SL Viewer Rant!

OMG today was by far the most frustrating day I have had in SL thus far. I am working on a long post, I have the logistics done now its time for me to take the pretty pictures and out of the blue comes this update! Hmmmf

Why the hell is this happening? I have my updates shut off, you see I use 2.6 SL viewer, I back tracked because what ever the difference is of 2.6(20+ fps in shadows) and 2.7(1-2 fps in shadows) crashes my viewer, lowers my frame rate, and crashes my display drivers, on every computer I own. Please do not tell me I need to update my graphics or my computers, the two I use are a desktop(1.5 months old) and an ASUS laptop(2 weeks old) both with Nvidia GT 500+m video cards. Ugh soooo very frustrating!
Please fix the viewers so people can work on them, or give us answers for workarounds, something! Anything! Throw a dog a bone!!!! We obviously love sl but its getting harder and harder to run the program! Why is this? I have been a very trusted and true 2.0er since the very first day it came out, knowing full well it was the wave of the future, may not like it, but move on as with any program out there, learn it. 
So now even though 1.23 is still out there, can still be used lovingly from the like half the sl population its seems(maybe more, maybe less) You Can the frickin viewers that most of us choked down! ugh!
I just do not get it? Why? Give people the option to just use the viewer they want, 1.23, 2.6 or whatever comes after it. Some are electronically challenged, and are they supposed to quit? Dirty Pool and Not Fair!
Ok over and out, hoping this gets it out of my system lol, but OMG I am so tired of fighting with this program! 

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