In The Stillness Of Remembering

In the Stillness of Remembering (1)

In the Stillness of Remembering (2)

Good Morning! I was up at the crack of dawn, yes really lol, so I can get busy on some wonderful previews from Wanderlust Fashion for Life which opens on June 7th and runs until June 20th. Fashion for Life benefits The American Cancer Society, and what an amazing way to show your support of something that touches all of us in one way or another.

There are ten full magnificently built sim’s to explore and of course shop until you drop for the greatest of all causes, cancer research and support. There are many things to do and see at Fashion for Life. You can gacha it up, play the Passport Game, just nab your info/hud packet when you teleport in. There is also wonderful information to read and entertainment………and of course you will be able to walk around the beautifully made sim’s and shop until you drop.

You will see that each designer has Relay for Life Vendor(s) up in each location, I will be providing you with an individual slurl list when Fashion for Life opens to the public. Each designer is donating 15-100% of their profits to Relay for Life, The American Cancer Society. This is a global cause and every bit helps us closer to our goal of a cure. I am linking you directly to the Fashion for Life Blog, there are many stories to read, experiences and of course designer and event information.

As a survivor I  published my journey a few days back, which you can read here, I also wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful support, comments and compliments I have received, this has meant the world to me! It helps to share my experience with some that may be thinking the same way I did at first, alone, lost, weak, ashamed and complete despair. If I didn’t have such strong support in rl and sl I’m not sure I would have made it out. Hope is all we have, so sharing is a necessity.

First up I am wearing the most amazing new mesh Drew Gown in Cream and Lilac, a Fashion for Life Exclusive from Purple Moon Creations, who is also a Champion Sponsor for this event. Purple Moon is by far one of the most elegant and loved designers on the grid, so make sure to look for the wanderlust-fullness from them!

Ok I will be back with more fabulous previews, for now enjoy your morning and I will……

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Tram ~ D428 ~ in Brown New ❤ Avail@C88
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Coral in America 02 F New ❤ Avail@C88
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Spectral Eyes in Green
Jewels: LaGyo ~ Mackenzie Necklace & Earrings
Fur: *COCO* ~ Fur Stole in Black
Hands/Feet: SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Hands in Elegant & High Feet
Nails: Flair ~ Set 138 Nail Hud Add-on for SLink AvEnhance Mesh Hands/Feet
Cigarette: Boom ~ Golightly Cigarette Stem Espresso/Silver
Gown: Purple Moon ~ Mesh Drew Gown in Cream/Lilac New ❤ Avail@Fashion for Life Amble Sim
Shoes: SLink ~ Siren Leather Stilettos Black New ❤
Poses: *PoESioN* Diamond 1,2
Location: Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life Store Slurls

You Are Not Alone, My Journey

FFL 512 poster

Wanderlust means youthful dreams to me…….traveling without consequence, no specific destination just wherever you end up, is where you should be. As a child you imagine your life to be so grandiose, you will visit distant lands, become accustomed to many cultures and will be always on the path of greatness.

As an adult sometimes you can make this actually come true, and then in one softly spoken minute all your dreams and desires can come crashing down on you in complete horror. This happens to so many, and no matter how many stories I read or have been told in confidence, or have lived through, I still tear up even today. I am going to wear my heart on my sleeve now and share my journey. Yes I am making that crossover between sl and rl which is terrible to some, but even though we know each other as avatars, we are all real people behind them yes? We make them who they are, and trust me as terrified as I was to hit the publish button on this post, I think I am strong enough to deal with whatever may come from it.

As a young girl I lost my mother to a brain aneurysm before my teens, my wonderful grandparents became my care givers. I slid into my mums spot in their lives, as they moved solidly in to close ranks around me. When I was sixteen my grandfather was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, within a year it had spread and we lost him. Five years later my rock, my stronger than strong grandmother was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. I was at home and helped care for both until the end. My uncle helped out tremendously with my grandmother as I quickly became a solid mess. Losing her was something I didn’t handle well. She was my rock, she was a complete spitfire, she herself would say she is full of piss and vinegar so you better get used to it. She was a fighter.

I was married just before she died and she walked me down the aisle, I will never forget how proud she was of me, she danced all evening and stayed to the end. Simply put, she was my hero. I was then and even now sometimes a total mess and miss her dearly.

Life happened in the mean time and I tried my hardest to live by her motto of ‘Don’t tell me I can’t because I can, and don’t tell me not to, because I will’ Just a few years ago my small family moved to a new city, within weeks I was sick, I went through a multitude of medical testing. I poofed out as if I had an allergic reaction, however there wasn’t a doctor around that could figure out why my throat closed up and I looked like a human pincushion, which landed me in the ER multiple times each week. Things started to go wrong, I had developed cataracts at age 40, then my gallbladder needed to be taken out. These are all things as you get older most will go through, but it was like lighting a match in a book of matches, one thing directly after another. I lost most of my hair, I gained weight and then lost it just as fast. Then I woke up one day just over a year ago and everything had stopped, no more hives that covered my entire body, no more epipen’s, steroids or reactine or any of the other medication that every doctor was trying on me. It was definitely the calm before the storm……….