Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats (1)

Halloween Treats (2)

Halloween Treats (3)

Yay! Halloween is finally here…..I am paying tribute to many fabulous Halloween items in this post. I have been collecting all month and I even brought out an older Light & Shadows Lace Mask from Tableau Vivant……it called out to me from my suitcase!

I must quicken my post as I have so many things to do in rl today booooooo hehe But not to worry I have listed all my goodies below. I hope everyone enjoys this fantastic evening and I will certainly…………………………………

See you soonish 🙂

Ears/Spiders: DCNY ~ Both in Web Spider Kitty Outfit New ❤ Avail@Bewbapalooza
Hair: Mina Hair ~ Mesh Blanka w/Crown & Hud New ❤ Avail@Enchantment Opens Nov 1st
Mask: Tableau Vivant ~ Light & Shadows Lace Mask
Skin: -Glam Affair ~ Vera – Horror edition 10 C New ❤ Avail@Horrorfest
Eyes: Crash Republic ~ Liquid Eyes in Gold
Choker: @->~ISD ~ Death’s Grip Choker in Blood New ❤ Avail@Horrorfest
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh (av) Hands in Casual
Hand Appliers: Glam Affair (included with skin)
Nails: Flair ~ Halloween Gift New ❤ 
Rings: Mad’ ~ La Pomme Rotten Ring New ❤ Avail@Enchantment  & MG ~ Duchess Dazzle Jewel Ring Color Change New ❤ Avail@C88
Dress: DCNY ~ Mesh Leather Zip Dress in Black New ❤ Avail@Silicone
Stockings: Bax Coen ~ Ornament Leggings Fishnet
Boots: Bax Coen ~ Mesh Regency Boots in Black Leather
Web Projector: Pretense ~ Web Projector Light in Crystal New ❤ Gacha Item@Horrorfest
Ghosts/Bat/Pumpkins: ~silentsparrow ~ Peachy, Iris & Ash Ghosting Spooky Friends New ❤
Shelf: Llorisen ~ Papy Clock Shelves Halloween Special Edition was a Nest Hunt Gift New ❤
Pumpkin Light: :CP: ~ Distressed Pumpkin Light was a Nest Hunt Gift New ❤ 
Candy Corn: +Half-Deer+ ~ Spilled Candy Corn Original New ❤ 
Cookies: Status ~ Frankenstein/Pumpkin/Spiderweb Cookies (wearable w/pose) Gacha Items New ❤ 
Cookie Basket: Status ~ Halloween Cookie Basket w/Pose Gacha Prize Rare New ❤ 
Pose: Pretense Poses ~ Litmus 4 New ❤ Thank you so much Gidge 🙂

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