Shoe Fair 2011 Featuring Pixel Mode

As I was talking to a very friendly shoe designer today, she thought it was great that I was walking around shoe fair in my bare feet hehe, But then I saw the Fae Wedges by Pixel Mode, and no hesitation, bought without demo and slapped them on while standing in the store hehe, hud was great! One tap of a preset and off I was looking for more goodies 😉 I love these shoes to death!

See you soon 🙂
Hair: Exile – Liv in Cinnamon Culture Shock Exclusive
Skin: League – Sia  Pale Olive
Dress: tram – Antique Linen op Black
Jewelry: Dark Mouse – Retro Daises 
Shoes: Pixel Mode – (1&3) Fae Wedges B Khaki (2) Fae Wedges A White
 (4) Fae Wedges A in  Teal Exclusive to Shoe Fair  (comes with both A & B Heels in one package)

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