Baby It’s Cold Outside

Ok, this so does not reflect how cold it is in my frigid city in the real world right now, we are sitting at -19 degrees with blowing snow, but I still have to go out and shop for a birthday gift for a party my son has been invited to ugh. Wish me luck lol

My whole outfit today has been built around this amazing mesh hair release with texture change scarf, from Wasabi Pills. They are really rockin out the mesh hair lately and truth be told, I am trying to entice my dear friend Pet to join me over on the darkside of the LL mesh viewer! lol (c’mon woman, Cern and I will give you all the tips you need!) 😉

My outfit consists of the depths of my inventory, sometimes I go there and it is a dark and lonely place lol, with over 35k worth of items(oh and I know that is not a huge amount to some lol) I still have some ultimate favourite things that I love and keep around for obvious reasons. Have a wonderful Friday and brrrrrr outside I go! lol

See you soonish 🙂
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Brrree Mesh Hair Black Coffee NEW
Skin: LAQ ~ Olivia Fair 04
Sweater: W&B ~ Womans Contrast Long Sleeve Yellow/Metal Floral
Mittens: League ~ Sheepskin Mittens Light Brown
Bag: Sey ~ Signature 01 Bucket Bag
Jeans: League ~ Garage Jeans Cool Blue
Boots: Surf Couture ~ Elsa Boots Original

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