Are You ready for Culture Shock?

I sure am! 
It has just started and I thought I would share my low lag, no script outfit I 
am wearing to go and shop shop shop!
You can still look kewt and not have to sacrifice all your clothes hehe
although more power to ya if you do 😉
So hair, with scripts removed, and I am not even wearing prim eyelashes!

and yes this will prob be the only time you will see my ugly sl feets! lol
But you know who will be looking at my feet, when there is soooo much to 
shop for and see!
So shut your scripts off, and take your prims off, and for gawds sake please
do not stand around with your rendering cost (script) on shouting at people  lol
There is no way to stop lag on the first couple of days at a huge event,
but you can help yourself out! Remember by hitting 
Control  Shift  Alt  4 
all at the same time,
makes all other avi’s disappear, but not the goodies you are looking for!
We are all there for the same reason, to support a very good cause and buy up all
the pretty little things we want!
Buy all the loveliness you can,
and see you soon! 🙂

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