Small Sad Tidbit

I must share with you a small sad tidbit of information, as of last Saturday, my next to new Notebook died a short sudden death! I am now working off a 4 year old desktop, so my sincere apologies if my photos are not up to my normal par, but I refuse to give in to the SL-Computer-Heaven! So I will try my hardest to make it up to you, albeit no shadows(I cannot run Kirstens at all) 😦 I will keep plucking away at what I can do, until my notebook has been returned, fixed, new or otherwise.

Thanks for listening & hopefully sticking with me 🙂

******EDIT: I traded my notebook in for a desktop finally. Now it is quite a change for me, being strictly a notebook user for the last five years. But after the kink in my neck goes away (lol) I am hoping this improves my sl~

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