So Much More Than a Skin Addiction

That’s right, when you are willing to rip off all your clothes, hair, jewels and omg even your shoes to get in the Skin Addiction Showcase, you know it, you are so much more addicted than you think! Don’t forget the scripts, that means AO’s are off and your walking like a duck, those pose huds are long forgotten and a hud for your eyes ugh forget about it, its gone, it is just you a hairbase and a couple of clothing items on layers and no prims………………really…………for skins? No Way!

Yes way, and people from all over the world are joining you to pick up the latest… the greatest skins from all over the grid, from all different designers. So don’t feel like you need to dress up and shed all those fancy clothes, shoes, jewelry and huds, you don’t need them, you are getting something far better, New Skins that you can wear with lots of dangley pieces, as soon as you teleport out of the Skin Addiction Showcase of course 😉

I am wearing Kate in Peach, a brand new exclusive ninth generation skin from Baiastice and she is such a natural beauty. Kate comes with loads of options as she is sold in a two different packs. Redheads, Blondes and even Brunettes and Darker will love her to death, she has all colours of hairbases and eyebrows included, and for the bits below as well ðŸ˜‰ She also has a freckle layer and if that’s not enough for you she comes with a more freckle layer lol I love me some freckles so in the above pictures you will see them, but if your not into those you don’t have to wear them, you can choose from all nine makeups that Kate comes with! Then there are the lip layers, a teeth layer and cleavage and non cleavage, four different tones to choose from, my my my Kate is loaded to the t with options! <3333333333333333333

Now there are two different kinds of skin packs you can buy, The Selective pack which contains the base skin (makeup 1) plus 2 make up sets and the optionals pack.
Or you can purchase the whole Collection pack which contains the base skin (makeup 1) plus 8 make up sets, 3 lipstick in tattoo layers and the optionals pack. Better buy I think with so many options!

So Happy Skin Shopping all You Wonderful Skin Addicts and I will…………………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Exile ~ Late at Night in Sear New ❤ Available@The Dressing Room Blue
Glasses: Maitreya ~ Mesh Jackie O Sunglasses
Eyes: Ikon ~ Utopia Eyes in Bahama Green ❤
Skin: Baiastice ~ Kate in Peach Makeup1 w/more Freckles New ❤ Available@The Skin Addiction Showcase
Scarf: mon tissu ~ Skinny Scarf in Malay New ❤ Available@Culture Shock (last day for CS is today hurry)
Blazer: Izzie’s ~ Velvet Blazer in Taupe
Outfit: So Many Styles ~ Mesh High Waist Pattern Skirt in Beige & Plain Cami Top in Tomato New ❤ Available@Culture Shock (last day for CS is today hurry)
Bag: mon tissu ~ Envelope Clutch New ❤  Available@Culture Shock (last day for CS is today hurry)
Rings: Je Suis ~ Voyante Ring Gemstone colour change & bellballs ~ Cheetah Metal Ring in Silver
Bracelets: [EY:NO] ~ Mess Bangles in Silver New ❤
Anklet: Kosh ~ The Angel Key Anklet New ❤
Shoes: Hucci ~ Vintage Wedge in Tangerine
Furniture: The Loft ~ Wareham Side Chairs, Leather Side Table in Ivory, Wooden Birds, Circle Shelf Ash Oak New ❤ VIP Gift (fee to join) 

Secret Summer Evenings

Ola! After the long weekend I am exhausted lolz, I am guessing that is when you are supposed to rest, but not around this house on the weekend when Diablo III is out! I have been cramming on both and I could use a vacation from my long weekend!

Anyways I have the most fabulous Scarf Poncho’s from LeeZu to show this late afternoon, just in time for those chilly summer nights don’t you think? I saw these debut and knew I wanted every single colour and style, there is a definite style for all in this release, she has been a very busy lady 😉 being Mesh they fit like a glove and I will be keeping my eyes out for these in rl 😉

I am also wearing the fantastic new Hush Skin Christine(I really love this skin) although she is not out just yet for purchase, she will be really soon as she is one of the two new releases to hit the Skin Addiction Showcase which opens up on May 25, so just a few short days away!

Now I won’t forget about the beautiful colour change Hairband Mesh Hair from Exile, this Secret Summer style is easily worn dressed up or down and I have a feeling she isn’t that much of a secret any longer haha since she is available for the low low price of 95L at The Attic.

Oh and these Molichino pants I have been lusting after finally became mine after I knew I would be blogging the LeeZu Scarf Poncho’s, I have a feeling I might need a few more colours of these Mesh Kay pants!

Ok I am off for a bit(I need some rest before I fuel up and finish act I in Diablo, so have a wonderful night(or day) and I will………………………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Exile ~ Mesh Secret Summer in Marone New ❤ Available@My Attic
Skin: Hush Skins ~ Christine Bronze in Cream mb nc New ❤ Available@Skin Addiction Showcase Event Which opens on May 25th (will add slurl when I get one)
Collar/Cuff: Je Suis ~ Domino Set colour change
Ring: Je Suis ~ Voyante Ring in Gemstone colour change
Bangles: celoe ~ Didri Bangles New ❤
Bag: Mons ~ Mesh Cute Hand Bag in Brown New ❤
Ponchos: LeeZu ~ Mesh Scarf Poncho in: Sheer Brown, Lace Brown, Strips Beige, Tweed Orange, Tweed Mint, Stripes Lace Pink
Corset: House of Fox ~ Color Me My Crop Corset in Beige New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Pants: Molichino ~ Mesh Kay Pants in Chocolate
Shoes: Coro ~ Cherie in Brown
Location: The New Yorker

Groovy Tuesday

Oh Hai! I am showing off new releases of E! today, I adore her clothing, the texturing is always fabulous and it always fits me like a glove. The Tank and Shorts are exclusive colours of Stumblebum, and at 25% off regular price these are a must, there are a few colours to pick from as well but hurry!

The Rachel Dress in Peacock is also available in eighteen different colours, I think the back of this dress is fabulous, you also get two different versions in each dress pack, I am wearing the glittery belt and it also comes in a kewt polka dots as well.

The Laura dress in Tangerine is a colour that is exclusive to E! VIP’s, so join and you shall receive!

I am showing off Daisy in Blue a new pre-release skin from Hush Skins for the Skin Addiction Showcase, which does not start until May 25th but do not miss out on Daisy she is just scrumptious!

Do not forget the perfect mesh hair, Groove Therapy from Exile available@Culture Shock and I am off for dinner, have a good one and I will……………………………………..
See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Exile ~ Mesh Groove Therapy in Chardonnay New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Skin: Hush Skins ~ Daisy Blue in Cream mb nc New ❤ Available@Skin Addiction Showcase Opening May 25th(will add slurl when I get it)
Necklace: Sigma Jewels ~ Anda Necklace in Fuchsia
Earrings: bellballs ~ Cherry Blossom Disc Earrings
Ring: Dahlinks ~ Gloria Swanson Dress Ring colour change
Bangle: LaGyo ~ Cocoa Tropic Bangle
Outfit: E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories ~ Alica Tank Candy Strips & Holli Shorts in Checked Candy New ❤ Set Available for Stumblebum Only (2) Mesh Rachel Dress Glitter in Peacock (3) Mesh VIP Exclusive Laura Dress in Tangerine
Bench: La’Licious ~ Recycled Door Arbor Seat in White New ❤

Walk on the Beach

Back so soon?! Why yes I am this time with really fabulous mesh shorts from Baiastice. I am in a picture taking mood I think lol. Check out this adorable little Ava sweater as well, I thought it went nicely with my new shorts. Oh and at Je Suis mainstore there is a 40% off flash sale going on right now! For how long I do not know, so be quick like bunneh!!! Ok this time I am really out for the night! Have a good one and I will………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Tameless: Sienna in Cool Tones Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Event New ❤
Skin: Hush Skins ~ Grace Smokey in Cream db nc New ❤
Necklace: Je Suis ~ Nocturne 40% off sale ongoing? who knows get there quickly!!!!
Bangles: Celoe ~ Didri Bangles New ❤ Available@Fameshed
Ring: LaGyo ~ Cube Ring in Bronze colour change New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Sweater: Chemistry ~ Ava in White New ❤
Shorts: Baiastice ~ Denim Mesh Shorts in Faded Grey & Denim Mesh Upper Knee Shorts in Sepia New ❤

Baiastice Summer Mesh Swimsuit Edition

Ola, I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I am in Swimsuit heaven as you can see, Baiastice released a whole mesh collection of kini's and suits that are to die for! I adore these mesh suits, the detail put into each style is absolutely amazing so I pranced around in every single colour of course, and of course while I was at it I took a few pictures yes? Have a great Sunday and I will……………..

See you soonish 🙂
All colours and designs, as well as credits after the cut….

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Waiting for the Metro

Ola, a huge quickie today, featuring G.Field, again I have been shopping at this store since I was a noob and introduced to the lucky chair she had out. G.Field has only gotten better with my age lol, I adore everything from there whether it be dresses, shoes, tops or even tights, jewelry and accessories. If you are not familiar with this brand I suggest you do so immediately 😉

Have a great Friday and I will…………………………………………..
See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Clawtooth ~ Bon voyage in Break of dawn colour change hat
Skin: Hush Skins: Lily Seduce in Cream New ❤
Glasses: {lyric} ~ Daisy Glasses was purchased@Perfect Wardrobe
Choker: Zaara ~ Nizam Pearl choker
Top: *GF* ~  Lucy Lace Tops in Ivory
Shorts: *GF* ~ Mesh Frill Shorts in Yellow New ❤ Available@Culture Shock 2012
Bracelets: MIAO ~ Madeline Pearl Ribbon Bracelet & MG ~ White South Sea Pearl Bracelet x3
Rings: Je Suis ~ Voyante Ring & LaGyo ~ Cube Ring in Bronze New ❤ Available@Culture Shock 2012
Bag: Ohmai ~ Sun Pouch (older hunt gift)
Shoes: *GF* Alex Strap Shoes in Patent Yellow Free Gift@Culture Shock
Location: Paris Eiffel

In the Pink

Yes I am back in my very favourite colour, courtesy of Sn@tch. This kewt little pink mesh number, Seraphim is a Culture Shock exclusive, and it does come with 234243234234 other different colours in each pack 😉 ok ok just seven other colours, omg so for the price of one dress you get a fatpack of eight, gawd I love Ivey, she makes the most gorgeous outfits and gives you a fattie with each one! 😉

I am also wearing Plooms’ exclusive hair Maia from Culture Shock. I am loving Ploom hair lately, it doubles as kewt as well as sexy. I am into the indecisive pack because that is me when I stand in front of Ploom hair of any kind, I want all the colours lol.

The sweet little heart l’amour necklace is the Je Suis exclusive for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping event. The l’amour necklace is a locket that you can put your own pictures in and that’s not all, it is totally customizable colour wise you can change the heart colours as well as the encrusted gems that surround it and the metal and string (also comes in a longer version) <3333333333 this necklace. Get the l’amour necklace while you can because it is only available until May 28 then it disappears forever!

Well that is it for now have a great night and I will………………………………..

See you Soonish 🙂

Hair: Ploom ~ Mesh Maia dk bl Indecisive New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Skin: Hush Skins ~ Grace Smokey in Cream lb nc New ❤
Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Eyes in Caramel New ❤ Group Gift
Necklace: Je Suis ~ l’amour Necklace short texture change New ❤ Exclusive for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping event
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff texture change
Bangle: Dark Mouse ~ Vintage Nouveau Bangle Silver (tinted) 10L tent sale
RingL: Dahlinks ~ Gloria Swanson Ring texture change
RingR: LaGyo ~ Cube Ring in Bronze texture change New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Dress: Sn@tch ~ Mesh Seraphim Cocktail Dress in Pink M New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Socks: Sn@tch ~ White Lace Socks
Boots: Insolence ~ Mesh Nina Boots in Pink

Evening By The Lake

Ola, I have a few more to die for items for the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event to show you all on this gorgeous day. The Iron Trellis Bench not only looks fabulous it has a few great sits in it as well for male and female! I am wearing a cute little exclusive dress from Sleeping Koala, the Vintage Floral dress comes in an amazing assortment of colours, I am wearing the Yellow and Blue combination and it also comes with a prim or mesh type skirt so you can wear this fabulous dress on any viewer 🙂 I am also wearing Collisions exclusives, the to die for Flora necklace is so delicate and beautiful it shows really well with the dress. Now the Open Minds Free Souls tattoo for your Upper Back is one of my favourite tattoos I think, I so love the message it tells.

Now to top it all off is the wonderful new Elizabeth hair from Tameless, which I cannot take off just yet <333333333 and the new Lily skin from Belleza, it is just so nice to see a new Belleza skin that I can lust after 😉 Ok I am off for more shopping! So Keep Calm and Keep Shopping and I will……………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Tameless Hair ~ Elizabeth in Blonde New ❤
Skin: Belleza ~ Lily V2 Med Group Gift New ❤
Makeup Layer: Boom ~ Love My Eyes Liner & Mascara
Earrings: Donna Flora ~ Flora Earrings (part of a set)
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished CuffTexture Change
Necklace: .:CoLL:. ~ Flora Necklace New ❤ Exclusive Only Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping
Dress: [Sleeping Koala] ~ Vintage Floral Dress in Yellow & Blue New ❤ Exclusive Only Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping
Shoes: Baiastice ~ Santigold Mesh Pumps in Lemon New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Tattoo: .:CoLL:. ~ Open Souls New ❤ Exclusive Only Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping
Trellis: ::FG:: ~ Iron Trellis Bench New ❤ Exclusive Only Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping

Keep Calm and Shop More!

Is there any other way in sl but to keep calm and shop more? Mighty good philosophy I think no?

In just mere hours the Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event (Click Here for my last post) starts and look at all the beautiful exclusive items there are to be had and many many more I have not posted. This is one event to dig your linden pocketbook into because it only lasts until the 28th and then all these wonderful items are retired for good, exclusive to this event only! I cannot wait to see what else there is (Yes I am a sl shopping addict, but shhhh I will never tell 😉 ) I have included the lm’s for each store, cause you never know maybe some will be out early 😉 lolz

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Ploom ~ Maia Indecisive New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Eyes: Ikon ~ Utopia Eyes in Light Silver & Blue
Skin: Belleza ~ Lily V2 Med Group Gift New ❤ There is a fee to join the group but so worth it!
Necklace: Je Suis ~ l’amour Necklace Short, also a long version, texture change New ❤ Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Starting May 14th
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff texture change
Anklet: Kosh ~ The Angel Key Anklet New ❤ Available@Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Event May 11-13th
Belly Ring: Finesmith ~ Flowers Shir Blue
Top: JULYs ~ Mesh Open Top Jean New ❤ Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Starting May 14th
Shorts: illmatic ~ Denim Shorts in Light Blue
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Feet Tip Toe
Wall Decals: Wall Candy ~ Keep Shopping & With the Wind, Toon Tree 5 v2 New ❤ Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Starting May 14th
Chair: Clutter ~ Madison Chair New ❤ Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Starting May 14th
End Table: Fucifino ~ Roscoe Village End Table New ❤ Available for Keep Calm & Keep Shopping Starting May 14th

Some Enchanted Evening

Good Evening (or Day depending on where you live of course). I have been listening to some classics today, I am nowhere near the age of them, but my mother when alive, insisted that I have a well rounded taste in music and movies old and new. She considered dear Ezio just as important as The Who, Led Zeppelin and Bob Seger and many others that I grew up to know and love in the late seventies 😉  I find that certain music helps put me in the mood for choosing what I am going to blog, also gives me the feel for the lighting as well as that nasty little title that sometimes eludes me 🙂

Tonight I bring you the oh so fabulous mesh dress from Mon’s of course, and a complete steal at The Dressing Room Blue currently. This floral dress from the new Summer Collection exudes romance from every cyber fiber that it has in it, the gauzy see through skirt is absolutely stunning, yum I so want this dress in rl. With it I am wearing the new Exile release Violetta also from the TDRB, this is what keeps me hooked to Exile hair, the beautiful fullness with side swept curls is just as glamorous as if it were taken from a black and white movie. And last but absolutely never the least is the brand new Grace skin from Hush, yep I am thoroughly addicted to her alluring but yet delicate features I have come to adore in every Hush release. Altogether with a few of my favourite things I am ready for Some Enchanted Evening yes!?

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I will……………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Exile ~ Violetta in Vanilla Available@The Dressing Room Blue New ❤
Eyes: Ikon ~ Utopia Eyes in Light Silver Blue VIP Group Gift (only out for today, includes 2 other colours) New ❤
Skin: Hush Skins ~ Grace SmokeyPink in Cream New ❤
Necklace/Earrings: Donna Flora ~ Moon Set 70% off Sale Wall
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff Texture Change
Bracelets: Zaara ~ Sadaf Paua Bangles in Silver
Ring: LaGyo ~ Cube Ring in Bronze Available@Culture Shock New ❤
Dress: Mons ~ Summer Love Collection Floral Dress Pink Available@The Dressing Room Blue New ❤
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Foot Tip Toe w/ DragonFly Anklet
Location: White Bay Cay