You Can’t Hide Your True Colours

You Can't Hide Your True Colours

Oh my lovelies, I have meant to blog, I have a few more posts coming up. I’ve been hit by the flu, even getting the flu shot didn’t help this time around, so I’ve slept an amazing amount of my days away. But you only have a few more days for this fabulous little number Sissy made for Collabor88, such a wonderful fall outfit, many others colors and designs to choose from, so run! Oh and do not forget these ravishing Maple Flames All Season Trees and Clusters from Little Branch out over at The Garden@The Liaison Collaborative.

Oh and I just love the newest LeLutka Mesh Styles with the Swish added realistic fun! Still wearing the beautiful Jessica Mesh Head from Catwa, this time with a gorgeous Cynthia Applier from DeeTaleZ! Add in a few of my favorite things like the SLink Physique Body with rocking Mesh Oxford Heels w/Socks, [PXL] Reflex Eyes and Tee*fy Soft Cotton Scarf……….and do not forget my very favorite Sheepskin Mittens from League, complimented by the pretty little Ear Muffs from Izzie’s!

Ok I’m off to dust another post off, until then shop fabulous and I shall…………………………………………….. See you soonish 🙂

Ear Muffs: Izzie’s ~ Brown Mesh Earmuffs
Hair: LeLutka ~ Mesh Cat Hair w/Swish in Honey New ❤
Head: Catwa ~ Jessica Mesh Head V4.3 New ❤
Body: SLink ~ Physique Mesh Body V2.4
Skin/Appliers: DeeTaleZ ~ CATWA Head/Face Cynthia Appliers in European New ❤
Eyes: [PXL] ~ Reflex Eyes in Coffee New ❤
Scarf: Tee*fy ~ Soft Cotton Tied Scarf Brown
Sweater/Shirt Combo: Baiastice ~ Mesh Lona Combo-Sweater/Shirt-Knitted New ❤ Avail@C88
Shorts: Baiastice ~ Mesh Linn HW Shorts in Tweed New ❤ Avail@C88
Mittens: League: Sheepskin Mittens in LBrown
Shoes/Socks: SLink ~ Mesh Oxford Heels with Socks (Physique) in Caramel/Red New ❤
Di’s Opera – Picture Me 2 – 5
Trees: Little Branch ~ Flames Maple.v.1 & Cluster{AllSeasons} New ❤ Avail@The Garden, The Liaison Collaborative

That Brisk Winter Walk

Winter Walk (1)

Winter Walk (2)

A brisk winter walk to clear the air, sometimes when someone has said something or done something you just do not quite agree with, it is time for that wonderful walk that prevents you from barking back and making a total fool of yourself…….even if the other has already gone there. The winter air clears the mind and makes you wonder why you would get your panties in a knot in the first place, just because someone else has decided it is so?! No, not a good enough reason at all……..anyways there I go making friends again yes? 😉

There are only a few hours left to bask in My Attic at the Deck loveliness, this round of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is almost over, I just love this event in spades as everything is 95L or less, and the amazing designers that come out each round and serve up fabulous items for so little is absolutely phenomenal…… it helps that these are some of my most favorite designers.

I am wearing a fabulous Thick Long Wool Sweater Dress from DeeTaleZ…..which I so want right now in real life to combat the freezing temperatures hehe, there are a few different colors to choose from as well. This amazing Snow Cardinals Winxbox is out and includes 6 wonderful poses, but the beauty of the WinxBox is not only Shadowplay but you can move things around inside and use your own poses too. I am using a pose from CnS e-motion inside for my walk tonight, which is also available at My Attic at the Deck. But get there quickly before this round is over.

I am trying out a Isis, a new Lara Hurley Skin I picked up for the Black Friday Skin Addiction Event, and I really love her, she is soft and almost beguiling and seems she has secrets to share.

I am out for a few hours but I shall return with more gorgeous newness, until then…………………………….See you soonish 🙂

Hair: [INK] ~ Felting Beret with Curly Hair in Brown
Skin: Lara Hurley ~ Isis Natural in Pale (Skin Addiction) w/Lina Lips in Brick Gloss New ❤
Collar: Drift ~ Chic Leather Collar in Onyx
Necklace: Cae ~ Murano Necklace Texture Change
Dress: DeeTaleZ ~ Mesh Thick Long Wool Sweater/Dress in Grey New ❤ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
Gloves: Celoe ~ Mery Gloves in Mine
Bag: Rebel Hope ~ Charlie Bag in Gray
Tights: PaperDoll ~ BlackHearts Tights
Boots: ISON ~ Cult Riding Boots in Gray
Pose: CnS e-motion ~ Wfashionista 2 New ❤ Avail@My Attic at the Deck
WinxBox ~ W. Winx/Flair ~ WinxBox BICO Snow Cardinals New ❤ Avail@My Attic at the Deck

The Dance that Took 6 Years….

The Dance that Took 6 Years.... (1)

The Dance that Took 6 Years.... (2)

We can dance if we want to,
We can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don’t dance
And if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine.
Say, we can go where we want to
A place where they will never find
And we can act like we come from out of this world
Because you’re one far behind.

Well dahlings I have reached the old age of 6. That’s right today is my sixth rezz day! I chose to do a challenge today from the beautiful Ai Hienrichs called the ‘Name Your SL Age Challenge’ and I am really getting down to the nitty gritty with my 5 year old photos. I am actually applying a cut to this post as it is uber photo heavy as well as hmmmm how do I say……not so pretty? But never the less it is Evions’ progression as well as journey from Oct 25, 2007 till today. I find SL to be an amazing dance that never ends, no matter the mood, time or way, it’s always safe to dance………
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Another Friday AM Quicky

Another Friday AM Quicky

Ola! My Friday look of the day includes this fabulous time sensitive Striped Crop Top from DCNY. This amazing FLF deal is only available today for of course the low price of 50L…….run don’t walk! I am also wearing these adorable little Scallop Shorts in Mint from (fd) available at this round of C88 in many amazing colors. My Hair is the new style Video Games from non other than Truth, available at this months round of The Arcade. The Call the Shots pose is from Exposeur and available at this months round of Zodiac. I am also trying out a new skin to me, the DeeTaleZ Brilliance Gogo skin in Terra Cotta is absolutely fabulous. She comes with an amazing assortment of freckles which you know I love……….. and I think I will keep her around for a while because she is fantastically adorable!

Ok that’s it for me for now…….I may come back a bit later….enjoy your Friday and I will………………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Truth ~ Video Games in Light Brown Fade New ❤ Available@The Arcade
Eyes: Ikon ~ Ardent Eyes in Bone New ❤ Available@The Liaison Collaborative
Skin: DeeTaleZ ~ Brilliance Gogo Skin in Med Dark Terra Cotta New ❤ Available@The 2013 Skin Fair Sim 1
Necklace: Glow Studio ~ Hatti Vatti Necklace New ❤
Top: DCNY ~ Mesh Stripe Crop Top New ❤ FLF Exclusive
Tank: Atomic ~ Sheer Comfort Worn in Lime
Shorts: (fd) ~ Mesh Scallop Shorts in Mint New ❤ Available@C88
Pose: Exposeur ~ Call the Shots 4 New ❤ Available@ Zodiac
Flower Tub:  Inspired ~ Flowering Antique Tub New ❤

My Digits?

I decided to do a blogger challenge lol, I absolutely loved the “What’s Your Digits” Challenge last year, even though I didn’t partake (I was still such a noob blogger then) I found myself comparing my digits to everyone else’s just to see how close (off) mine were 😉

But since I have been asked many times about my shape in recent months I got a little excited to see this great challenge redone! Visit Strawberry Singhs’ Blog Here for all the details 🙂

The “What’s Your Digits ~ Take 2″challenge is based on the Mesh Revolution that has captured our beloved grid and most avatars. My shape is over two years old and not sold anymore, I just update it as needed, but when Mesh hit the grid and Standard Sizing was the way to go I made some new shapes 🙂

How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it?

Mesh has definitely affected my SL, I adore everything about it. Prims are inclusive, so no pulling this part here or there, just wearing the item in question and having all one piece (and colour) is an amazing thing to do compared to sculpts (worst is sculpted shorts, where do those prims really go?!) lol
I have worn mesh since it was first introduced, and yes I went through the repeat questions of why do you look like you are wearing a boat, or a large diamond, someone even said I looked like their house lol. I knew most couldn’t see what I was wearing, but I preferred to be a bit more selfish ;)) I loved what I saw in my viewer and from the moment it came out I have been wearing Mesh!
Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller?
Yes, I have changed my shape, I went taller and a little wider. When Standard Sizing was introduced I made three separate shapes, all deriving from copies of my own, I didn’t want to have to be resizing my shape everytime I wore mesh, I am very happy I made my Standard Size shapes although I find myself sliding large on the boob scale, with mesh I have smaller boobs but when I jump back into a clothing layer yes I find the boobage scale a tad small for my liking lol
Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already?
I am very much looking forward to the Mesh Deformer, maybe not so much for myself but for others that do have problems with mesh right now. I for one am full on board for all mesh at this point as it is amazing to see what comes next from Designers as Mesh becomes that much more popular!

So there we have it my first blogger challenge yes? I think I shall participate more and stop being such a damn hermit hehe I adore mesh and the easiest way to jump on board with future developments in SL is to just face it head on, don’t fight it! You have no idea what you are missing if you don’t try it out at least 10 times yes? 

Ok off to make Dinner for now, Have fun shop hard and I will…………………………………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Epoque ~ Guardian II w/Jeweled Chopsticks in Bark, Hair Sale on going
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Eliza Skin in Sunkissed New ❤
Swimsuit: DeeTaleZ ~ Wild Thang Wet Bodysuit (there is also a not so sheer version included New ❤ Bought@CHIC²
Avatar Ruler: [OO] ~ Avatar ruler 1.3 Available on SL Marketplace Free

On my way out for Sunday Brunch

Happy Mothers Day!
I know I am having one, wishing you all the same!

A few Glamorous things I have picked up over the last couple of days!


See you soon 🙂
Hair: Truth – Jacqueline 2 Treacle
Skin: Glam Affair – Mary Natural D Available@ TDR right now for an unreal price! go get! 😉
Shirt: mon tissu – Sweetheart Tank Vintage
Jacket: DeeTaleZ – Bavaria Girl Jacket Brown Tweed Available@Culture Shock
Pants: JustB – Plain Slacks Dune
Boots: LpD – City Style Boots Brown Available for Themeory They are yummy go get!
Bag: LpD – City Life Bag Brown Available also for Themeory in same colors as boots!
Necklace/Earrings: LaGyo – Blanche Necklace & Earrings
Ring: Sigma – Anya ring Available@Culture Shock & Kosh – Sade Ring
Sash: Veschi – Pashmina Belt Beige

Culture Shock Featuring DeeTaleZ

Looking for a more Casual look?
Well DeeTaleZ has you covered, this fun little tunic paired with 
the new high raise jeans, and fabulous shoes!

See you soon 🙂

Hair: Maitreya – Lara 2 Kala Jeera
Skin: Curio – Sundust [Light] Lustre Shimmer 2
Top: DeeTaleZ – Linen Lace Tunic Top Green Available @ Culture Shock Midday On May 1st!
Jeans: DeeTaleZ – High Raise Jeans Bleached Available instore & Culture Shock on May 1st!
Shoes: DeeTaleZ – Pumps Beige No.2
Bracelet: Kosh – Simple Braid Armband Black
Choker: Mood – Portia Choker

Ready, Set, Go! Project Fur Japan now open!

Go go go! 
I am prancing around in the new Curio Pout skin, The Blues,
I mega packed it and to my surprise there is a special Project Fur bonus skin,
as well as…….
This adorable little paw print tattoo included.
Omg its delicious!
Check out the necklace to, There is a whole wall of different animals to choose
from. I chose the sheepdog because there was one running around
playing with his toy when I was there!

Go Shop! Have fun and most of all donate donate donate!
Lets rock this Charity!
Hair: Shag – Songbird Feathers kitten
Skin: Curio – Pout – Petal Light The Blues 1 & PawPrints tatts, tiny 1&2  Project Fur Japan
Mole Tatt – Perse, Guaca mole
Top: DeeTaleZ –  Summer Lace Top Blue
Shorts: DeeTaleZ – Lowrider Jeans Shorts Blue Dotted
Necklace: Old English Necklace, Lailantie Core-Amat Project Fur Japan
Feet: SLink – Jolie Pied v2.0 Flat Bare