She’s a Very Saucy Girl

Well I have to admit, this whole outfit was created around these HOT HOT HOT D’Ann Hucci Heels.
I am in Lust with these pumps, will have to go back when its refill time because o-m-g, she just released a whole new line which are just as amazing! The texture alone is gorgeous. I do not want to take these off! 😉

Al Vulo! released Sakia yesterday, I hopped on over there despite crashing a billion times to pick up this Beauty. I am not one for the darker skin tones usually, but this bronze just glistened and is absolutely fabulous. Also includes many different lipstick colour layers, this one is metallic red.

Of course the Sugarsmack Cate Hair and the Dolly Capri’s I have been dying to wear since I picked them up from the Vintage Fair.

 Just a Saucy look for a Saucy Evi  😉

See you soonish 😉
Hair: Sugarsmack ~ Cate in Latte Cale NEW ❤
Skin: al vulo! ~ Sakia Jadore Cleavage DB HB in Bronze w/metallic red liplayer NEW <333333333
Moles: Chelle ~ Mole! 2 left eye, Mole! 5
Dress/Blouse: Dew ~ Audrey in Red  NEW ❤ Available on SLMarketplace here for a 50L promo price
Gloves: Baiastice ~ Part of the Kuhn Red Gown
Jewelry: U&R Dogs ~ Rigoletto Necklace in Gold  & Magic Nook ~ Shoo Be Doo Earrings & Bracelet
Pants: Dolly ~ PinUp Capri Pants in Red NEW ❤ Available on SLMarketplace
Shoes: Hucci ~ D’Ann Pump Stiched in Corner Red NEW FABULOUS <333, need more colors!!!! 😉
Chair: Diesel Works ~ Modeling Chair V2

Fun & Furry Wednesday

Dontcha just love when scrounging around in your inventory, and something wonderful turns out in way of an outfit, you actually would have bought even if it was altogether?

I am a admitted SL inventory hoarder. If I can’t use it now I will box it up and hope to remember it later. Yes, I am sure I have over 100,000 items but when my inventory loads it only shows I have just below 30,000. Hehe the wonders of boxing up all the wonderful items, and it also makes me feel like I know how to sort wisely (which by the way I do not, so I fake it)

This outfit consists of quite a few different stores, but I started with the kewtest mittens from Sweetest Good-bye, which are right now a group gift, Then came the YS&YS Yeti boots from The Dressing Room this week. And I cannot forget the Hair! OMG I swear Hair is by far the largest file in my inventory. This is the new group gift from Argrace, it comes in several colors of Hair, as well as with and without the ear muffs which are texture change too! Oh and what can I say that has not been already said about the Skin, Glam Affair, my absolute favorite skin store at the moment. This skin is the Christmas group gift from the new Jadis line, you will find it in the notices. Now they do have a small group join fee 30L but well worth it for a normally 1K skin!
Well enough of my ramblings today, Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!
Credits continued
Vest: ][AV][ – Vest Fur Brown long
Shirt: [Cynful] – The Ari Sweater (Happy Holidays hunt item) 
Necklace: Mynerva – Victorian Clog Necklace 10L special
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt Burnt
Skirt: Peqe(Fume) – Med Fur Dress, but I am wearing just the skirt
Tights: !Doux Petit – Crochet Tights in Beige
Moles: cheLLe – (moles) Beauty Marks