Hair Fair 2012 is Open!

Ola 🙂 Well I have been working on this post since 7am yesterday morning believe it or not, in between regular life and grabbing demo's, trying on all the demos and deciding which hair to buy…..well it has taken awhile 🙂 I am not complaining though, Hair Fair is the best sl event there is………If you are as addicted to hair as I am lol.
I would like to thank all the designers that helped me out with this post by providing me with their wonderful creations, but I would also like to thank all the designers of this event, so much love time and work goes into each style so lovingly and then sold for an event that benefits Wigs for Kids.  
Sasy really provides a magnificent event, I adore the build, very easy to maneuver through, looking for these perfect styles. Amazing work all the way around! 
Being my very first Bloggers Hair Day, I royally enjoyed collecting hundreds of demo's of my most favourite item in sl. Something that is not so easily changeable in real life. I literally hoard quite a few lindens leading up to this event just so I can buy what I want, in saying that if I could walk away with every style available I would lol, but alas this just isn't possible 😉 Now I know I have not blogged the way I usually do, but I will, for these pictures are just cropped and a little light added so you can see how the hair really looks, no chopping in this post at all!  Trust me I will be wearing these wonderful styles for quite awhile and will be taking more pretty pictures of all of them 😉

A few quick tips on how I deal with a High Volume Event Lag. However there are many more tips to be had here.
Always either take your hair off or wear a bandana (there will be lots of them for sale at Hair Fair) or just wear a hairbase, but remember going bald is always a fashionable trait when visiting high volume places. Only wear Clothing Layers, Leave your prims at home (this includes Feet, Hands, Jewelry and yes Shoes!) Scripted Huds can be abolished as well, leave them at home too, nobody cares if you walk like a duck while buying up all the beautiful hair! And last but never least I hit Control Shift Alt 4 all at the same time and all the other avi's disappear but not the gorgeous hair vendors you are there for!

There is a Cut in this post so scroll down and see what else I bought! I don't think the feeds would be to happy if I threw up all 15 pictures of my hair huh?
I bid you all a good day (will be night for me) and I hope you enjoy yourselves today (July 14th – July 29th) and the coming weeks at what I consider to be the most wonderful event of the year. Happy Hair Fair 2012!

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4 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2012 is Open!

  1. You definitely win the prize for the most hair shown in one post — and nicely too. 😀 And I never did get to see some of those stores open so I'll have to return — or maybe not. I have a lot of hair now *wink*. See you do too. Cheers.

  2. Yes my favorite sl addiction shows loud and clear in this post huh? There are a few stores that I had not hit up due to not being open when I was there last, but at some point I will go back……because I am terrible lol 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by Chic ❤

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