regulars¬†that include¬†few different noses to choose from as well as lips, what a nice surprise! I spied the very skin when I sat in the chair across from her trying out demos. The red lips get me every time, I think it is because they just jump out at you against the soft beautiful skin, taboo or not there is no resistance between myself and red lipstick……..Lucy is stunning.

SLink has some exciting new updates available now for the Mesh and Avatar Advancement Hands and Feet, which include the Slinky (3)flat and the medium feet, a new Omni¬†Hud 5 as well for easier matching skins without appliers, oh and you can wear pretty nails as well……….The best news of all is for the men though as there are a brand new set of Mesh Hands for them available! So run over (drag your man as well) if you have not already and update your amazing mesh additions that we cannot live without because the thought of having to size prim nails or look at our own lovely sl hands or feet again¬†is too hard to¬†bare¬†…….hehe………….and well of course while I was there………I spied the Glitter Peeptoes¬†in Red, these are exactly what I needed for this look, and yes I have these in other colors, but these are¬†just an amazing testament to how far we have come since the essential¬†add-on’s, appliers and the alpha was born.¬† I seriously ‚ô• Siddean Munro one step ahead and always making sure we have beautiful hands and feet…….and fabulous shoes, boots and hair………

Which leads me into Nails from Flair, another favorite of mine,¬†these fabulous nail add-on huds¬†for SLink hands and feet are perfect, there is a manicure and pedicure¬†for hundreds of different matching outfits. I am also wearing the fabulous Decor Collar in Noir Lace from Pididdle and Ikon of course, that beautiful man that makes¬†the most wonderful¬†eyes that I can never¬†resist, new Perspective Eyes out at The Boutique¬†…..see I told you I love everything about this scene, even the fabulous Alders Living Room pieces from the Loft fits right in.

Ok off my soapbox for now, SLink for updates and¬†My Attic at the Deck ~¬†midnight sl time……..be there!

and I will see you soonish ūüôā

Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh Patricia in Dk Brown w/Color Change Hud/Accessory¬†New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck¬†
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Lucy America 08 G New ‚̧
Ikon ~ Perspective Eyes in Green New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique
Collar: Pididdle ~ Decor Collar in Noir Lace
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Casual Hands & Medium Feet
Appliers: Glam Affair ~ Hand/Foot Appliers in America
Nails: Flair ~ Nail Add-on Hud for SLink Mesh (av) Hands/Feet Set 134 New ‚̧
Corset: Baiastice ~ Mesh Lingerie Corset in Black/Red New ‚̧ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Shoes: SLink ~ Glitter Peeptoes Add-on in Red w/color change Bow via Hud
Pose: Marukin ~ [Volition] With Shoulders of Champagne New ‚̧ Avail@Designers United 5
Furniture: The Loft ~ Part of the Alders Living Room; Alders Chair in Ivory, Rug, Ivory Fireplace, Lady Gold Statue, Silver Mirror

Just Hold On Loosely, But Don’t Let Go

Just Hold On Loosely, But Don't Let Go (1)

Just Hold On Loosely, But Don't Let Go (2)

Just Hold On Loosely, But Don't Let Go (3)

Good Morning! It’s has been such a crazy weekend for me……although I was online I think I was only here long enough to put this lovely outfit together………then I was up at dawn to take the photos……I think a nap will be in order soon hehe.

Today I am wearing the wonderful SLink Hair available at the 2013 Hair Fair. SLink you say? Yes……..SLink who has the amazing Mesh Hand and Feet Avatar Advancement Attachments that I never take off these days, also I cannot forget to mention all the fabulous Shoes and Boots………now we get five amazing new hair styles as well……….I just adore all of these so much I actually wore blondes as well as my favorite brown tones. The textures are complete perfection, I think these styles which range from Long to Inverted to Short are a necessity from this years Hair Fair and are very soft and romantic……and yes you need them all!

Along with a few of my favorite things and a brand new Mesh Leather Panel Skirt from Color Me H.O.F……………..I bring you my Early Monday am look. I have so many beautiful styles yet to blog…….so I will return shortly, until then have a great day and I will…………………………………………………………..

See you soonish ūüôā

2013 Hair Fair Logo

Hair: SLink ~ Top ~ Tiffany in Med Ash Blonde 2~ Heather Hair in Nutmeg & Bianca Med Ash Blonde
3~ Marling in Light Gold Blonde & Constance in Med Ash Blonde New ‚̧ Avail@2013 Hair Fair
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Summer in America 01 B & C 
Eyes: Ikon ~ Destiny Eyes in Denim 
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh Avatar Advancement Hands in Casual
Hand Appliers: Glam Affair in America 
Nails: Flair ~ Nail Hud Add-on for SLink AA Mesh Hands Set 114 in Go New ‚̧
Necklace/Earrings: Yummy ~ Tiffany Pearls
Top: League ~Broderie Blouse in Off White
Jacket: Elate ~ Piper Blazer in Rose
Skirt: Color.Me.H.O.F ~ Mesh Leather Panel Skirt in White New ‚̧ Avail@C88
Bag: Glam Affair ~ Studded Clutch 
Ring: Cae ~ Cupcake Ring
Pose: Marukin ~ Solstice Summer Comes New ‚̧ Avail@C88

It’s Like a Dream, No End and No Beginning

It's Like a Dream, No End and No Beginning

Ola!! Friday Yay! It’s been yet another busy day for me, but with the weekend upon me that means sleep and sl ūüôā I wanted to get this fantastic little Pre Release DCNY¬†Pink Camo Lingerie set up before the end of the eve, and I made it lol…….but with just hours to spare so¬†snap these beauties up quickly, there is also a cuter than ever heart version out as well, these are on clothing layers so it will allow you to wear them under your favorite mesh shirts and skirts! I still adore layered clothing……especially in way of Lingerie hehe.

I headed over to Glam Affair today to see if I could score and snap up the new Cleo skin…..but alas she is not out just yet, but I cannot wait! While I was there though I grabbed the ever fabulous SLink Hand & Feet Skin¬†Tone Appliers¬†in my favorite tones so I will be ready when¬†Cleo does debut! Ikon has the very fabulous Destiny Eyes out at The Boutique…….omg I squeal when I see a new line, Ikon makes the most realistic eyes……see for your selves……..see what I did there? lolz There are many different colors to choose from, I am wearing them in Green but there is Aqua……Moor……Parchment……..can I go on yes but these eyes are just simply amazing ūüôāFlair - Nail Hud Add Ons both types Included Set 76

Sherry, this lovely LoQ¬†style comes with a hud¬†to change the headband colors and is very yummy, oh and do not forget the way-to-cute Owl Belly Piercing from Phoebe…..all color change as well. I am wearing the pink version of the fabulously groovy Nail Appliers¬†from Flair, I can never have enough of these. Grab this months version of the Marukin¬†Poses out at C88 and head over to Maxi Gossamer for the Love Necklace….yes also color change!

Ok I am out…..I feel like I could sleep for about sixteen hours……but I know that is just wishful thinking with my boys home for the weekend hehe. I shall return though very soon as I have so much to blog……..I will be playing catch up in the am…………….Have a wonderful night or day and I will………………………….

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: LoQ¬†~ Sherry in Chocolate Copper w/Hairband¬†color change hud New ‚̧
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Margot in America 02 Dark Brown
Eyes: Ikon ~ Destiny Eyes in Green New ‚̧ Avail@The Boutique
Lingerie: DCNY¬†~ Pink Camo Cotton Lingerie Bra & Bikini Panties Includes Tango Appliers Pre-Release¬†New ‚̧ FLF Item Hurry!
Necklace: MG ~ Jewelled Love Short Color Change
Ring: Sweet Leo ~ Endless Love Ring in Silver
Belly Ring: *Phoebe* ~¬†The Owl Belly Piercing¬†Color Change New ‚̧
Hands: SLink ~ Avatar Enhancements New ‚̧
Hand Appliers: Glam Affair in America¬†New ‚̧
Nails: Flair ~ Nail Appliers Set 76¬† New ‚̧
Pose: Marukin ~ [sol]¬†Mauve New ‚̧ Avail@C88

With or Without You

With or Without You (1)

With or Without You (2)

¬†Ola! Yay for Friday! It has been such a long week that I am so looking forward to this weekend of relaxation and of course blogging all my pretty things ūüôā

I picked up this most beautiful new Chic Skin from Belleza¬†for Fifty Linden Friday….so this is time sensitive, everyone needs this amazing skin. I squeed¬†like crazy when I received the Belleza¬†notice that they were now selling SLink Hand Appliers! Yay! This makes my little skin matching heart leap bounds. I hope everyone has picked up these as well as the new SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands………I certainly will never take them off now, there are so many types of hands available but I would fatpack them……then you have them all and can mix and match the styles.

The fabulous new¬†Vanity Eyes from Ikon are now out and while it is no secret I love Love LOVE Ikon Eyes, these new eyes are tremendously gorgeous. Ikon now provides you with five different sizes to suit your avatar; extra small, small, medium, medium large and large……the Vanity Eyes have a smaller pupil as well so they are most realistic I find and are suitable for all avatar sizes…..I stick between extra small and small due to the size of my eye opening¬†and I am also a smaller avi¬†ūüėČ Make sure you make it over to Ikon to grab these beauties, because you are so going to want one or two or ten pairs hehe

I picked up this amazing Sayaka¬†updo¬†from D!va at this months round of Collabor88, she has a few hair pins in the back holding up this gorgeous¬†do that are also color change as well <333 I also picked up the lovely Maurikin¬†Poses at C88¬†as well as this amazing Spring Cabin from Apple Fall……I will certainly enjoy decorating¬† this fabulous shadow play cabin! I had been searching for a little cabin to put on my very small plot for a the spring season.Flair Nails Set 47 & 48

I am wearing new Fishnet Style Nail Appliers from Flair…………..omg I just love these and so many colors as well, I am wearing the white nails but I will show off both huds so you can see which colors you need (all if you are anything like me). Sasy has me hooked to all her wonderful designs! Don’t forget all Flair Nail Appliers are¬†made¬†for both Mani’s & Pedi’s and only work with SLink Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands & Feet….. Yay for¬†gorgeous¬†mani’s and pedi’s!

This beautiful Mesh Silk Dip Dye Dress in Blue Steel is a new release from DCNY¬†and available in so many pretty color choices you won’t believe this beauty is available at 100 Block opening today. This new casual Silk Dip Dyed Dress comes with either a gold or silver¬†collar depending on what you choose. Also this dress comes in the five standard sizes as well as a mesh deformer¬†size option, which I am wearing, the deformer will hug your avi a little more closely, but all in all there is a size that will fit you personally, and yes you need this perfectly pretty little dress ūüôā

A new event starts today called 100 Block. This event features over 100 amazing second life stores in block party style. All stores will be featuring a new release that will up to 50% off it’s regular price…….the 100 Block event runs until May 31st. I have the LM over in the side bar for future reference just click to tp over.

Ok I am out for a small bit, still rocking the week day I suppose but I hope everyone enjoys their day and I will………………………………………………..

See you soonish ūüôā

Hair: D!va Hair ~ Sayaka3 Type A in Brown Diamond New ‚̧ Available@C88
Skin: Belleza ~ Chic Skin New ‚̧ Available for Fifty Linden Friday¬†
Eyes: Ikon ~ Ardent Eyes in Oxidation New ‚̧
Necklace: Yummy ~ Vintage Bow Charm Necklace w/Shadow
Dress: DCNY ~ Silk Dip Dye Dress in Blue Steel New ‚̧ Available@100 Block¬†
Watch/Bracelet: Mandala ~ Sitennoah in White 
Hands: SLink ~ Casual Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands New ‚̧
Appliers: Flair ~ Fingernail Appliers Set 47/48¬†New ‚̧¬†& Belleza¬†~ Hand Appliers¬†in Sunkissed New ‚̧
Shoes: Gos ~ Grace Sandal in Mirror
Pose: Marukin ~ Sol Mauve New ‚̧ Available@C88
House: Apple Fall ~ Spring Cabin New ‚̧ Available@C88

Shades Of Grey

Shades of Grey

Shades of grey wherever I go,

The more I find out the less I know.

Black and white is how it should be,

But shades of grey are all I see.

Ola! I know I have not been here much, but sometimes you just have to give in to real life. I will not go into the sordid details but I have been dealt a hefty blow. I can normally shut off and come into sl and forget, but I find myself staring¬†listlessly¬†at the screen with my thoughts elsewhere for hours at a time. I have no intentions of leaving sl, I am just breaking when I need to, I hope everyone understands ūüôā

I have been wearing this amazing Scarf Poncho from LeeZu the last little while. I love that LeeZu made different versions of the Scarf Poncho and just in time for spring. These beauties can be dressed up or down and come in amazing designs and colors as well. I have some really amazing things to show off in spring style but my land being covered in snow presented a problem hehe, and then I walked out the door last night and voila there is grass! I am very excited about decorating my small piece of sl for the upcoming season, as it will not be spring where I live for a few more months. I think not only a fresh look but a project to work on will make me feel better as well.

I hope everyone has had a chance to visit the TDR Fusion for this round. I picked up the most amazing Thursday Skin from Essences there. Thursday comes in three delectable tones to choose from. I think this is my ultimate favorite skin from Essences to date.

Along with of course a few of my favorites items I bring you my Sunday look, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day and I will…………

See you soonish ūüôā

  • Hair:¬†LeLutka¬†~ Jolie Hair in Bournville
  • Skin: Essences ~ ¬†Thursday in Beach¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@TDR Fusion
  • Beauty Marks: Belleza ~ Beauty Marks 2 & 3
  • Eyes:¬†Ikon¬†~ Eternal Eyes in Silver
  • Poncho:¬†LeeZu¬†~ Mesh Scarf Poncho in Sheer Glitter Silver¬†New ‚̧
  • Collar: Tee*fy ~ Peter Pan Collar in White¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@C88
  • Top:¬†Nylon Outfitters¬†~ Openback Lace Tee in White
  • Pants:¬†The Sea Hole¬†~ Pussy Pushers in Mink
  • Bangles;¬†Epoque¬†~ Variant Cuff in Chrome w/hud¬†New ‚̧
  • Poses:¬†Marukin¬†~ [limon] Perhaps¬†New ‚̧¬†Available@C88
  • Quote: Billy Joel