Summer Shopping Awaits at Culture Shock 2012

Oh hai! Well I braved the lag and shot into Culture Shock as soon as it opened, but I got a tad bit busy this last weekend so I have tons to show you. Ohhh but I just have to say I love love love the invisible script screening as you enter! If this wasn’t such a sought after event and time limited, especially the opening weekend, I could sit all day and watch people bitch and complain that they can’t get in hehe, mean? maybe just a little, but I cant help it 😉  I wore mesh hair and a mesh top with shorts and I walked right through. Goes to show how many just show up in whatever they want and ruin it for others. Congrats Chic Management what a wonderful surprise 🙂

You know I absolutely love Baiastice, Sissy has a style all onto her own. As I moved in and out of stores I spotted this darling little dress, it comes in multiple colours, this was the first dress to rez and I fell in love, even though i waited for them all to rez this was the colour I adored most. The little summer mesh Gygi dress is exactly what I would wear in rl. The soft style really goes amazingly well with the mesh Santigold pumps also from Baiastice and a Culture Shock Exclusive. I accompanied it with the most darling ring from LaGyo, and the smashing new Coco hairstyle from Shag, also from Culture Shock.

The jewels of which I am wearing are from some fantastic sales going on right now. The stain glass blues bangle is from Dark Mouse, she has a tent sale going on in back of the main store. These items are ready for retirement and nothing is over 10L! Entire jewelry sets for 10L? unheard of, go go GO! Do not miss out on these deals!

Donna Flora is also having a sale, she has one whole wall that is up to 70% off! So the dashing Flora Crystal Set was there and I nabbed it up quickly, along with about half of the wall lol, never ever pass up jewels and accessories! Alright I am off for now, until next time I will……………………………

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: Shag Hair ~ Coco in Truffle New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Skin: Hush Skins ~ Emily Passion in Cream db nc New ❤
Necklace/Earrings/Cuff: Donna Flora ~ Flora Crystals Set
Cuff: Dark Mouse ~ Stain Glass Blues Bangle
Ring: LaGyo ~ Cube Ring Bronze ~ Colour Change  New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Bag: Duh! ~ Gothic Bag Hand – Colour Change New ❤
Dress: Baiastice ~ Gygi Mesh Dress in Nude Pink New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Shoes: Baiastice ~ Santigold Mesh Pumps in Bohemian New ❤ Available@Culture Shock
Location: LaPerla II

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