Viva la Vintage

Ola! I am back……after a very long power outage yesterday. Wow you are just never prepared for something like this, I mean you can have the candles and flashlights, but what do you do with your food? Well you take it up to the grocery store 3 miles away and hope like hell they will understand………..and when they do you camp out in your house…….because your husband has to work the next day(yes on the long weekend) and you make it as fun as possible for your 12 year old son! Whew what a day!

Anyhoo, The Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair has started!!!!! Purple Moon has an excellent vintage ensemble which you see here. The mesh Jackie Vest and Skirt are so very pretty, and the Coco glasses are just downright stunning, pair them with the beautiful Loovus Dzevavor Betty Hair and the kewtest little Miss Hostess hat from BaObA, lest not forget the fabulous Iona Timeless Skin from Atomic and the totally retro Worn Boots from Bubble Electric and you have yourself quite the vintage regalia!!!

Now, The Karl Chair I knew I wanted from the start, I grew up with grandparents who never threw anything good out, so we had two of these in our house, a left and a right version…….my gawd I should have kept those because I sure do adore this texture change chair now. The animations in this chair are really perfect, I will be back to show you those a little later though:)

Ok I am off to try and catch up a bit! I will be back with more absolute fabulous exclusive items available at this years Vintage Fair…………..until then happy shopping and I will………………….

See you soonish 🙂

Hat: BaObA ~ Miss Hostess in Black New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Hair: [[Loovus Dzevavor]] ~ Betty Hair in Noir 4 New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Glasses: Purple Moon Creations ~ Coco Sunglasses in Black New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Skin: [Atomic] ~ Iona Skin Fair Timeless BrB New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Makeup Layers: Belleza ~ Beauty Mark 1 & Boom ~ Love My Eyes Liner & Mascara in Thick
Eyes: Ikon ~ Horizon Eyes v2 in Caramel
Top: Purple Moon Creations ~ Mesh Jackie Vest in Black & White, Black Boucle New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Skirt: Purple Moon Creations ~ Mesh Jackie Skirt in Black & White, Black Boucle New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Gloves: Sn@tch ~ Tango Latex Gloves
Cuff: W&B ~ Polished Cuff Texture Change
Ring: Bens Beauty ~ Vintage Ring 1 New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Bag: Maitreya ~ MCEHT Mesh Clutch
Boots: Bubble Electric ~ Mesh Worn Boots in Metal New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Chair: % ~ The Karl Chair Textured New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair
Clock: Lisp ~ Vine “Vite” Bistro Clock New ❤ Available@Zombie Popcorn
Poses: EverGlow ~ Girls New ❤ Available@Chic Management 2012 Vintage Fair

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