Ola! Today I am all about Cassiopea, Glam Affairs’ new release. I saw the simply ravishing Sophia Harlow on Flickr yesterday wearing this new gorgeous skin and could not wait until the sim reopened to get my own! Cassiopea is fabulous as all Glam Affair skins are. Now if only I could stop staring at her to get some inventory done, or maybe shop 😉

I have paired her with the brand new Magdalen Hair from LeLutka, this style is just down right stunning, I have worn this hair many times but I seemed to waiting for the right moment to take a photo of it, now I am simply glad I waited! Hair Fair is open just until Sunday July 29th (insert sad face here) so hurry and buy up all these crazy beautiful styles before this; my most favorite event of the year is over!

I shall see you soonish 🙂
Hair: LeLutka ~ Magdalen Hair in Bournville 02 (also comes with pony tail not shown) New <333 Available@ Hair Fair 2012 on the Garden Sim
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Cassiopea in Jamaica 06 Br w/Cassiopea Cosmetics Freckles B (each pack comes with 2 sets of freckles along with Red, Brown & Blonde Brows) New <333
Eyes: Ikon ~ Sunrise Eyes in Pale Warm Silver <333
Earrings: Sn@tch ~ Rose Cameo Earrings (was from an older fishing outfit) <333
Top: Cold Logic ~ One Voice Black & White Version <333 Available in other colors as well instore

Beautiful Iren

Ola I am back again with goodness from Iren. I saw this Loose Shirt on flickr and tp’d on over to the main store right away and picked up a yellow version. I have all this beautiful Iren hair from Hair Fair 2012 that I knew I was just dying to blog why not wear an Iren item with. Besides having a bunch of these shirts in rl, Posh which I adored so much made the rl cut last weekend haha, yep my hair stylist in rl is now privy to my sl (haha another really weird moment) and who says you can’t cross transfer into rl huh???  😉

Anyhoo since I was wearing Iren hair and a sexy Loose Shirt, well hell why not a fabulous Iren skin, so I pulled out my favorite Janine skin (which is 30% off if you are a group member with tag, so worth the group slot) and mashed it altogether for this evenings look. Iren has the most amazing hair, but her skins are so soft and natural I have only added eyelashes because Janine is perfect all on her own, but she comes with a huge amount of lip, eye and other layers.

Now the Here Comes the Sun Earrings and Necklace are n/a now that the Dark Mouse in world store is closed, but Dark Mouse is still up on marketplace and sale prices as well. So you can show Mouse some luvs still 🙂

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Iren ~ Posh in Hazelnut, Melanie in Brown & Rory in Carrot New ❤ Available@Hair Fair 2012 on the Garden Sim
Skin: Iren ~ Janine in Pale w/Freckles of course!
Eyes: Ikon ~ Sunrise Eyes in Pale Warm Silver
Eyelashes: Boom@Kozmetika ~ Love My Eyes Liner and Mascara in Thick
Necklace/Earrings: Dark Mouse ~ Here Comes the Sun,  Dark Mouse on Marketplace,
Top: Iren ~ Mesh Loose Shirt in Yellow New ❤
Ring: Color.Me.H.O.F ~ Mesh Triangle Ring in Gold New ❤ Available@TDRB

Summer Evening

Ola, Just a quick post today. I found this absolutely stunning Mesh Dress and Floppy Hat combo at the Hope for Emilia Event from Ezura. The event is helping out the people of Italy who have been devastated by earthquakes and aftershocks. Now never having been to Italy, but wanting to for basically my whole life since my family immigrated from Italy to Canada just before I was born, I am very saddened to hear of this current state, as we have a family ranch there that I WILL visit one day 😉

I have not taken this off since donning this beautiful outfit, but the event is full of fabulous and breathtaking designs and runs until August 9th. Please visit and help all you can 🙂

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Analog Dog ~ Ging in Brown Mesh & Flex Hair New ❤ Available@Hair Fair 2012 on the Water Sim
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena Natural Edition in Peach
Necklace: {mE} ~ Lilium Necklace in Gold & Black
Bangles: [EY:NO] ~ Mess Bangles in Gold
Dress/Hat: Ezura ~ Mesh Halter Dress in Roses w/Floppy Straw Hat in Black New ❤ Available@Hope for Emilia Event 


Lovestruck is what you should absolutely be when you have seen this beautiful gown from Dew. Paired with the ever so fabulous Bliensen + MaiTai Hair Habanera, I am falling all over myself not to go out dancing 🙂

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai Hair ~ Habanera in Coffee New ❤ Available@Hair Fair 2012 on the Sand Sim
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Estella Skin in Sunkissed LB
Necklace: Just You Jewels ~ Seduction in Black
Gloves: Sn@tch ~ Tango Latex Gloves in Black
Gown: Dew ~ Lovestruck Gown in Black New ❤

Conjuring Up LeeZu Style

Yes I am back once more today, I have been eyeing up the NOiR Story Teller Mesh Gown for a few days now and here it is. I adore LeeZu that is no secret, but when she produces such loveliness I cannot wait to get it on and take photos. In this gown you can conjure up any dream you choose, but all I can think about is LeeZu’s Beautiful Style!

I have been holding onto the lovely Jelena skin from Mons for a few weeks now, but I knew she was needed for these photos, as well as the gorgeous Alethia hair from Bliss Couture, altogether this is a magnificent combination.

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Bliss Hair ~ Alethia Hair in Cavier New ❤ Available@Hair Fair 2012 on the Sand Sim
Skin: Mons ~ Jelena Skin in Black Beauty New ❤ SOM Gift
Dress Ensemble: LeeZu ~ NOiR Story Teller Mesh Dress, Includes Fascinator and Petals New <3333

I Have Issues!

Ola! Not only do I have the most beautiful Analog Dog hair, Issues has a scripted braid that you can turn on or off depending on your mood of course. I am also donning this fabulous Maia Maxi Dress from Hucci. Hucci is having a buy one get one free sale right now and I headed over there as soon as I found out. Now do not be a dope like me and start buying up all the goodies, hit the BOGO sign when you get there, you need to wear that BOGO card inside that folder to get the discount, yep Imma knob 😉

I am still wearing this magnificent jewelry by [HANDverk] because I adore this set to much to take off just yet. And I see you can go now and buy this absolutely wonderful Grace skin from Atomic at The Dressing Room Blue, do not miss this skin! Oh and the Mons necklace which comes in four different colors is available as well at TDR.

Ok I am out for the day, have a wonderful Sunday and I will………………………
See you soonish 🙂

Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Eyes v2 in Glass
Hair: Analog Dog ~ Issues in Brown, one touch add on braid, New ❤ Available@The Hair Fair 2012 on the Water Sim
Skin: Atomic ~ Grace Skin Buff in Sting Me New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
Necklace: Mons ~ Long Angel Necklace in Gold New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
Earrings/Ring: [HANDverk] ~ Hammered Metal Ring & Earrings in Gold New ❤ Available@Fashion Limited
Bangles: Dark Mouse ~ Vintage Nouveau Bangle
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff Texture Change
Dress: Hucci ~ Mesh Maia Dress in Midnight New ❤ BOGO Sale
Shoes: Hucci ~ D’Ann Pumps in Midnight Rendezvous BOGO Sale
Anklet: Magic Nook ~ Shimmy Shimmy Anklet in Gold

Warming Up

Ola 🙂 I am still going through my Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt folder and I came across this adorable little outfit from Sakide. Now the Linen Harem pants with sash and the Black top come in Taupe and Black so you can mess around with which you like. I have paired it with Izzie’s hunt item, the ravishing Eliza skin in Ebony. I adore this skin, if you are looking for a darker complexion skin you must hunt out the fabulous Eliza for a mere 10L!

I hope you all enjoy the look and are having a blast doing Seraphims’ Birthday Hunt!

See you soonish 🙂

Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Eyes v2 in Glass
Hair: Discord Designs ~ Devlyn in Robust Coffee New ❤ Available@ Hair Fair 2012 on the Water Sim
Headband: LaGyo ~ Brighton Beach Headbend in Gold New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Necklace/Cuff: Mandala ~ Soul2 in Green
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Eliza Skin in Ebony New ❤ Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt Item
Earrings/Ring: [HANDverk] ~ Hammered Metal Earrings & Ring New ❤ Available@Fashion Limited
Ring: Donna Flora ~ Vito Black Ring
Outfit: Sakide ~ Linen Harem Top, Sash and Pants in Taupe New ❤ Seraphim Turns One Birthday Hunt Item
Anklet: Magic Nook ~ Shimmy Shimmy Anklet in Gold
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Foot Tip-Toe 

Saturday Style

Ola 🙂 Forgive my absence a little, it’s been a rough week in the real world hehe, but no less here I am falling asleep at my keyboard to bring you a little Saturday Style. I hope everyone has been enjoying the Hair Fair, I must go back and hit up a few stores I missed, but today I bring you a beautiful Exile style called Crush. I cannot ever resist any Exile styles 😉

I have also been to Fashion Limited, missed out a few good styles and a gorgeous skin lol, but do not miss out on this Bag from Fleshtone and the Earrings/Ring Combo from [HANDverk]. Also the very fabulous mesh tank from ,Shi which has prim straps and is very lovely. The poses I am using are also at Fashion Limited by Label Motion.

Oh and I hit up the New Dressing Room Blue, ok it was still closed when I was there, but I cam shopped lol I am not giving up the chance at a magnificent Atomic skin or the Angel Necklace from Mons.

I am out for a bit, enjoy the weekend and I will……………………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Exile ~ Crush in Marone New ❤ Available@Hair Fair 2012 on the Sand Sim
Skin: [Atomic] Grace Skin DB Buff in Sting Me New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
Top: .Shi ~ Circular Tank in Suede Neutral New ❤ Available while Supplies Last@Limited Bazaar
Skirt: Maitreya ~
Earrings/Ring: [HANDverk] ~ Hammered Metal Earrings & Ring Set New ❤ Available while Supplies Last@Limited Bazaar
Necklace: Mons ~ Long Angel Necklace New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
ArmCuff: Brb ~ Bambi Hug Bangles Older Hunt Item
Bag: Fleshtone ~ Karmen Satchel New ❤ Available while Supplies Last@Limited Bazaar
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff Texture Change
Anklet: Magic Nook ~ Shimmy Shimmy Anklet in Gold
Shoes: Ingenue ~ Jive Wedges in Fawn
Poses: Label Motion ~ Julia New ❤ Available while Supplies Last@Limited Bazaar

For Ayzelin

Dear Ayzelin,

I found you a fabulous shape, actually the shape found me 🙂 A gorgeous friend of mine Roxi Bluewood started making shapes. Now I normally wear my own I know, but when I tried this shape on, I knew I had to show you immediately! It has a free demo and the Alexa shape is sold modifiable so you can go nutz on the sliders. I know you love the blond hair so I am wearing a brand new style from Lamb in Honeycomb, It is conveniently called Wild at Heart, and is available at the ‘Hair Fair 2012’ I think you would love it! Boom also has these magnificent Ellio bikinis for sale at this months Collabor88.

I wish you a very Happy Birthday. It was a rough day for me today as well, so I will write to you as soon as I can. I hope you love the look and it gives you a smile on this ‘first’ day. Just know I am thinking of you and always have you in my heart.


Hair: Lamb ~ Mesh Wild at Heart in Honeycomb New ❤ Available@The Hair Fair 2012 on The Flower Sim
Skin: Belleza ~ Lily V2 SK 5, Lily V2 SK Red Brows Tattoo, Lily SE SK Lip 2 New ❤
Shape: *Cosmopolitan Nude* ~ Alexa Mod New ❤ Demo Here
Makeup Layers: Boom ~ Love my eyes Liner and Mascara in thick  & Glam Affair ~ Leah Freckles C Sale
Necklace/Bracelet: Mandala ~ Pearl Rain Necklace Set Season 2/cream New ❤
Nails: Mandala ~ Meduim Female w/Hud 
Bikini: Boom ~ Ellio Bikini in Salt Stripe New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Foot Tip-Toe w/Dragonfly Anklet

Deal Me In Contest 2 at LeeZu

Play a high stakes game of Poker with LeeZu!

Last year around this time, LeeZu got the gambling bug and challenged me to a high stakes game of poker. I told her I had all our customers backing me up and would beat her at her own game. She lost the game and had to give all the players a special gift!

Well, after a year, she's challenged me again. I know you all can help me beat her once again so I accepted the challenge and it's ON!

LeeZu hates to lose at poker so she decided to hide some cards around the store. I have to find them and need your help. Here's how you can help:

Go to the main store and head to the lobby. If you are not already in the LeeZu! group, just go to the left of the entrance and you will see a group joiner. YOU MUST WEAR A LEEZU GROUP TAG IN ORDER TO PLAY IN THIS CONTEST. Wear your tag and start hunting.

Look around the lobby to find your first lucky card. This is what you're looking for:

                                                The Front                                 The Back

You just have to touch it to get the card. Make sure you create a folder called 'LeeZu Cards – your name' to hold all your cards. LeeZu has hidden one card in each section of the store. As you find each one, touch the prim and save the card in your folder.

Go to each section of the store to find your cards. The sections are:

Lobby, Beauty, NOIR, Skirts, Sales, Pants, Tops, Dresses, Jewelry/Shoes, Exclusives, Boys, BDSM

That means you need to find 12 cards. When you have all twelve cards collected in your folder, add a notecard with your name and your prize selection and send the entire folder to Barbara Nicholls. It's that easy!

Questions? IM Barbara Nicholls

EVERY CORRECT ENTRY RECEIVES A PRIZE. Your folder must contain all twelve cards (plus a notecard and your prize choice). If you find them all, you automatically qualify for your choice of either the following;

The SinSin FlexiDress with Skirt Options, Fascinator and Gloves;

There is a cut! Read on to catch more of the LeeZu Fabulousness that you can win!!!!!

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