I Feel Pretty

I feel pretty, I feel pretty, I certainly do…………………………….

I am wearing some amazing clothes and talk about a beautiful skin, and don't even get me started on this hair!

Well it is no secret that I love Love LOVE Baiastice. Not only is Sissy a complete all around doll in second life, she makes the most amazing clothes and accessories! I think she has mastered this new wave of mesh, the accents on each piece of clothing I put on tell me this on a daily basis. I am always so excited to see every creation she puts forth, I know it will not only be beautiful, it will always be creative, its the little details that make this woman one of the Mesh Queens in my book, yes there are mesh kings as well, but not in this post ;)). I mean c'mon we have all put on mesh clothes and thought WTF! The seams are not matching, the skirts are all crooked at the bottom, and they have very sharp corners. Ok ok people have to start somewhere I know, but they could all benefit from working a little harder on certain creations before they put them out for sale, no?
Well Sissy has done this, I have never put on a mesh item from her that has had any of these types of problems, why you ask? Because secretly I think she is a total perfectionist, and all of her clothing/accessories show this in numerous ways! Look at the detail on the side bow of the  Daiquiri dress, the all around smoothness of this dress is just beautiful and no no no, I didn't edit it at all, I never have to edit any of her items, ever. I always wear Baiastice proudly. Not only is this Italian fashion gorgeous, it is also at the top of my list of very favourite stores in second life as a whole.

Now onto another one of my absolute faves in the hair industry (ok ok in all other aspects of fashion too, I'm just wearing the hair today lol) LeLutka! Now this store has been always what I call a "Drop Everything and Go" Store lol. I mean when a notice comes out and it slides into your viewer for further inspection, it is time to drop whatever you are doing and join every other woman (and some men) in the lagfest that a new release produces in this lavish store. Omg do you know how many times I have had to IM LeLutka, because I crash and do not receive my hair, or it is just to laggy for the hair to be sent because a trillion others are all pressing the buy button all at once, I am very surprised I am not totally hated by these wonderful women hehe. Does this make me wait for everyone to leave? Not on you life it doesn't, I am buying up new releases without a care in the world and am always so happy when I get them as I do not have to bug them in IM 😉
Look at this wonderful  Demeter style, it is perfection perched on top of your beautiful head, it is scrumptious always well made and makes you just want to prance around your little abode and feel so pretty knowing you have a head full of LeLutka perfection, ok maybe this is just me especially the little abode part, such is the life of a addict to all hair, skins, jewelry and clothes lol the bigger my inventory gets the smaller my property is, omg fashion first!

Now onto the skin. Belleza is an instant classic beauty in my book. I remember back when I was a noob I participated in a hunt that spanned the grid, it was the first grid wide that included 400+ stores and led me into this beautiful skin store. I have been a member of this group as far back as I can remember, it is a pay group now a days, but worth every penny of that sign up cost. Tricky is by far one of the most generous of group gifters and it always leads me into the store for another classic skin, even with the amount of skin makers these days Belleza is still one of the best on the grid. One look at Lily tells you all you need to know, she is that classic beauty that says "You need a fatpack now!" and that is exactly what I did. This version of Lily is only available at The Skin Addiction Showcase at this moment but there is also a Lily V2 available instore, of which I own at least five of so far……………….lol

I am also wearing quite a few of my other favourite items to go with this amazing ensemble, Ikon eyes, Donna Flora, Epoque, Yummy and {EY:NO] Jewelry, Oh Whippet and Bucket as well, love the colour changing bangle, also an instant classic. I cannot forget the nails, Mandala has the most beautiful nails that come with a hud that has a trillion colours to choose from.

Today I feel pretty in some of my ultimate favourite items. Now time for you to go shopping and I will………..

See you soonish 🙂

**Because I have talked your ear off in this post of love, other colours of the Daiquiri dresses and a full  Belleza skin review as well as credits are after the cut 🙂

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