I will be your Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!
Most of you know I am running a bit behind :))
Hope to be back to full speed soon, but until then have a great holiday if you celebrate, and even if you don’t 😉 But I will……………..
See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Tameless Hair ~ Divinity in Brown New ❤
Skin: Illusory ~ Frenchie in Love Milk DB New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Necklace: Finesmith ~ OG Necklace in Earth New ❤ OGlam exclusive
Bodysuit/Ears: * RezIpsa Loc *~ Brown Bunny Body Suit (includes ears & tail) New ❤  Lazy Sunday item
Ring: [EY:NO] ~ Dressed Stone Ring  (texturechange) New ❤ Available@Stuff In Stock
Pose/Basket: {W&R} ~ Easter Morning Pose & Prop, Semi Mesh Basket New ❤

Heart On My Sleeve

Omg bloggin up a storm today, but I wanted to make sure you saw this little black dress from Molichino. It is only available@The Tropicalia ll Bazaar for a few more days so hurry! Oh and I finally get to wear my new mesh hair from E, omg this hair really is the bomb, mesh and color changable bow <3. I am also wearing the Scatterheart Set from Finesmith, another beauty I had socked away in that damn suitcase of mine! I seriously need some inventory down time before, during and after a holiday I don’t even want to go near it! 😦

See you soonish 🙂
Hair: [e] ~ Mesh Abbey in Brown 06 New ❤
Skin: Illusory ~ Scarlett in Love Milk Available@Collabor88 New ❤
Jewelry: Finesmith ~ Scatterheart Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings in Black  New ❤
Bag: Finesmith ~ Mesh Sequins Clutch in Black New ❤
Dress: Molichino ~ Tropicana II Outfit includes Belt New ❤ Available@The Tropicalia Bazaar II
Stockings: Mstyle ~ Dotz Tights in Black
Shoes: celoe ~ Zoe Pumps in Gondola

Is that a Bird on your head?

Why yes it is, and isn’t it fabulous? haha as I tp in and out of places, this has got to be the weirdest question I have ever been asked. So for all you haute couture addicts out there, The Back to Black Event has quite an amazing selection for you as well! This wonderful fascinator comes with the dress, shoes (not shown) and necklace all are included as well. Look for Plank Couture on Saturday when you visit, they have a few to die for ensembles.

See you soonish 🙂
Hair: D!va ~ Chika 4 type A Hair in Brown Diamond
Skin: Illusory ~ Scarlett in Love Milk New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Dress/Accessories: Plank Couture ~ Mmle Plume – Ophelia Swan Dress New ❤ Available@The Back to Black Event starting on Saturday February 11th, landmark to follow

Ringing in 2012

 Well dear Evi managed to get all dolled up tonight, even as she regressed. New year, time for new hopes, new starts, new resolutions that mean to be broken lol. But as we roll into 2012, I would love to wish everyone; Readers, Designers, Organizers, Friends, Loved Ones in both lives,
a Very Warm and Happy New Year.
Keep your friends closer, I know the saying is the other way around, but your friends? 
They really are the important ones, don’t you think? 
Happy New Year 🙂
Hair: LeLutka ~ Awe Hair in Glucose (Group Gift) New ❤
Skin: al vulo ~ Polly Natural Sunkissed Availible@ThePrivateRoom New ❤
Bolero: G Field ~Ivory Ruffe Bolero
Dress: Illusory ~ New Year Dress in Champayne NEW ❤
Necklace: League ~ Pearls & Lace
Gloves: CKD ~ Long Chantilly Opera Gloves
Rings: LaGyo ~ Shield Rings Silver & White New ❤
Boots: Maitreya ~ Radical Mesh Boots in Snow New ❤
Drink Pose: Glitterati ~ Drink New FLF Item New ❤

The Red Leopard

 Are words even needed for this post?
ok just one; Bellissimo!
See you soon 🙂

Hair: Analog Dog ~ Washu in Black(I have the hat turned off) Free Gift New
Skin: Illusory ~ Paige in Honey Vintage Doll
Dress: Baiastice ~ Zoey Dress in Red New and Fabulous! â¤
Hat: Nemesis ~ Marlene Hat in Raven
Gloves: Sn@tch ~ Tango Latex Gloves in Black New ❤
Stockings: Izzies ~ Fishnet Tights
Boots: Slink ~ Tall Leather Mesh Thigh Boots in Black
Chair: Tableau Vivant ~ ZP Chair

The Monkey On My Back

Today I am hiding, from who you ask? Not a person, but from the holy terror that is my inventory. People who know me best, know that I sort maybe every couple of months lol I also have a whole file system below my trash can in which I sort into categories so it is easier to put away when I finally do get around to it. I have blogging folders, in which reside the maybes, going to’s and gotta’s, which include the “Sort this Now” files lol, like that does me any good. But then its Christmas and there are gifts, advents, freebies, and sales (O M G) with the sales and before you know it Ive gained over 10,000 items in a month? ugh
So I run, I hide, I do everything but rake through my unending folders. But that suitcase just will not leave me alone no matter what I do sometimes, it follows me everywhere!!! So where do you hide when you do not whatsoever want to enter the unyielding mess that consists of all the the wonderful fashion items and furniture I absolutely love and cannot live without, in SL?

Why Jersey Shore of course, Grenade Free Wednesdays is happening and did you get a look at this fantabulous Monkey Backpack by Epic? Hehehehehe

Guess my inventory will just have to wait another day, shame……………..roflmao 😉

See you soon 🙂
Hair: Sugarsmack ~ Lyss in Creme Brule New
Skin: Atomic ~ Audri Caramel in Sunflower(discontinued)
Choker/Cuff: Blitzed ~ Legacy Cuff & Choker
Ring: LaGyo ~ Shield Rings New
Sweatshirt: Milk Motion ~ My Tiger Cashmere New Available@TDRB
Belt: Ronsem ~ Military Belt 
Pants: IIIusory ~ The Skinny in Camo Gray
Boots/Warmers: Bedlam ~ Walkabout Heavy Duty Sock
Backpack: Epic ~ Monkey Business Backpack in Chocolate New and Fabulous!
Location: Jersey Shore

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Well, this is my very last Vintage Fair post. Chic Management runs such wonderful events, I cannot wait for the next one! But this has been my ultimate favourite event so far. So many stores that I love all on two sims, and yes there was lag, and the regular………”Take off your prim” screechers, But still shopping during a main event from the safety of your own home, is way better than what most of us are going to go through for the rest of December in rl!!!! hehe You just have to embrace the lag, it’ll drive you loco if you don’t! lol

I picked up the Just Swing Icing gown, and searched my inventory for the fur stole (also from Icing) , I have been holding onto this for just over a year now. I actually won this in the lucky board (thanks again Mika) The stole comes in white (I have tinted it black) but also has an AO of its own as well as a few different ways to wear it.
I also picked up the new mesh hair from Alice Project to go with the dress and it is completely yummy. You have just three more days to pick up everything you could ever want in way of Vintage, so hurry before its over! I had a blast, and wish I had a million sl lindens to buy out the whole fair lol, but now to sock it all away for another time and different day.

See you soonish 🙂
Hair: Alice Project ~ Mesh Hair Bonnie in Brown NEW Available@the Vintage Fair
Skin: Illusory ~ Paige in Honey Vintage Skin NEW Available@the Vintage Fair
Dress: Icing ~ Just Swing in Red includes the Veiled Rose Hat NEW Available@the Vintage Fair
Fur: Icing ~ Glam Stole Over Shoulder Version
Gloves: CKD ~ Exquisite Long Chantilly Lace Gloves
Jewelry: Carolines ~ Athena Necklace, Apollo Pearl Choker
Stockings: 3*S ~ Indian Lady Tights
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix ~ Kurvy Ruby Slippers
Cig: Dolly ~ Cigarette Holder NEW Available@the Vintage Fair
Ring: Je Suis ~ Tente Fire Ring

The Unmostus with the Postus

Flat out truth, I have not been blogging because this outfit has me stumped lol. I have this funky little idea that if I put an outfit on and it inspires pictures, I blog it and move on. But I don’t wanna this time! So I have taken about hmmm maybe 20 or 30 pictures of it the last week I have been in it! haha and even though the pictures I’m sure are nice, I think its the excuse not to change outta something I could totally see myself in rl wearing lol. Well, plus I shopped like a crazy fool this weekend, in both lives though (gotta keep that balance) 😉 I also moved to a really really small piece of land, less prim but I managed to deck it out quite nicely. Now its on to inventory……../me cries, I seriously had inventory issues before!!! Now its just frickin ridiculous!!!!!!

PS. celoe I think I love you! hehe

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: LeLutka ~ Jolie Overcooked
Skin: Illusory ~ Paige Honey Pink Haze NEW
Glasses: Miel ~ Bella Peppers
Jacket: celoe ~ Rossi Jacket Cod includes Abel Belt NEW
Sweater: celoe ~ Gea Top Alto NEW
Gloves: celoe ~ Mery Gloves in Teak NEW
Bag: O&N ~ Studs Purse CC MonLux NEW Available@the Vintage Fair
Pants: celoe ~ Lolong Trousers Tapa NEW
Shoes: Leverocci ~ Embossed Leather Oxford Pumps
Location: AMIA 

Winter White Vintage

Who says you cannot wear white after labour day huh? Proving them wrong on soooo many levels. I fell in love with this gown from Vita Bella at The Vintage Fair, where the scrumptious Vintage skin from Illusory is from as well as the beautiful Plume Hair. Seriously, I could live at the Vintage Fair and be very very happy!
Thankfully it was not as lag induced as it was on the weekend, so I rezzed everything in full and boy did I spend a bundle!

After thinking about where to take the perfect pictures of this glamorous combination, I yet logged in this am and found a winter wonderland right there on the log in screen! Luck be with me today lol. If you have not been to the Winter Holiday Village yet, what are you waiting for?

See you soonish 🙂
Hair: Plume ~ Desir in Umber Available@The Vintage Fair NEW
Skin: Illusory ~ Paige Vintage Doll in Honey Available@The Vintage Fair NEW
Gown: Vita Bella ~ Some Enchanted Evening Gown Available@The Vintage Fair NEW
Wrap: BRB ~ Fur Stole 
Gloves: CKD ~ Exquisite Long Chantilly Gloves
Choker: Zaara ~ Nizam Pearl Choker in White
Necklace: Yummy ~ Simple Pearl Necklace NEW
Ring: Donna Flora ~ Oriente Ring Available@ The Vintage Fair NEW
Earrings: Caroline’s Jewelry ~ Kennedy White Pearl Earrings 
Cigarette: la petite morte ~ Long Cigarette(includes poses & optional smoke) Available@The Vintage Fair NEW
Location: Prohibition ~ Christmas@Winter Holiday Village

Missed You!!!

Hi Hi 🙂 Good to be back, I so missed blogging, may be back a little early, but it is so hard to walk by my notebook and not just pick it up and jump on sl. SL is many things to me, its my home away from home. When I am stressed out, nothing like a little sl shopping, and talking with friends to at least make me forget my rl worries sometimes and just chill out. Is it therapeutic? For sure it is, at least for me anyway lol.

So everything I am wearing today is new within the last couple of weeks. Ive got another post in the works, Sissy from Baiastice produced some amazing designs lately, easy to see why she is one of my favs! Finesmith has the most wonderful bracelets out for 55L Thursday check them out. And ZOMG the Contessa Bax Booties are my ultimate favs, I need all the colors!!!! They look so beautifully vintage 😉 (yes you will see them a whole lot in my photos the next little while hehe)

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: [e] ~ Soft in Brown 10 Available@Collabor88 NEW
Skin: Illusory ~ Paige in Milk Available@Collabor88 NEW
Ring: LaGyo ~ Popillia Ring Red Heart Available@TDR NEW
Bracelet: Finesmith ~ Athena Bracelet in Silver Available for 55L Thursday, with other styles & colors NEW
Sweater: Baiastice ~ Paulas Stripe Shirt in Black NEW
Cape & Hat: Baiastice ~ Hellas Cape & Hat b/w NEW
Pants: Baiastice ~ Gyll Fall Trousers in Dark Grey NEW
Shoes: Bax ~ Contessa Booties in Silver (LOVE) NEW