Female Avatar or Cat?

ObviousAvatar1: “camming ppl through the whole stores rude” 
     ObviousAvatar2 : “running into people with out saying sorry is RUDE AS HELL too”
Well alrighty then, I was just on my merry little way, out and about hunting up pumpkins(zomg its only 
October 1st and I’m already hunting pumpkins lol) But this is what I walk into when I enter a really
kewt store I have never been to before lol.
Ok maybe its me, I don’t know I am almost 4 years old, what happened to the days when you said “Hey, I love your Dress, Where did it come from?” or “Sorry for the bump”. I miss those days really, not sure but things have really changed a whole hell of a lot in sl. Those type of conversations used to be fun, sometimes led to friendships, sometimes nothing but pleasant commentary but on the whole made for a better day in sl for me. 
AND when did it become wrong to cam and edit something someone is wearing, or to perv a profile? ZOMG really? Isn’t that what a profile is for? To find about about an avatar? Wow
Maybe I am indifferent, I do not care if someone is perving me, but then again, I don’t use show look at or even a radar for that matter lol (ya I only know if a friend is nearby by way of tiny yellow dot, that’s if I have my map open lol) Rambling away, I am by no way perfect, and can be a queen cat myself, but I keep it between moi and a trusted few who understand my sarcasm and know I am usually goofing around and trying to be funny.
Still things have changed,
or after a few months off from sl, its just me that has………or maybe its the Tylenol Cold & Flu I swallowed and should be in bed, or perhaps I just chose to wear the Cat today instead 😉
See ya soonish, and Good Night!
Skin: Mojo ~ Lovely 27 Porcelain
Hair: Action ~ Jenny in Sweetheart
Jacket/Hat: Baiastice ~ Iko Fur Jacket Short & Hat in Orange Leo NEW RELEASE and yummy, fur looks so soft, comes in a long version, and different colors as well, will blog shortly!
Pants: Leezu ~ Lea Pants in Black
Necklace: Chantkare ~ Pearl Gate Necklace, Project Themeory item NEW
Watch: ISON ~ Vipera Watch in Gold, Project Themeory item NEW
Gloves: Bubble ~ Floral Corset Gloves in Black
Nails: Mandala ~ Medium Female Nails

4 thoughts on “Female Avatar or Cat?

  1. I'm at football game in rl and boredSo thought I would comment your catbox! I agree totally lol! I am always reading ppl saying why are you camming me usually though they don't know it's me and when it happens I just tp out quickly to avoid drama lol I to could careless if ppl inspect me and love the rare times I get ims saying I love so and so you are wearing where did it come from 🙂 anyways type to you later chica…

  2. Yay! I love the im's or just in good ole reg local, that ask where I bought something, or that tell me they love the outfit I am in. I have met some awesome people this way, an icebreaker of sorts I guess……..and I have to say also, if you do not know something ask! Lordy I would not be in sl today if it hadn't been for quite a few nice peeps(present party included lol) who answered my silly noob questions, of "where did you get that hair?" or "I would love to have those shoes" :))

  3. Shut the front door!!!! Wow! Thank you Cajsa :)I am glad you understood the humour.Yes, I know the column, I am an SCD junkie from way back. Although I do not think my photo can even measure up to the likes of the Photography I see there each week, I am dancing around my living room just the same as if it did! 😉

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