Let It Go

Here I Stand

Let The Storm Rage On....

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Good morning. Now I know I am a little behind on the Frozen front, but sometimes a song just seems like it is tailored made for how you feel, not only do I absolutely love the Disney movie Frozen, but the song Let It Go sums up exactly how I feel these days, empowered. I worry so much about so many things in rl and sl.

I am always staying one step ahead, I try not to get close to many as I have been hurt before, I know there are so many that feel this way in our wonderful land, but yet it still happens. Kingdom of isolation, Don’t let them in, Don’t let them see, be the good girl you always have to be, Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know……..sound familiar? I think now that I have had a voice in sl and have been blogging for over three years (wow!) that it’s time to not care what they’re going to say and just be me. Stepping back from each life for the past few weeks has really helped me look at the small problems and fears that look tiny in comparison to the big picture. It is time to test my limits and look beyond them, the past is just the past. I hope to continue down this path in both lives. Ok enough of my blather…….listen to the song if you haven’t already heard it a million times, this post is my version of Elsa just waking up and letting it go.

I had the gorgeous Elsa style from Monso that I adore, then I nabbed the beautiful mesh Highgarden Frozen Gown from Peqe at We ❤ Roleplay (this round is just simply amazing!) So when I teleported into the skin fair and snapped up the newest and most gorgeous Romy Skin from Glam Affair, I just had to put it altogether and of course find a snowy sim lol, which is harder than you think it might be lol.

Anyway, I cannot compare my photo’s to Aida, Glam Affair Creator. Aida set’s the bar so high with her wonderful flawless visions, that I run and grab her newest immediately! Romy is another beautiful addition to the Glam Affair line. You pick your favorite tone for your base skin, or grab them all, the base Romy Skin comes with five cheek blush layers, eight eyebrow layers and nine different freckle and mole layers <33 these. Then you buy all the add-ons separately. I simply love the idea that you can personally tailor your whole line up from noses, cheeks, eyebrows to eye shadow, liners and of course sumptuous lip layers!

Ugh I just have to rave about these wonderful Long Lace Gloves from Coepio, Thank you!!! These beauties come in white and black and include appliers for SLink AvEnhance Hands…….I have been looking so long for this type of glove, the only pair I owned I had to take my SLink Hands off to use………*Take off my SLink Hands and Flair Nails?!!!* haha this is something I am not in favor of doing these days! I picked these up at Coepio at SLink West a few days back and they are already a favorite and I want them in every available color known to sl women 🙂

Ok I am off for a bit, I hope you all enjoy your Friday and remember to Let It Go, turn away and slam that door!

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway!

Skin Fair 2014

Sim 1 ~ Sim 2 ~ Sim 3

Hair: Monso ~ Elsa Rigged Mesh in Browns
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Romy Base in America w/Brow 01 F, Dark Line 01 Eye Makeup, Freckles & Moles 05 & America SLink Hand Appliers All New Avail@The 2014 Skin Fair Sim 2
Eyes: Ikon ~ Mesh Promise Eyes in Storm w/hud

Necklace/Earrings: EarthStones ~ Falling Leaves Necklace & Earring in Frost
Gown: Peqe ~ Mesh Highgarden Frozen Gown New Avail@We ❤ Roleplay
Gloves: Coepio ~ Long Gloves in White w/SLink AvEnhance Hand Appliers New ❤ Avail@SLink West
Ring: LaGyo ~ Mackenzie Ring in Silver New ❤ Avail@C88
Nails: Flair ~ Set 140  Nail Add-on Hud for SLink AvEnhance Hands/Feet 
Hands : SLink ~ Mesh AvEnhance Casual Hands
Poses: *PosESioN* ~ Element 1, 5 & 10
Location: Land of the Frozen North,Taure Orod 

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