Hi hi, I have a preview of a couple of items from “Back to Black” to show you (which opens on Saturday February 11) Chic Management’s Event to help get the word out on Mental Awareness, you may remember it’s predecessor the “Black and Blue” Fair in 2010. An amazing amount of the best designers all in one easy shopping area, sharing some of their own stories as well as getting the word out about many different types of mental health issues.

There are a whole lot of goodies to be had in “Back to Black” I have a few more previews to come, but as I got back to my little abode and tried on the Esperanza Sn@tch blouse I was a goner, I love the flowing of the sleeve’s and the unbelievable textures that Ivey creates so amazingly.
I also had to pull out my dock for the Tea Time set from Baffle! (it needed to be on the water you see lol) This is an amazing set, comes with everything in the photo; croissants, tea, seats are texture change, 7 poses, and you have your choice of five different colors, I could not pass this up!

I hold mental illness very near and dear to my heart and regard this event as thoroughly impressive, as it tries to help people understand that even though you may not be able to see the pain as a physical hurt, it is underlying and still there each minute of every day. I have lost both my mother and husband at a very young age to the effects of mental anguish that many people suffer each day. As a survivor I refused to believe that I had any illness at all for a very long time; What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? hmmm well that’s subjective I think in any situation. Unbeknownst to many we suffer alone because we keep quiet, we do not want to burden others, when often by doing this we hurt ourselves even more so. But it still always surprises me when I hear other peoples stories, because part of me (ok a whole lot of me) thinks this is only happening to me alone, not out of selfishness but out of pure thought process, when in reality a good many of us are not alone at all, but just do not know or for some reason cannot allow ourselves to see or think this.

Second Life is a platform of anonymity I find. This can be considered a good or bad aspect I suppose, you can hermitize and go off to your own little world (as I have done successfully, up until not so long ago) or you can have many outlets to express, but all in all you still suffer the same on the inside without anyone else being the wiser, even more so here because if people cannot physically see the real you, they will never know if anything is different.

Whew…….that was really deep for my little fashionista blog I guess, but as I get older, bolder and hear my voice, certain things need to be said (which remains to be seen if I can’t hit the publish button). Second Life, Real Life it all entwines into one another at some point, doesn’t it?

See you soonish 🙂

Hair: LeLutka ~ Blythe Hair in Blonde Fun
Skin: Al Vulo! ~ Polly 2 in Peacock Caramel New ❤
Necklace: Earths Bangles & other Creations ~ Besties Lock Necklace (comes w/2 necklaces, one with a lock & one with key to give to your bestie, both are full texture change) New ❤ Available@Back to Black opens Feb 11, 2012
Blouse: Sn@tch ~ Esperanza Blouse in Aqua New ❤ Available@Back to Black Event Feb 11, 2012
Bellychain: Finesmith ~ Sahara Bellychain
Skirt: Bounce ~ Mesh Serenity Long Skirt in Birds New ❤ Available@Back to Black Event Feb 11, 2012
Feet: Slink ~ Jolie Pied Flat Barefeet V3 (one day I will update to mesh) lol
Table Set: Baffle! ~ TeaTime (Breakfast Table with Tea & Croissionts, comes in 5 different textures, Seats are texture change, 53 prims in total) ugh so adorable! New ❤ Available@Back to Black Event Feb 11, 2012

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