See You Soonish

Ola, You may have noticed that I have been falling behind lately. I have been having major problems with my graphics on my computer. I finally took it in yesterday and I have found out that one of my fans had stopped working and may have overheated my video card/motherboard. 😦

Luckily I purchased in store warranty so they have to fix it in 5 business days or replace the whole rig with a brand new one. I hope to be back very soon, until then happy shopping and pay no mind if you notice me drooling over your blogs 🙂

Have a wonderful week and I will definitely see you soonish 🙂

Update: Well today I received the phone call from the store where my notebook was purchased almost 2 years ago, and they informed me that the fan for my g75 is harder to get than they realized. As per store warranty if it takes longer than 5 business days to get the parts they replace my rig equivalent to today’s standards, so tomorrow I will have a brand new computer and omg I cannot wait!

I have missed blogging so much!!! I hope to get on tomorrow night and cram in some goodness for you. In other news we are in the midst of moving and my house is a total disaster lol……but when I finally get to sit down in the evening I sure do miss my asus!

Have an amazing night and I will see you soonish!!!! 😀


Update: I am back yeah!!!!!! I finally received a new computer and I shall return in the morning to post some goodness from The Liaison Collaborative! So much has happened, we are moving this weekend of course, to a wonderful brand new condo with all the fix-ins! I am so excited!! Oh and while I was computer-less I picked up a real life job lol, ok I was really bored hehe 😉

But tomorrow before my son gets up and my hubs gets home I will be back blogging finally, I did all the work today getting my notebook up to date with all my viewers and programs, I’ve even picked out an outfit, but my eyes are so bleary I must sleep immediately………but I shall return in the early hours for some fashion fun yes?!!!

Until then I will see you soonish for realz this time!!! 🙂

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