Easter in the Streets at New Life!

Three days of fun on this Beautifully designed Shabby Chic style sim.
Enjoy the sim hunt – find the pink speckled egg in each store and get
your Easter gift from all our fabulous creators.
Stroll through the streets where the businesses have displayed some of their items out on
Market carts loaded with specials. free gift givers as well on the sim, and……do not miss the performance of live musicians:
Their sassy sizzling jazzy and blues, tight harmonies and kickin’ rhythm section are the hallmarks of this group. 
Ladies and Gentlemen….dress up in your best vintage clothes and spend a memorable hour that will be a “forever” moment in your life.
Performing on Friday, April 22, 4:00 PDT (secondlife time).
New Life is your new life!
See you there! 

 This is like my second home sim, I have a personal home, but I have a little store named pINK, and I rent here on New Life. The Sim is just soo freakin adorable with its Shabby Chic style. The Owners Pet & Cern Box are just as wonderful 🙂 Pet has become not just a landlord but truly a good friend. They are always there, whether due to changes you want to make or to adjust your prim limit if you need more 😉 They are having an Easter in the Streets Bash through out this weekend, and it is kicking off tonight@ 4pm sl time with a performance by 
The ChooChooChicks, come check it out!

Come, Enjoy! And most of all Have Fun!
Say Hi to Pet & Cern Box while you are there!

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