Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Happy Birthday Gyorgyna!

Ola! I am bringing you new and older much loved items from LaGyo. I have been hard at work on my inventory all day and of course hardly making a dent because I loves all my stuff lol. I am not one to throw items away that’s for sure. I remember a time back when I was still a lucky chair stalker, I was teleported into a store at the same time as another ‘E’ and when she saw that the chair had a dress as the offering, she politely let me have it, she was more into accessories she claimed. I was astounded of course, I mean accessories? Who needs them when you have a great dress? Well, well, well do I ever want to chuckle when I think about that time, as I am cleaning my inventory I am realizing that accessories probably consume about half of my now 52,000 items. Lol those are some pretty big files.

One of if not the biggest file is the LaGyo, I am not ashamed to admit my absolute abashed behavior when I see new jewels. LaGyo has such a different range of items as well. Here we have my favorite hat, the Virginie Big Fold. I think its about a year or more old. I save all my jewels and hats and bags and belts because you just never know when you will need them and I am so the worst for tossing something and wanting it later on, or not buying something and regretting it. So I just set up files and they are all sub filed for what type of item it is and voila; There is my Big Tawny Hat and my Ivory Lora Bag!

I also could not resist LaGyos’ current items at Collabor88 this round. The Mother of Pearls Necklace, Earrings & Big Ring are all color change and fabulous, I can see wearing these for a long while, since I am always looking for pretty pearls.

The accessories you wear really provide accent for the glamorous clothes and footwear you choose, I am all mixy matchy so I try to make sure everything matches, it doesn’t have to be an exact science it either matches or it doesn’t. I think the Mother of Pearls were a nice added touch to this crazy beautiful Heidi Mesh Dress from Rebel Hope at this round of Fameshed. The matching shoes from Decoy are also a nice touch. For the chilly autumn air I also wore this amazing color change Fur Wrap from Laville. The gloves from CKD are so old but are very well used, I find the lace very pretty and perfect for wanting to wear nails with.

Last but in noway least is this amazing Timeless Love Skin from Auxiliary. This gorgeous skin is available in three different tones and I am in love with Love 🙂

All in all thinking way back then that accessories were unneeded, well I was dead wrong! Because what’s a pretty outfit without a pretty necklace, or earrings, ohhh and don’t forget rings! Or handbags…………..or bangles…………………..hats…………………..

Haha I am off to watch a movie and sleep! But I shall return, until then I will…………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hat: LaGyo ~ Virginie Big Fold Hat in Tawny
Hair: Exile ~ Sober in Wedge
Eyes: Ikon ~ Kaleido Eyes in Ancient New ❤
Skin: [AUX] ~ Love Skin in Medium DB Timeless New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Jewelry: LaGyo ~ Mother of Pearls Necklace, Earrings & Big Ring (all color change) New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Cuff: LaGyo ~ Georgette Cuff 
Wrap: !Laville! ~ Ribboned Fur Wrap Color Change New ❤
Gloves: CKD Exquisite Long Chantilly Lace Gloves 
Bag: LaGyo ~ Lora Purse in Ivory
Dress: !Rebel Hope ~ Heidi Mesh Dress in French Toast New <3 Available@Fameshed
Stockings: Bax Coen Designs ~ Nude 20 Seams New ❤
Shoes: [Decoy] ~ Lea Pumps in Brown/Tan New ❤ Available@Fameshed

Take A Gamble On Me

Ola 🙂 I am back again this time with a few exclusives from some of my very favorite events that are sadly ending today, Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair and My Attic @ The Deck on August 31st, so you must hurry!

This pretty Mesh Marchesa Gown from Liv-Glam is entirely fabulous and is available in many beautiful colors, but I could not resist this color, even though it is warm and I have paired it with a colder grays and silvers. Like this amazing faux fur stole from Laville. These wraps are not only glamorous, you could wear them not only with a vintage look but with a gown of today’s style. The gloves from Blienson & MaiTai are a 2011 Vintage Fair release, but you have your choice of buying them at The Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair or in the mainstore. I really have been enjoying wearing the Betty skin from Belleza and will continue to do so, she is absolutely amazing!

The Hlin style from Vanity Hair is a new release and WOW! I adore this style, Tabata sometimes just blows me away with the most gorgeous styles she comes up with!

Now this is the third WinxBox that was released for My Attic @ The Deck(ends on the 31st of August), and the Royale is just as amazing as the Shaken and Stirred. I absolutely love these fabulous photoboxes, the poses are really soft and delicate and very well done. Again this WinxBox comes with five different poses which wouldn’t stop you from using your own. It also comes linked with individual pieces so you can move things around. I adore these WinxBoxes, I already have one set up for another shoot hehe

Ok I guess I should go do some real life work now. Make sure you get all the items you love at the Vintage Fair and My Attic @ The Deck. Shop Shop Shop and I will………………………

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Hlin in Noisette New ❤ 
Skin: Belleza ~ Betty Pale 8 New ❤  Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Earrings: (Caroline’s) ~ Black Pearl Stud Earring
Necklace: [HANDverk] ~ Pearl Necklace in White/Gold New ❤
Gloves: Bliensen + MaiTai ~  Paris Gloves in SIlver
Bangle: Zaara ~ Sadaf Paua Bangles in Silver
Wrap: ! Laville ! ~ Faux Fur Stole in Soft Grey
Dress: LIV-Glam ~ Summer 2012 Marchesa Mesh Maxi Gown New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
PhotoBox: W.Winx & Flair ~ Royale WinxBox New ❤ Available at My Attic @ The Deck

In My Boudoir

Ola 🙂 I hope everyone is enjoying their their day! Today I bring you this beautiful Flower Hanky Dress from Zenith. Romance seems to be in the air when donning this fabulous little number. I had to pair it with Slinks new Vintage Strap Pumps, I have been dying to wear these, they also come with mesh feet that are to die for!

Now in my boudoir I have the My Summer Romance Bed from Hanaya…..this bed is so fantastic with all the animations it comes with. It has a daytime and nightime option. In the daytime the bed is all made very pretty, but at night the covers roll down. There are also props, like laptops, books and so on…….I adore this bed and will be using it for quite sometime. The little My Summer Romance Pouf which I am using as a side table has animations in it as well! Hanaya has quite the selection out for the Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair make sure you stop by this store!

Ok off to do some more fun work! But I shall return…….until then I will…………………………
See you soonish 🙂

Skin: Al Vulo ~ Candy Pink Heart Cleavage Jogurt New ❤ Available@Pink Ribbon Fair
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Mesh Ichigo Hair in Lemon Tea w/Hud for color change Headband New ❤
Necklace: Laville ~ Pen Necklace in Gold New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Anklet/Bracelet: {me.} ~ Ninna Anklet & Bracelet w/Hud Color Change New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Ring: BenS Beauty ~ Pure Ring in Cream New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Ring: Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Happy Ring in Pink New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Dress: Zenith ~ Flower #4 Hanky Maxi Dress New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Shoes: Slink ~ Vintage 2 Strap Pumps with Feet in Cream New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Bed: Hanaya Yummy Collectibles ~ My Summer Romance Bed New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Stool: Hanaya Yummy Collectibles ~ My Summer Romance Pouf New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Flowers: Hanaya Yummy Collectibles ~ Dozen Long Stemmed Roses in Pink Blush New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Chair: Hanaya Yummy Collectibles ~ My Summer Romance Armchair New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Rugs: Lustre Home Design ~ Starfishies & Modern Blue Wave Rug
Wall Ornament: Finishing Touches ~ Sun, Moon & Stars Wall Ornament in Copper Verdigris New ❤
Poses: TuTy’s ~ Pin-up Poses  New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 6

I told you I would be back 🙂 The new Corsage Mesh Halter-Neck Tops and Lian Mesh Longuette Skirts from Baiastice are perfect in every way. I chose black because of the richness of color and it spoke to me hehe There are many different colors to choose from and you can mix and match to your hearts delight……….You will definitely see me in more versions of this Vintage Fair exclusive! I also have on another style of hair from TuTy’s, the Jazz Vintage Bob is amazing with the Black little Pillbox Hat from Eclectica. I adore the color change pearls on the veil. I am wearing a beautiful Simple Fur Stole from Laville in the first photo to make a complete outfit but took it off for the second one so you could see the Baiastice beauty!

Ok I am out, Have a great night or day and I will………………………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hat: Eclectica ~ Little Black Pillbox Hat w/Pearls New ❤ Available@2012 Vintage Fair 
Hair: TuTy’s ~ Jazz Vintage Bob w/Braid in Glossy Brown New ❤ Available@2012 Vintage Fair 
Skin: League ~ Isla Pale ChinaDoll Black w/Freckles New ❤
Stole: Laville ~ Simple Faux Fur Stole in Minx New ❤ Available@2012 Vintage Fair 
Jewelry: Eclectica ~ Nouveau Leaves Bracelet & Ring New ❤ Available@2012 Vintage Fair 
Gloves: Sn@tch ~ Tango Latex Gloves in Black
Top: Baiastice ~ Corsage Mesh Halter-Neck Top w/Flower New ❤ Available@2012 Vintage Fair 
Skirt: Baiastice ~ Lian Mesh Longuette Skirt in Black New ❤ Available@2012 Vintage Fair 
Shoes/Stockings: N-core ~ Ultra Platform in Noir Intense