My 2013 Hair Fair Picks

Set 1 eep, Exile, Lamb, LeLutka

Set 2 LollipopZ, Miamai, Ploom, [AUX], [INK]

Set 3 Argrace, Clawtooth, Damselfly, Decoy

Hi there! I did a post like this for Hair Fair 2012 and I found it really helped me decide on which style to choose from. I remember staying up all night after cruising around the Hair Fair and cramming like I would have back in college lol. This year there was not time to do it earlier……but I have been working on this for a few days now. These are my picks for the 2013 Hair Fair, of course I can always add to this post as well…………just in case I do not have enough hair yes?! 😉

Some of these styles are tried and true designers that I love, some are new to me as well. I have eleven sets in all and ten styles per set……….that is a lot of hair I know, but I am just a tad obsessed……..maybe!? hehe Since the beginning of my sl I have had such a love for all the pretty hairstyles. This has quietly become my passion, ok maybe not so quietly when I post like this.

All in all………….the Hair Fair is my favorite event of the year and I wait eagerly for it’s arrival. I am so happy to have been included in this fabulous event for the last two seasons, and am thankful for being chosen to do so. Hair is such an important asset in how we look at ourselves, in real life as well as second life. But here we are very much fashion oriented and need different styles for different outfits, and Hair Fair is a one stop shop for all the amazing designers to show off their talent.

Now of course the most important aspect of the Hair Fair is that every sale gives a portion of the money collected to Wigs for Kids, I think this is such a wonderful charity. We help children through very hard times and sickness……….there is no better reason than this to shop like crazy. I may buy a lot of hair, but for this amazing charity anything goes.

I will have a cut in this post this year…….so if you are looking for more…………..check that cut. I am showing all these beautiful locks so you can see exactly how these styles will look inworld. I tend to sit up on my platform and commiserate with all my loot (inserts wicked little laugh here), so this is a way to show it all off at once what might take me a few weeks to blog. I hope you enjoy the post! Oh and all credits are located at the bottom.

Have a wonderful night or day and I will be back with more 2013 Hair Fair goodness…………………………………….See you soonish 🙂

2013 Hair Fair Logo

Set 4 Calico, Ohmai, Adoness
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My Only Sunshine

Ola! I decided to take a few days off from my beloved blog and sl. Watched some old movies, cleaned my abode and just chilled out a bit, it was much needed from being so busy lately with rl and sl combined. However Evi, who has also been resting as well, has been all dressed up in this fabulous number for many days now!

Collabor88 is the place to shop this round, I picked up so many wonderful items like this fabulous Mesh Mullet top from Auxiliary, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. Auxiliary is the combined efforts of Illusory and [Aura], and obviously if you follow my fashion I adore both stores immensely so having both creators combined is amazing. The Timeless Love Skin and the Tiny Tote and Chunky Bracelets are all from Auxiliary, I cannot wait to see what is produced next!

Of course that is not all from this wonderful event, I am sporting new LaGyo Jewels and Rose Pumps from [Handverk] (omg I LOVE these shoes!) and the little Backyard Cinema Side Table with candles are also Collabor88 exclusives.

The Volume Magika Hair is a newer release, I blame my mounting inventory for not having worn this style earlier lol, but Yay for new hair! I also picked up these kewt little mesh Mambo Jeans from Cracked Mirror that were a Daily Deal yesterday. Oh and the pretty Sunshine Sign is from MudHoney and can be picked up at The Arcade Gacha event, but only if your lucky 😉

Ok I am off to do a bit of shopping, I hope you enjoy the look and have a Great Sunshiny Day and I will…………………

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Magika ~ Volume New ❤ 
Skin: [AUX] ~ Timeless Love Skin in Medium New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Necklace/Ring: LaGyo ~  Mothers Pearls Necklace & Ring New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Cuff: W&B ~ Simple Polished Cuff Color Change
Bracelet: [EY:NO] ~ Anchor Bracelet in Gold
Bracelets: [AUX] ~ Chunky Bracelet in Peacock 
Bag: [AUX] ~ Tiny Tote in Sky New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Top: [AUX] ~ Mesh Mullet Top in Salmon New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Pants: Cracked Mirror ~ Mesh Mambo Jeans in Grey New ❤ 
Shoes: [HANDverk] ~ Rose Pumps in Moss New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Painting: MudHoney ~ Sunshine Sign New ❤ Available@The Arcade
Table: :CP: & PILOT ~ Backyard Cinema Side Table w/Candles New ❤ Available@Collabor88

Afternoon Shopping at Mon Tissu

It was late afternoon and she knew she had certain deadlines to meet, but that didn’t stop her, she had to squeeze in a trip to Mon Tissu. The brilliant designers have issued a Blogger Contest and Evion had to enter. For you see Mon Tissu is one of her top favorite stores and she always is so excited to get into the store and see what is new.

Fashion has a way of creeping up on you, in small ways at first. She has gone from Lucky Chairs to Midnight Manias but after time she new she had to have the best in the industry. Clothing that is not only well made, but also makes her feel her best when she slips into anything that is so fabulous, so much so that she just wants to scream out “Look I have new clothes!” But it doesn’t end there….Fantastic accessories and shoes that are not just worn, but are meant to be shown off. These items make her look for the day……or week or even months if she so chooses.

At last she is home, and she cannot wait to get into her tiny abode to try on all her new wonderful Mon Tissu clothes. The deadlines are forgotten, she spent her whole afternoon shopping and never made it back to work. As she reaches her door she quivers with excitement, the positively gorgeous goodness that she cannot withstand waiting for one more minute to try on and then……………………………………

and then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

And then she realizes she has forgotten her house keys on her desk at work! 
Never fails even when Evion isn’t working Murphys’ Law always is 😉

Have a great day and I will…………………..See you soonish 🙂

Hair/Hat: Vanity Hair ~ Sabine in Noisette Color Change Hat/Band New ❤
Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Eyes v2 in Glass
Skin: [AUX] ~ Timeless Love Skin in Medium New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Collar: Mon Tissu ~ Prudence Collar in Cream (Group Gift)
Jacket: Mon Tissu ~ Wool Blend Jacket in Black
Gloves: Celoe ~ Mery Gloves in Mine
Bag: Mon Tissu ~ Envelope Clutch V2 in Beige
Skirt: Mon Tissu ~ Oxford Pencil Rigged Mesh Skirt in Black
Shopping Bags: Mon Tissu ~ Box Sloane Pumps Came In
Stockings: Bax Coen ~ Bax Nude 20 Seams New ❤
Shoes: Mon Tissu ~ Sloane Pumps in Black
House: LAQ Decor ~ Quaint Cottage

First Hint of Autumn

Ola, here I am putting together my garden for the season. I found the kewtest little Arbor Bench from Finishing Touches at the House & Garden Designer Warehouse, so I decided today was the day to do a little gardening. Hanging out in the crazy kewt new mesh Eve shirt, paired with the new mesh So Good pants….both new releases from the beautiful Bela ala TuttiFrutti. She has the most wonderful textures, and amazing colors, there are a few different types to choose from. I always love slipping into a TuttiFrutti outfit,

I do adore the new Timeless Skin from Auxiliary from Collabor88 as well as the Yummy Tiffany Pearls, Yummy is quickly becoming one of my favorite jewelry stores, always so beautiful and tasteful, I look forward to every new release! Oh and I cannot forget to mention the fabulous Briony style from Truth, I love this soft style to death!

Ok I am out for a bit, I hurt my damn right shoulder yesterday, we bought a freezer brand new and I thought psssh I can pick this end up…….lets take it down to the basement :/ so today has been particularly excruciating lol so I’m off to bed……Have a wonderful night and I shall…………………………………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Truth Hair ~ Briony w/Roots in Pecan New ❤
Skin: [AUX] ~ Timeless Love Skin in Medium New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Jewelry: Yummy ~ Tiffany Pearls & Earrings New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Sweater: Celoe ~ Gea Top in Alto
Shirt: *TuttiFrutti* ~ Mesh Eve Shirt in Honey New ❤
Pants: *TuttiFrutti* ~ Mesh So Good Jeans New ❤
Shoes: Hucci ~ Vintage Wedge in Daffodil
Bench: *FT* ~ Autumn Arbor Bench w/Vines & Pumpkins, Golden Hay Bales w/Pumpkins New ❤ Available@House & Garden Designer Warehouse

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Happy Birthday Gyorgyna!

Ola! I am bringing you new and older much loved items from LaGyo. I have been hard at work on my inventory all day and of course hardly making a dent because I loves all my stuff lol. I am not one to throw items away that’s for sure. I remember a time back when I was still a lucky chair stalker, I was teleported into a store at the same time as another ‘E’ and when she saw that the chair had a dress as the offering, she politely let me have it, she was more into accessories she claimed. I was astounded of course, I mean accessories? Who needs them when you have a great dress? Well, well, well do I ever want to chuckle when I think about that time, as I am cleaning my inventory I am realizing that accessories probably consume about half of my now 52,000 items. Lol those are some pretty big files.

One of if not the biggest file is the LaGyo, I am not ashamed to admit my absolute abashed behavior when I see new jewels. LaGyo has such a different range of items as well. Here we have my favorite hat, the Virginie Big Fold. I think its about a year or more old. I save all my jewels and hats and bags and belts because you just never know when you will need them and I am so the worst for tossing something and wanting it later on, or not buying something and regretting it. So I just set up files and they are all sub filed for what type of item it is and voila; There is my Big Tawny Hat and my Ivory Lora Bag!

I also could not resist LaGyos’ current items at Collabor88 this round. The Mother of Pearls Necklace, Earrings & Big Ring are all color change and fabulous, I can see wearing these for a long while, since I am always looking for pretty pearls.

The accessories you wear really provide accent for the glamorous clothes and footwear you choose, I am all mixy matchy so I try to make sure everything matches, it doesn’t have to be an exact science it either matches or it doesn’t. I think the Mother of Pearls were a nice added touch to this crazy beautiful Heidi Mesh Dress from Rebel Hope at this round of Fameshed. The matching shoes from Decoy are also a nice touch. For the chilly autumn air I also wore this amazing color change Fur Wrap from Laville. The gloves from CKD are so old but are very well used, I find the lace very pretty and perfect for wanting to wear nails with.

Last but in noway least is this amazing Timeless Love Skin from Auxiliary. This gorgeous skin is available in three different tones and I am in love with Love 🙂

All in all thinking way back then that accessories were unneeded, well I was dead wrong! Because what’s a pretty outfit without a pretty necklace, or earrings, ohhh and don’t forget rings! Or handbags…………..or bangles…………………..hats…………………..

Haha I am off to watch a movie and sleep! But I shall return, until then I will…………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Hat: LaGyo ~ Virginie Big Fold Hat in Tawny
Hair: Exile ~ Sober in Wedge
Eyes: Ikon ~ Kaleido Eyes in Ancient New ❤
Skin: [AUX] ~ Love Skin in Medium DB Timeless New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Jewelry: LaGyo ~ Mother of Pearls Necklace, Earrings & Big Ring (all color change) New ❤ Available@Collabor88
Cuff: LaGyo ~ Georgette Cuff 
Wrap: !Laville! ~ Ribboned Fur Wrap Color Change New ❤
Gloves: CKD Exquisite Long Chantilly Lace Gloves 
Bag: LaGyo ~ Lora Purse in Ivory
Dress: !Rebel Hope ~ Heidi Mesh Dress in French Toast New <3 Available@Fameshed
Stockings: Bax Coen Designs ~ Nude 20 Seams New ❤
Shoes: [Decoy] ~ Lea Pumps in Brown/Tan New ❤ Available@Fameshed