2013 Hair Fair Photo Contest (part ll)

Hair Fair Photo Contest Prizes Poster

Hi there! Everyone who reads my blog knows I am the biggest hair fan ever, and this is truly the most wonderful time of the year for me ūüėČ as the 2013 Hair Fair approaches I am all excited, being a hair lover by trade, I cannot wait to see all the wonderful new styles………knowing as well that the most important aspect is that all proceeds are given to¬†Wigs for Kids. Now given that I have recently had a run in with something serious, I found myself researching the actual cost of a wig(s)………. and this is truly an amazing way to help out.

Have you entered the 2013 Hair Fair Photo Contest? You still have time, the contest runs until midnight June 28th, 2013 and look at all the wonderful prizes you can win!!!! The theme is ‘Movies that Inspire Me’ Make sure to show off those lovely locks and win a chance at Free Hair…..a VR Studio System by VR Foundry, which I can tell you is simply the best Photo Studio, as I have owned mine for over 3 years now and would not live without it, blogger or not everyone needs one! Oh last but not least you get VIP Early Access to the 2013 Hair Fair……..Sweet!

Remember you can wear any hair style you own, these styles do not need to be from the 2013 Hair Participants, this is a celebration for the love of all hair……….just make sure your photos have been taken since the start of the contest June 7th of 2013, and have not been entered in any other contest. You can also enter up to 8 times! Make sure not to have any text on the photo, small names are allowed in bottom corners only, and your photo is larger than 512 x 512, when the winners are picked your amazing photos will be uploaded into Second Life and posted at the 2013 Hair Fair and need to be without pixelation. Enter all photos into the Flicker¬†2013 Hair Fair Photo Contest¬†by midnight of July 28th, 2013.

For more information please visit the 2013 Hair Fair Blog  or contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx.

The 2013 Hair Fair Prize Sponsers: Action, Adoness, Alice Project, Alli&Ali Designs, Amacci, Argrace, Ayashi, Bizarre Hair,  Bliensen + MaiTai,  Calico, ChiChickie, Clawtooth, Colors, Curio Obscura, Curious Kitties, DamselFly Hair,  Deco, Eaters Coma, EMO-tions, Enigma Hair, Esk-Imo, Exile, Faenzo, Flair, Gauze, Hair Studio One, Iconic,  Ison,  KMADD, Ladies who Lunch, LaViere,  LeLutka, Loovus Dzevavor, LoQ Hair,  MiaMai, Mina,  Nikita Fride,  OhMai, Ploom,  RedMint, Rosy Mood, Slink,  Sugarsmack,  sYs, Tableau Vivant, Tameless,  Vanity Hair,  VIOLATOR, VR Studio by VR Foundry, Wasabi Pills,  WWinx, Xplosion,  Zibska

Bandana Day Kit Poster

Also on the last day of each Hair Fair is Bandana Day, when everyone wears Bandana’s instead of hair for the day……’Remove Our Hair to Show We Care’ Every year designers, bloggers and many more make Bandana’s that are sold all through out the Hair Fair for 50L a piece in support for Wigs for Kids. This year we have our first Mesh Bandana made by Mel Vanbeeck. If you would like to participate please im Sasy Scarborough for a Bandana Kit of your own, all instructions are included in this kit and is a fun project for you to share with all who attend the 2013 Hair Fair.

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