A Pretty Work In Progress

A Pretty Work In Progress

Ola! I am attempting some blogging today, my kidlet brought home the flu last weekend, which in turn landed me right back into the hospital. Bleh so I have been in and out of sl for the last few days trying to get something…….ok anything done. When you feel like crap though nothing seems right, including my photos.

I decided to start out with a few amazing creations from Hanaya, Moriko gave me these perfectly pretty mesh Greenhouses a few weeks back and I was dying to blog them. This Coastal Garden Mesh Summer Greenhouse with the wonderful garden add-on is sumptuous. These are available in all four seasons and are a must have!

I have added a few of her new Pharos Garden Lanterns as well……..which are perfect for your garden as well.  The Mesh Cedar Bird Feeder Set with Rustic Table is an older Hanaya release, but I always make sure to add this into my summer landscaping.

As you can see this is still a work in progress, I have yet to fill up the Mesh Summer Greenhouse, but that is what I am working on now, gathering items in my inventory and will blog at a later date yes?

Have an amazing afternoon and I will definitely…………………………….. see you soonish 🙂

Greenhouse: Hanaya ~ Coastal Garden Mesh Greenhouse in Summer w/add-on for Summer Green House New ❤
Lanterns: Hanaya ~ Tall Pharos Brick Garden Lantern & Short Pharos Stone Garden Lantern New ❤
Table/Birdhouse: Hanaya ~ Mesh Cedar Bird Feeder Set w/Birds & Rustic Table

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