For the Evening Out

I remember when I first joined sl almost 4 years ago(wow)
I was hardly out of a gown it seems, then came many different fashion stages for me. But still when I see Dresses that are so well made and as pretty as House of Dashwood, I can hardly wait to put them on. The New Dashwood Release ‘Alaina’ did exactly that, of course I am always excited to try on anything from House of Dashwood, so elegantly beautiful, and this release I adore because from the back 100%  a formal gown, but from the front it really does give me a Rock & Roll perception, with the Leopard and Zebra print inside the skirt. So if your looking for that gorgeous gown with a wonderful racy twist, The Alaina is perfect for you!

See you soon 🙂
Hair: Plume – Diamonds in Soil w/Face Jewels
Skin: Filthy Skins – Paige Fair 01 NEW
Makeup Layer: WhiteWidow – Sakura Green on Left/ Sakura Pink on Left
Gowns: House of Dashwood – Alaina in Burgandy/Leopard Gown & Turq/Zebra Gown NEW
Jewelry: Mood – Arditezza Lush, Choker, Cuff & Earrings            
Shoes: Orange Creations – Mercy in Black/Pink & SLinK – Aveela Stiletto Herringbone

Published by

Evion Ember

10 years old and counting and still wearing boxes, deleting my houses and of course loving SL ☺ “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” ~Gore Vidal

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