Dear Second Life,

I know I have been away for a while, and I seem to be slacking off where my blogging has been concerned…….but something in my real life has happened. Something you do not expect until it happens……and when it does you think you can overcome and do what comes natural to you as a way to forget and conquer. Well I apparently suck at this because I cannot forget……….and I am not so sure about conquer either…………I am not there just yet. Less than a month ago I heard devastating words, now life seems way more precious. My thought process has stopped, the little things I enjoy now seem like hard work, I log in to Second Life and I seem to drift away.

I am still here……good lawd I do not even want to think about not having my sl right now. But as I am learning to put myself ‘On The Top of the Totem Pole’ I’m also struggling inside on how to deal with and understand what is happening to me. I have come through my surgery with wonderful results although in pain and medicated mostly, and even survived a week with my mother-in-law afterwards (um never again). I think I mainly need to take my time on how I go about doing things which includes my wonderful blog and the many wonderful designers that entrust me with their designs.

I will try my best to get my posts out in a manageable time albeit maybe slower than usual and I will not be applying to cover any events for the next little while as I will have treatment to go through which is still yet undetermined. I do not want to disappoint anyone, much less myself, or try to keep up when it may not be possible.

Right now I just need to do what I need to, sleep when I need to and hopefully still have fun logging into sl and blogging when I can. I hope everyone understands, SL is still where I come to relax….have fun…..dress up and be pretty. I just wanted everyone to know why I will be in and out for a while and to not think I am just being super lazy or kicking the sl habit without giving away all my fish, and ya something else is going on in one of my lives and this one trumps all I suppose, but I am still here and happy to be…..even if I am asleep at the wheel sometimes 😉

Luv Evi

6 thoughts on “Dear Second Life,

  1. Hang in there and take the time you need to take care of yourself (first). SL will be here when you want to relax and enjoy. Use it as therapy and do not let it use you. xo

    • You know I have typed these same words to others when they seemed to be searching for some balance and having a hard time…..but sometimes these words do not come to mind when it’s happening to you…….and it’s exactly what I needed to hear 🙂 Thank you so much Venus ❤ and I promise to do just that <333

    • That is so very sweet Katy, thank you so much for the kind thoughts 🙂 You think you are taking care of yourself all along and then the rug gets taken out from under you, that’s when you realize how vulnerable you really are I think……but you are right and it’s time to take care of me and everything else will fall into place. Thank you ❤

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