Ola! Here I am completely unedited, no hair, no prim feet, no prims or scripts. All jewely off, my prim eyelashes tossed to the floor in haste………..no nails or sculpts of any kind……………Why am I broadcasting my completely unedited look?

Well I am on my way into the 2012 Vintage Fair. Do I need all that paraphernalia as I am going out shopping for all the goodies? NO

I am not going to a fashion show or in one, I do not care who sees me in my true linden form. I am shopping at the Vintage Fair for items I want, do these items care what I look like? lol sounds funny I know but I really just have to prepare myself for lag, script lag, sculpt lag or oh noes………lag that comes from having a very full high volume event!

A shirt and short layer, a few tattoo layers and everything detached is how I can make my Vintage Fair experience a whole hell of a lot easier so I can get down to do some serious shopping. There are many other things I do as well; I lower my draw distance down, I derender or mute avatars that are running on spot because they don’t want a good experience and lag others out as well(you can always remove them later from your block list). And one very important tip I have learned is by hitting  ‘Control Shift Alt 4’ at the same time makes all avatars disappear but not the goodies you are looking to buy! Yes I may bump into you, sorry 😉

So please if you are worried about what others are doing, you are ruining it for yourself. Remove your scripts, prims, hair, feet, anything at all and educate yourself on lag. The sim needs to be restarted? Is this anyone’s fault? No again, it is because of the rush that one of these amazing events cause! Everyone wants in and now! Which I totally understand because I have sat on the tp button for more than one event for hours to get it and then just when everything is rezzing I crash!

Sasy has a wonderful list of things you can do to help yourself and others out with lag here. But most of all just remember The 2012 Vintage Fair is a much waited for event and everyone is trying to get in. There is always a wait……and there are always sim restarts and yes you may crash. You just have to be patient. There are a total of 3 sims that this fair is on and each only hold about 50 people at a time, so do you think that only 150 people want in? hahaha noooooo we all do!

The excitement of events like this unfortunately come with a personal responsibility. So if you are going to stand there and start shouting out names of who is wearing what, or posting anonymous comments on blogs that feature wonderful events like these, it is only you who loses, the rest of us get to shop, come home and dress up in our fabulous outfits.

Remove, Derender and shop like crazy and I will………………………..

See you soonish 🙂

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