Getting Ready for the Last Fifty Linden Friday

I never thought I would see the day, when Fifty Linden Friday was over. Little bit of sadness thinking “Awwwww what am I going to do now on Fridays?” Then I think, “Holy crap have I really been shopping these sales for over 2 years now?” lolz

All in all it is an era coming to an end, oh we all know there will be more sales, they have kinda taken over some, but this was the first of its kind, the beginning, yep even before we had sales blogs. FLF was the mother of all the sales that followed, it was the one you had to actually O-M-G tp into all the stores, crash a billion times, stand on people and yes sometimes wait, oh the horror (that’s sarcasm by the way) lol

So as we all say goodbye to FLF, maybe we could thank all the creators for giving us great deals on their very hard work, and for the organizers as well, What an amazing amount of work to do, with sometimes being a thankless job.

So from me to you. Love Loved FLF, and thank you, and I cant wait to see what is out tonight, the list is long and for old times sake, I will be doing the trek for the last time, and I think I am just as excited tonight as I was for the very first Fifty Linden Friday! 😉 Ya I know I’m a dork lol

*Inserts Shameless Plug here for Seraphim, for the people that do not want to tp around,
oh and “Hey Vixen Hey” <<<< see what I did there? rofl  ;))

The skin I am wearing is a brand new special skin, Polly is her name and she is beautiful! Al Vulo has Polly out for sale in store and each tone is only 300L OMG go now……. what are you waiting for huh?!

One more thing, ugh I’m all chatty, I made Cajsa Lilliehooks‘ Column “What I Like” with my Red Leopard post, squeals, go see! lol  ~ Thank you again Cajsa 🙂
See you soonish 🙂
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Lady Boy in Umber NEW ❤
Skin: al vulo! ~ Polly in Natural Sunkissed  NEW ❤ also includes teeth(not shown)
Piercing: Somnia ~ Peace Sign Lip Ring Set. TY ❤
Necklace: Nylon Outfitters/Yummy ~ 50L Coin Necklace  NEW Available for FLF
Ring: LaGyo ~ Shield Ring gold/Black NEW ❤
Hoodie: Maitreya ~ Jam Hoody in Black- older but still
Jeans: mon tissu ~ Lou Lou Denim Black
Boots: Coco ~ Knee High Boots

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