Ringing in 2011, in style of course.
Hair: Exile Nikki/New Years Girl – gift under the tree
Skin: [ATOMIC] Audri_Caramel_Blue Skies2 
Eyeliner: L.Fauna Makeup [Midnight Glitter Swipe] FLF item
Necklace: Miel Sey
Ring: {Yummy} Cherry Pie ring
Coat: =DeLa*= Trench Coat “Anne” White
Dress: Kyoot Vodka Low Slung Mini Dress FLF item 
Tat: [HUZ] Sleek
Boots: SLink Quinn Kneehigh Boot White

So I am on a roll this evening, well really I have had the pictures ready, but have not had the time to post them yet, so your getting overloaded tonight lolz

I was wandering along today and figured I would visit Vanity Hair, I had not been there in awhile, and was inn a serious need of a new hair! haha like I need hair, but of course I do! I really really do! I cam across this scrumptious do, then I scoured my inventory for just the right little dress for this hair and I found it!

Then came the skin, well a pink make-upped skin? Do I even own one of those? lolz, I own quite a few actually, but I was looking for something new! Then it came to me, I had not yet picked up the new Paris skin xmas gift from Chaisuki. hahaha then came this look!

Then this

Well at least you know I was having fun in my own little pink world! whew that’s it for tonight. Shut up and roll the damn credits Evi!!!!!!!!!


Hair: Vanity Hair – Lustful Nights – Caffe
Skin: ***Chaisuki***  – PARIS xmas02 skin (under the xmas tree)
Make-up tat – ***Chaisuki*** – xmas lips 03 (under the xmas tree)
Dress: Ricielli – BALLONE dress – Lilac
Boots: ANEXX_RemakDenimBoots_Pink

Hai there, Hope you are enjoying the Holidays! I have been as well, just from inside though. It is damn frickin cold where I live, so I find myself off in my own little dream world, when my family allows lolz.

So all the turkey has been eaten, day after day after day……………. I don’t know if you are anything like me, but when I make a huge dinner like on Christmas, I become a slacker for the rest of the time hehe. But tonight I slack no more and I am managing to sneak in a quick post before dinner.

My SL is reflective of my RL right now. Getting closer to the end of the year and I start digressing on things I should have done, new ideas I have and what I can accomplish within the coming 2011.

So here I am in my SL dreamland, digressing lol

But what I did not digress about was buying these brand spanking new Secret boots from elikapeka! I tell ya, I cannot resist anything she makes, even if I already have a billion pairs of boots, there is always room for another! no?
And was I just the happiest of campers when I signed in and heard that Gala from Curio had re-opened her group, so everyone could get the group giftie? I have never been so unhappy about our 25 group limit as I was this Christmas, when realizing that I had left Curio for a bit to make room for another group. C’mon Linden Lab!!!!! We need more groups, I have 17 pay groups and that does not leave me alotta room to work with, if ya know what I mean. Thank you Gala for re-opening, Evion was far too jealous of her alt who had stayed in the group faithfully lolz.
Just a bloody gorgeous skin! ty ty ty ty!
Okies off to make some spaghetti and meatballs! lol I am just glad it isn’t turkey hehe
Have fun and I will be back later!
Hair: [e] – Blind – Brown 10
Skin: Curio – :GP: Acorn [light] Ice Queen – Happy Holidays
        – join Gala & Rita Design Announcements for this skin
Sweater: Nyte’N’Day – Division Sweater – Black
Shirt: =Izumiya= – Gray Sweater/long sleeve
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Sleeping Moon (N/A) and I wear this brand alot 😦
Jeans: [Plastik] – skiinah – plain Branded Noir
Boots: [e] – Secret Boots – Black
Background: :::Sn@tch Winter Window Pose Scene:::

My son, is in bed! What? It’s only 10:30 pm here! The only night of the year my 10 year old offers to go to bed! And this year I actually wrapped all the presents ahead of time, well except the sled and hockey stick, but they get a bow hehe, now I am just sitting back and drinking a Bailey’s latte and reflecting.

I remember 2 years ago, wrapping all the gifts while trying to win a dress at Crimson Shadow (awww I really miss that sim) on a lucky chair and sitting up until 6 am, then being woken up at 7:30 to my son screaming Santa came! lolz
Well I am ahead of the game this year for the very first time ever, why? I do not know, so I guess I should be ever so thankful. I am very thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened the past year, But most of all for my friends and family, in rl and sl. I have a wonderful support system and I wanted to wish them all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy turkey day tomorrow. I luv you all! Even if you are in missing status, ya you Miss Paris! But I know she is all cozy at home with her Mom, and wish them all the best!
As for my bestie that is here, I coaxed her into taking a pic with me today, and we had a bit of fun, so I thought I would share, whether she likes it or not hehe.
Merry Christmas Mikayla, we fight and get on each others nerves lolz, but I love ya all the same, never forget that!
I would also like to thank all the wonderful people of SL, I am very thankful to all the wonderful designers, without you where would my poor little Evi be? Bald and naked for sure! And thank you to all the wonderful Bloggers out there to, wow without you I would never have been able to navigate around this world!
I wish I could thank everyone individually but really I would be here till Valentines Day at least! Then I would have to start the whole process over again. So for now;
 Thank you and wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Warm and Healthy one as well!
Hair: Exile – Artemis-Angel Dust, gift under the tree
Skin: LAQ – Vilda in peach, Christmas gift in SOM
Outfit: Mimikri – Piz White, group gift in notices(group fee 250L)
Boots: *G Field* –  Long Fur Cuff Boots – White
And of course this wonderful Reindeer: FD Decor – Yay! I finally won this in the lucky chair


I know it’s Christmas, but is it so wrong for me to want to be a cowgirl on the night before, the night before Christmas? Meh, ah well what can I say, I Wanna be a Cowgirl Today! hehe
And really, it is not because I just have not opened all my wonderful Christmas gifts given within the last couple of days….wink…wink.
So here we go, I finally made it to {mon tissu}, the collaboration between the oh so yummy Elie Spot (Emma Gilmour of Surf Co.) and Anouk Spot (Juliette Westerburg of Tres Blah) and all I can say is wow! Defies words almost, the details of the fabric as well as the the actual sculpts (which by the way I did not have to edit at all!) is really just amazing! It took all my effort not to buy out the whole store.

I also made a trip next door to Tres Blah and picked up Miss Juliettes’ newest skin Blessa, as I have been hankering (little cowgirl reference there) over this skin for a few days now.

So with a few extras from my inventory, a Cowgirl I became on the night before, the night before Christmas hehe.

And a Cowgirl has to be able to ride, no?
Ah well, I had to throw a little Christmas in there. I hope everyone is getting excited, on the night before the night before Christmas……..and I promise never to write that again lolz
Ok, shut up Evi and roll the damn credits already!
Hair: Reek – Topeka 2 – Dark Brown
Skin: Tres Blah – dark Blessa – Clean 
Earrings: Earthstones – Mara Hoop – Amber
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer (store in now closed) which hurts loved this store!
Ring: Kyoot Gacha – Dakota Pearl ring #4
Bracelet: {M2M} – Lee Leather Bangle ( I think this was an older gift)
Blouse: {mon tissu} – So Boho Blouse – Brown
Jeans: Nyte’N’Day – Shred Jeans Black
Boots: { mon tissu} – Province Riding Boots – Dark Brown
Oh I almost forgot the Flying Reindeer, well I picked him up at a lucky chair@ Love Soul over 2 years ago, and I just left there and guess what you can still get him in the lucky chairs! Yay!

Dontcha just love when scrounging around in your inventory, and something wonderful turns out in way of an outfit, you actually would have bought even if it was altogether?

I am a admitted SL inventory hoarder. If I can’t use it now I will box it up and hope to remember it later. Yes, I am sure I have over 100,000 items but when my inventory loads it only shows I have just below 30,000. Hehe the wonders of boxing up all the wonderful items, and it also makes me feel like I know how to sort wisely (which by the way I do not, so I fake it)

This outfit consists of quite a few different stores, but I started with the kewtest mittens from Sweetest Good-bye, which are right now a group gift, Then came the YS&YS Yeti boots from The Dressing Room this week. And I cannot forget the Hair! OMG I swear Hair is by far the largest file in my inventory. This is the new group gift from Argrace, it comes in several colors of Hair, as well as with and without the ear muffs which are texture change too! Oh and what can I say that has not been already said about the Skin, Glam Affair, my absolute favorite skin store at the moment. This skin is the Christmas group gift from the new Jadis line, you will find it in the notices. Now they do have a small group join fee 30L but well worth it for a normally 1K skin!
Well enough of my ramblings today, Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!
Credits continued
Vest: ][AV][ – Vest Fur Brown long
Shirt: [Cynful] – The Ari Sweater (Happy Holidays hunt item) 
Necklace: Mynerva – Victorian Clog Necklace 10L special
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt Burnt
Skirt: Peqe(Fume) – Med Fur Dress, but I am wearing just the skirt
Tights: !Doux Petit – Crochet Tights in Beige
Moles: cheLLe – (moles) Beauty Marks