Wow what a blast I had at the Blogger Preview of Shoe Fair Today!

Holy, am I ever tired though lol. But what a good and mighty expensive day.
I have to go, rl beckons for now(making chicken parm) lol, but I snapped a quick pic,
Oh and I still do not have them all out! I love shoes YAY!!!!!!
I spent way to much money, if I were my husband I would probably be running for the hills(waves to her hubby, I love you lots & lots :D) and I’m sure nobody minds a few posts with strategically placed hair the next 2 weeks huh? Since I blew my whole budget in one afternoon!! 😉
But I have been good and saved up for 2 weeks for this event, so I am in shoe heaven as I’m sure you will be as well tomorrow, when Shoe Fair officially opens. But I wanted to give you a quick peek at some of the goodies I bought today.
I will back later to blog them all in the way they deserve to be showcased!

See you soon 🙂

ps, yes there are prim feet all over my floor! lolz

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