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Ola! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I spent mine shopping and sight-seeing and of course finally making a yummy roast beast. I slipped away a few days back to the new Island of Isla Okiddo to take a few photos. Now being my silly self I found this in the Editor’s Picks in the Destination Guide and it looked fabulous. In fact I took all my photos in this amazing jungle goodness and edited them, posted and then returned for a full look at this fantastically lush Isla Okiddo.

To my surprise I had been privy to the knowledge of Isla Okiddo before it even opened. Between surgery at the beginning of the month and recuperation as well as using the official sl viewer, which I don’t mind so much but I had not really updated my preferences so I lost a whole hell of a lot of personal messages. I totally missed the pre-invite and a whack load of im’s from the lovely Ms. Liara Okiddo, who is not only a wonderful conversationalist, she is also an amazing artist and sl photographer as well.

When you land on the Isla Okiddo, you notice the beautifully lush landscape and a pathway. The further you walk into this magnificently decorated jungle, you realize this is a place that you love immediately. There are many photogenic spots like the beach, or atop on the look out, or being captivated inside by the waterfalls and vegetation. Then you realize as you keep walking that there is a whole other side to this alluring place.

Isla Okiddo (4)s

Isla Okiddo (5)sAs you travel around the island, you will see the most amazing art exhibit. built by Liara Okiddo. I was asked a few months back for the use of my photo for an art exhibit. Liara thought my portrait ‘Queen of Babylon‘ was powerful, but as I wandered around I was simply astounded at being included in this wonderful showing of some of sl’s most beautiful strong women photographers. Photo’s I have loved from afar.

Isla Okiddo (6)s

Isla Okiddo (7sI found the whole experience being totally mystified and enchanting. I absolutely love the idea of taking art and collaborating in a way that makes sense. I have to say I was positively speechless when done and I certainly did not want to leave. To me this Island has a power combined with beauty and has breathtaking solidarity, that should be seen by all.

I want to thank Liara Okiddo for the many, many……many hours of love she put into the Isla Okiddo. I am proud to be a part of this in every single way. I hope you all visit if you have not yet and do not forget to sign and or leave a message for Liara in the guestbook, as the Isla Okiddo will only be open for about four more short weeks.

See you soonish 🙂


Location:  Santa Maria Island


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