Windows to the Soul

Ola! I am asked about my eyes almost on a daily basis these days, so I thought I would do a post on the most beautiful eyes on the market. First off I am very picky about selecting my eyes, some are to dark around the edges, some also either seem to have iris’s that are really large and engulf my whole eye, which admittedly are very small. When I started to blog I noticed that I really had large eyes, so I made them smaller and more proportioned to my face.

I am in total lust with Ikon Eyes, I wear them almost exclusively these days. Ikon has just introduced The Eternal Eyes line and I cannot believe how beautifully detailed and real they look. I have somewhat of a small collection already 😉 so I thought I would share with you the colors I have on hand. I do not have a favorite……..but only because I cannot decide haha I love them all!

There are also many ways to frame these wonderful eyes. Now I am still in favor of my prim eyelashes, I wear Baiastice Model Eyelashes mostly. There are an amazing amount of Mesh Eyelashes out there, but I find that when I pull back for photos they seem to disappear on me, even with my mesh concurrent being high, so I stick with prim for now. But when I am wearing mesh hair that might cover my eyes at some point I wear ‘Boom Love My Eyes Liner & Mascara in Thick Eyelash’ Tattoo. Sometimes if I am looking for a more dramatic look I will wear both sets of eyelashes together. All the better to frame these most magnificent eyes with I think. One other thing I should mention, that if you are in the Ikon VIP Group, there are a free pair of Eyes given out on the first weekend of every month. These are usually one or two of Ikons’ New Releases……so worth the group spot!

Ok I am off for a bit, but I have so many more things to blog, until then I will………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Amelie Mesh Hair in Wild Honey New ❤
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Geanna Skin in Sunkissed New ❤
Eyes: Ikon ~ Eternal Eyes in Blue New ❤
Eyelashes: Baiastice ~ Model Eyelashes in Black
Necklace: Izzie’s ~ 50’s Pearl Necklace in Red
Top: The Secret Store ~ Sweet Sheer in Polka New ❤

Pic2 Ikon Eternal Eyes: New ❤
Blue, Blue Gray, Ice
Pool, Silver, Dew
Field, Glass, Gray
Gray Green, Green, Hazel
Sand, Tobacco & Wood
Eyelashes: Boom ~ Love My Eyes Liner & Mascara in Thick

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