Late Night Desire

Edit*No, Zaara is not Closing, This was my mistake, and I apologize tremendously for that! (omg I feel so bad) Now realizing I am a complete knob sometimes (you don’t know that….yet), and really shouldn’t blog when I am dead tired(but I get some of the greatest pictures done then lol), I hope you understand and forgive my faux pas 😉 Now get over there and enjoy Zaaras’ Annual sale.

I spent a few hours in Zaara tonight, grabbing what I could, because Everything is 50% off! I absolutely adore this Sumana Vanilla lingerie set, as well as the pearl choker and bracelets.

The skin is from Mamboo Chic, a very new to me store, that my girlie Paris dragged me kicking and screaming to lol (not true at all) It went like this, “Hey look at this notecard and picture” and bam, I was in the store doing the demo dance with every skin in there hehe, Mamboo Chics’ New release Caroline, is what I finally decided to get and WOW she is fabulous, try this skin out for yourself. 
See you soon 🙂
Hair: Detour – Raven 2 Brown Mix
Skin: Mamboo Chic – Caroline Candy Model 7
Lingerie: Zaara – Sumana Lingerie Set in Vanilla
Choker: Zaara – Nizam Pearl Choker in White
Bracelets: Zaara – Patra Silver Bracelets

** Edited to add; its Eolandes that is closing, omg Im sorry for the confusion, please forgive me!

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