Jade, My Love Is the Evening Breeze Touching Your Skin

My Love Is the Evening Breeze Touching Your Skin (1)

My Love Is the Evening Breeze Touching Your Skin (2)

My Love Is the Evening Breeze Touching Your Skin (3)

My Love Is the Evening Breeze Touching Your Skin (4)

My Love Is the Evening Breeze Touching Your Skin (5)

Good Morning…….or maybe good night! You just never know in second life which time zone everyone is in, so I need cover all bases.

This morning I have a wonderful teaser for you! A brand new beautiful skin from PXL! We had a small glimpse of Jade a few months back at Collabor 88, but the full line will be available shortly for purchase. I was so excited to see these amazing beauties, we had company and I saw them in my email and ran upstairs and logged in and tried to wait ever so patiently for my company to leave hehe. These are the times when you want to be doing nothing in rl hehe. But to get back to Jade, she is positively the most amazing skin, all her lipsticks are shown as they are built into the skin……but there are freckled versions that come with as well…….I will be no doubt be wearing those soon. There are also an amazing assortment of Eye shadows and Liners to wear with and of course three new Mole Layers in Dark Medium and Light……these I love and I am wearing them above in every photo…….Jade also comes with three Lip Gloss Tattoos, Eyebrow Eraser Tatoos, Cleavage layers and five Eyebrow colors. There is also an enhanced version to every skin………… love Love LOVE Jade and I know you will as well!

I decided on this perfectly gorgeous Kun Style from !Ohmai out for The 2013 Hair Fair. Kun comes in many color packs with a hud for color change and also a hud for the amazing Posies on each side of her…..I think this is a style for all types of outfits as it is very soft. I am also wearing a Hina Maxi Dress from Baiastice. I know I have worn one of these in the past but I love them all so you may see me in more prints or colors!

I am out for a short while……….sleepy very sleepy…………….have a wonderful morning or night and I will………………………………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

2013 Hair Fair Logo

Hair: !Ohmai ~ Kun Hair in Browns w/Color Change Hud New ❤ Avail@The 2013 Hair Fair
Skin: [PXL] Creations ~ Jade Natural w/PeachyPink Lips MEB C2/Med Moles Tattoo New ❤
Row 1: JADE in Natural w/ Bare Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Cherry Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Chocolate Lips MEB C2,  JADE in Natural Cyclamen Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Fade Lips MEB C2
Row 2: JADE in Natural Mauve Lips C2 MEB, JADE in Natural Pale Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Peach Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural PeachyPink Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Pink Lips MEB C2
Row 3: JADE in Natural PleaseMe Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Red Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Rose Lips MEB C2, JADE in Natural Wine Lips MEB C2, JADE NAT WineLight Lips MEB C2
Eyelashes: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.02
Eyes: Ikon ~ Ascension Eyes in Industrial New ❤
Hands: SLink ~ Mesh Avatar Advancement Hands in Casual
Hand Appliers: [PXL] Creations ~ Hand Appliers in Natural Tone
Nails: Flair ~ Nail Hud Add-on for SLink AA Mesh Hands/Feet Set 112 in Na New ❤
Jewelry: League ~ Vintage Lace Bib Necklace In Light Taupe Ribbon/Hand Bracelet
Gown: Baiastice ~ Hina Maxi Dress in Tropical Lavender Print
Pose: Di’s Opera ~ No Reasons 4 New ❤

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