Comfortably Alone


Well, going through a three hour long mean-kinda-LL-forced upon-viewer-hell, then finding an old-Kirstens-viewer-full-of-goodness, I am in a few-of-my-favourite-things. Some older, some newer, some even free; but never-the-less, a little bit of everything that is good in my little sidebar-suitcase

This set my mood today, coming upon my 4th rez day, I find myself kinda reminiscing about the past, laughing at how outrageous my noob thoughts were when I rezzed. Renting an apartment on a sim with the worlds largest sex bed, and being disgusted that people could come into my home and sit on my poseballs, the nerve!!! amiright? lol Today I don’t even use my orb, but I am a bit more selective on where I live lolz

Rehashing over my own little personal dramz that everyone has in sl. Laughing at myself and of course at a few select others that still remain in the wtf category ;))  I always feel a touch of sadness though whenever I read those secrets, you know the ones? Being alone in sl, cause I get it, I am sure quite a few of us do. Knowing I have an awesome rl family(whom I am rarely alone from lol), may bring me the benefit of being alone, without being lonely though. As well as having one crazy friend(said with luv), whom I can argue on or offline with(thank gawd for our iphones) and still know she’ll be there when I log in again(even after long breaks). But there are still those few moments here and there, small ones that are sometimes missed, when you have something exciting happen, you want to share, and the opportunity is just not there. But on the whole, it may be easier to hermitize these days, don’t ya think? Harder to put yourself out there and have consistent shots taken at you left, right and center, for absolutely NO reason, other than they can! Being alone on purpose might not be a bad idea, for the most part anyway 😉

See you soonish 🙂
Hair: Analog Dog ~ Madison 2 in Cacao NEW
Skin: Curio ~ Jasmine 2 China Rose in Shell 
Sweater: Sn@tch ~ November Cropped Sweater in Black NEW Available@the Flesh Game
Tank: Atomic ~ Sheer Comfort in Pitch Black
Rings: Sn@tch: Raven Ring NEW Available@the Flesh Game ~ [EY:NO] French Leo Nails/Bow Ring NEW Available@The Grunge Soul Project
Belt: Nyte’n’Day ~ Ginger Belt Black/Silver Studs
Purse: Duh! ~ Little Black Beaded Clutch(really old hunt gift)                    
Jeans: Luck Inc ~ Tyra Jeans Bleached Blue Striped 
Shoes: N-Core ~ Ultraplatform Noir Intense NEW and Awesome! Do Not Pass These Up!

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