No, no render volume here, or any other settings you may use in this menu hehe. Just a little info about this blog.

I love to blog, its fun and adds a little something to my sl that I had been missing for quite sometime. I like to take photos and experiment with my look of the day. This blog is also used as a tool for me as well, I can look back at my 2014 Hair Fair Post and see all the styles I have and pick the one that completes my look. My blog roll; omg I love my blog roll….all my absolute favorite bloggers, designers and feeds are just one click away. It is kind of like my style diary…every once in a while I look back to when I started to blog and am very amused…….live and learn and I continue to learn each day.

I yack and ramble sometimes, but yes most of the time I poop rainbows lol, Only because why would you blog something you do not absolutely adore? But sometimes I just ramble on about my day, please never take offense, sometimes I can be a tad sarcastic and wanna poke the bear, but everyone has those days I suppose. I write like I talk……so bare with me, bottom line I love taking photos and hopefully what I think is pretty, some of you will enjoy as well.

***Review Items; I tend to have a full sl and rl plate…..however if you would like me to consider your designs please contact me via notecard or folder with store information & slurls included. Please realize I  have quite a few favorite designs which I cover, and I have a rl family with full-time job, so time is not usually on my side but if I adore your designs you will see them here. Also please do not feel bad if I have not blogged your items, this just means it is not my current style, but more often than not it is others.

~always dance like nobody’s watching!

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