In a Different Light

Ola, I am back again with a kewt Betty skin and outfit from Iren. Iren always makes the most interesting skins, I adore the dark heavy eyebrows and rich red lips, kinda makes you want to get down, especially with these fabulous boots from Bubble Electric! I need every color I tell you, because they just spell out R E T R O to me 🙂

The Ladies Scarf and Hair is from Iren as well and is most amazing and everyone needs this combo, whether it be for a vintage look or not, this ensemble should make its way into every one’s closet!!!

You are not going to tire of my Vintage Fair looks are you? You better not because as you can tell this is my favorite genre and I have many more looks to come! But for now I will………………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

Scarf/Hair: Iren ~ Ladies Scarf in Coffeebean New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Skin: Iren ~ Betty New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Glasses: Purple Moon Creations ~ Coco Sunglasses in Pearl New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Smoke: Virtual Insanity ~ Lucky Stroke Ciggie Smoked in Pink
Top: Iren ~ Cropped Shirt in Denim Pinup New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Shorts: Iren ~ High Waist Pants in Colored Denim New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Boots: Bubble Electric ~ Worn Boots in Grape New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
TV: Laura Liberty@Builders Depot 

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