Vintage Fair 2012 Preview 2

Ola 🙂 I have been working on and off all day here, my kidlet has been in and out and he broke his iPhone today so off to the apple store we go. But all in all I will be posting two more times before the night is out so I will make up for it ok?

I cannot tell you how much fun I have been having today with dressing up, I have so many beautiful items from this years Vintage Fair by Chic Management …….I cannot decide what to wear? Very different then from having a whole inventory full of clothes and nothing to wear hehe 😉

I spied this itty bitty String Bikini from Mon Cheri and being first item I tried on and I kept going back to it, so first out to blog, why fight it! I absolutely absolutely adore the fabulous bows that adorn this kini……ugh just way too kewt!

Izzie’s has put out amazing Eliza 80’s Skins, but really they could be for all era’s, I love the lips on 80’s Eliza, so glossy and fresh. The last photo of skins are the unedited view straight from sl windlight. I am also wearing Izzie’s nails that of course come with a color change hud. <3333

Take note of this amazing jewelry as well, Rookhold (new store to me) has a beautiful assortment of jewelry out, the One Moment Turquoise Bracelet has a matching necklace (not shown) both are amazing so remember to check this store out! Eclectica has amazing Hats and Jewelry to be had but the color changing Nouveau Leaves Earrings & Ring (there is a whole set) are delicate but still visually appealing. I must eat, sad but true so I will…………………………………………

See you soonish 🙂

One last little note, Thank you so much Envy for changing your land as much as I change my hair lolz. I hop over to your beach to take my kini shots due to the fact I have the most gorgeous little grassy land in sl and you have the most gorgeous beach! muahsssss 

Hair: Artilleri ~ Trixie Hair in Coffee
Eyes: Agnes Finney ~ Beaute Eyes in Silly Soft New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Skin: Izzie’s ~ Eliza Skin 80’s Purple, Eliza 80’s Skin Pink & Eliza Skin 80’s Yellow New ❤ All Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Nails: Izzie’s ~ 80’s Round Nails w/Color Change Hud New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Bracelet: Rookhold ~ One Moment Turquoise Bracelet New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Earrings/Ring: Eclectica ~ Nouveau Leaves Earrings & Ring ~ Hud Color Changing Also Available with Bracelet, Brooch, Hairpiece(side & rear), Necklace and Tiara! New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Bikini: Mon Cheri ~ String Bikini in Gypsy New ❤ Available@Vintage Fair 2012
Feet: Maitreya Gold ~ Bare Foot Tip-Toe

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